Friday, May 30, 2008

Stress is around you even when you do not see it's face

When people talk about the stress in their lives they all have reasons that they feel are the culprits at that time for the added stress. When asked people will say it is financial, emotional, relationship , sickness based, the kids, the career, but how many people say it is the people they work with?

I think we take for granted that we are around certain people that are not our family for upwards of forty hours per week. I think we fail to remember that when people at work are having a crisis, and if we like them even a little bit, we are touched by the their stress, and may even go through it with them every step of the way if we are good friends. We also pick up vibes both good and bad from the people we are around all day long, and I am sorry to say that we sometimes take those bad vibes home with us, and many times create a Hell of our own at home and then it becomes a whole other kind of twenty four hour stress.

Recently I have been reminded by someone very special to me to let things roll off my back and realize that most of the time people that are very difficult at work whether it is a fellow employee an owner or a boss may be in a lot of pain and venting or yelling or generally being hard to deal with is their only salvation. It is not good that they ignore all of the rules set forth my courtesy manual number one or that they do things that would make Miss Manors scream out loud, we just need to be supportive and let them lean on us.

One more thing, if it is all bad and there are no good times at all anymore, then it is time to leave and let them sink in the hole they have dug for themselves. Nutritionally, always take extra B Complex daily, preferably a stress formula so you do not get run down. Make sure you increase your nightly minerals, take some L -Tryptophan or Valerian root, Exercise and eat well and treat this as if you were going into combat every day. A war we can win while we are being supportive, allowing ourselves to be leaned on, and hopefully getting all those around us into to a better and healthier place.