Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dry nose and dry ears

Dry skin is an issue we all deal with, but today I want to talk about dryness that comes about due to inclimate weather. Not the normal dry skin, but the annoying dryness in the nose and ears. This is a major problem this time of year as the warm moisture has gone away and has been replaced with dry, windy and cold air. This weather is what causes dehydration especially in our body areas that need moisture.

Nose bleeds and ear infections are a daily problem during the winter months.Most people do not know that this problem can be remedied very easily by just a daily few steps that can eradicate this problem forever. Go to your health food store, one that carries high quality products and pick up some Mayumi Squalene oil. This oil is not only for helping with dry skin and helping to fade wrinkles on the face, it is also the finest grade oil that can be used in the nose and ears.

Wet a Q- tip and squeeze out the water, put some of the oil on the Q-tip and swab up inside the nose. Repeat this until you can actually feel the moisture in the nasal passage. Repeat this day and night through the winter months. Not only will you not have nose bleeds, or dry skin and scabs in your nose, but you will help to keep down swelling and can actually breath better. With the ears, do the same thing, only just going inside the ear, always be careful when putting small objects in the ear canal. If you are prone to ear aches you can also put a few drops in the ear and let in drain down inside the ear a few times per week, and this can be done with children as well.

These few steps can save you so much time, trouble and annoyance during the winter months. If you suffer with dry ears and a dry nose you know how irritating and ultimately painful it can be. One more thing, if you are prone to nose bleeds pick up some Super C Complex and use about 3000 mg daily to keep the capillaries more flexible so they do not break as easily, and of course drink as much water as possible.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

High blood pressure the silent killer, do you know your numbers??

Dear Jeff, my Doctor has told me that once I am on my blood pressure medicine that I will be on it for ever, is that true?

This is one of the best questions, and I receive it almost on a daily basis. It is true that some individuals will always be on blood pressure medicine because they have no intention of ever making a change in their lifestyles to get off of it, or take control of their lives, or to make the sacrifices to reverse the problems that put them on the meds in the first place. So to answer your question, some people will always be on it.

Now there are many reasons someone's blood pressure is high, and most are controllable, reversible, and fixable, with some attention to detail, and some curtailment of bad daily habits. Not everyone wants to make the changes that could reverse the blood pressure problem, or do what is necessary to get of the prescription. Some people actually feel that once they are on it that there is nothing they can do, or the opposite, they feel that they have been saved from their problem and now they can have all of their bad habits and the medicine will fix them and their problem.

Many Diabetics fall in this category too," I am on the medication so I can eat all the sweets I want, and I will just take more if my sugar gets too high". Blood pressure is not the same can of worms at all. Once on it, you can continue to do all of the wrong things and then you can hit the wall with the medication and it will not work any longer, and then another will be tried or added to it, and then the game begins. Hitting and missing, and the whole time the person never stops the things they are doing that put them in this quandary in the first place.

If you are diagnosed with high blood pressure, ask your Doctor if you can have one month to bring it down. Lose weight immediately, exercise every single day, cut out all fast food and sodium, caffeine needs to go and water needs to become your best friend. Just these things will lower the pressure, and in many instances enough to prevent having to go on the prescription.

Remember, side effects from blood pressure meds can cause dizziness, trouble concentrating, abdominal pain, upset stomach, breathing problems, headaches, impotence for men, lack of libido for both men and women. You can be fatigued and have no energy, it can disrupt your sleep cycle, can make you moody and depressed and just plain make you feel lousy. Not really the tradeoff I want, although there are people whose high blood pressure medication has saved their life, and thank goodness for it.

If you are given a month to lower it, beside the changes discussed above add garlic to the regime as well as cayenne pepper capsules, look for a natural blood pressure blend, I like the BP Blend, it works very well. Make sure you are taking a good multiple vitamin daily and add some additional B- Complex for your stress control, these will make a dramatic difference both in lowering the blood pressure and also making you feel better. Some people do not know how bad you can feel when your pressure is high.

You CAN be in control of your blood pressure, this is just one more thing we die from in this country that we can control, should control, but don't. Do not become a statistic because you are stubborn, no bad habit is worth being on a medication for thirty to fifty years when you can prevent it completely by giving up the things that created it in the first place.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Confusion, the American way, it is what we know!

I really think that most Americans are in a state of nutritional confusion. Many know that they need something, but for so many years that have been getting such a large amount of miscommunication, it is hard to know which way to go.

Doctors have done more damage than anyone. For three decades that I have been in the field I have seen Doctors say that supplements were not needed and then come in and shop with me for their nutritional needs. When I would question many of them, they would say these are not for my patients, they are for me, just a wee bit hypocritical if you ask me, but I digress.

For all of these years you have heard Doctors say this is no good, and you do not need any of that stuff and there is no testing and they can be bad for you. At the ame time they are pushing drugs that have small amounts of testing and side effects that need to be written on a microchip to get it to fit on the label, or in the bag you get when you pick them up from the pharmacy. And let us not forget to mention all of the class lawsuits, and recalls, and reformulations and deaths that have occurred due to lethal doses, bad combinations and people price shopping for drugs at different locations and not allowing all of their Doctors to know what they are taking, which has caused dangerous combinations.

On the other hand, Vitamins and herbal products are still doing well, and are tested heavily for quality, and the individuals that are making inferior products are hopefully being pushed out of the field on a daily basis, leaving only high quality companies with quality choices for the consumer. Many supplements used today have been around for thousands of years and have been being used for centuries, but the pharmaceutical companies have the nerve to talk badly about them and have the nerve to say that only drugs are good for you, I think not as sometimes you need to know both sides of the coin and whether there really is an alternative or choice.

Most drugs are patterned after natural products, but they disrupt the natural state and chemically change it so they can put a patent on it, but failing to understand that when you disrupt the natural way things occur in nature, sometimes the results are not what they were looking for.

So, to answer my initial question with all of this bad press, good press, false statements, and no support from the medical companies, what is the best way to go from here? I think everyone needs to write on a piece of paper their strong health points and weaker health points, problems, and answer their own questions as to whether they are actually as healthy as they can be. Take a look at bad habits, compulsions, exercise patterns and then go to a knowledgeable person at a high quality vitamin and health food store and let them guide you. If they do not have a clue, and you feel you are being misdirected, go somewhere else immediately. Never trust your health to someone that knows less than you, or cannot answer your questions. Remember, you would not let a car salesman do a face lift on you, so only let extremely knowledgeable people handle your health.

These days in the age of massive choices and everything at your fingertips, make wiser choices, do not hesitate to do research on your own. Listen to radio show, read blogs, and do some trial and error of your own. The final thing is be honest with yourself, if there are problems that you know are more serious that you can handle on you own, get to a good nutritionally oriented Doctor, and let them guide you. Never second guess something that can be eventually fatal, sometimes we have no choice but to use medicine, just be aware that other times you have choices.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Bladder and urinary tract infections

Today's question was sent to me, and as it can be a problem for so many women, and some men I thought it needed addressing. Dear Jeff, I always get urinary and bladder infections when the weather changes, is there a nutritional way to keep from having to take four months of antibiotics?

Actually, yes there is. In the summer months everyone consumes much more water and actual flushing beverages because it is hot. We dehydrate, but only because in the heat we actually feel the dehydration, and then you get sun stroke, and flushed and tired as you are still out in that same heat with not enough liquid. Most people consume so many liquids that the chance of dehydrating is very low. When the weather starts to change and we are in the seventies and eighties, and as we came from the one hundred plus degree weather, we start the gradual decline in consuming fluids. As the weather gets down into the fifties and sixties we consume even less, and the body starts to really feel the difference. By the time Autumn and Winter take hold, most people drink a very small amount of liquid, and when I ask them why, they say "I am not thirsty". Because the heat has gone away, they do not feel the dehydration so they do not satisfy the body and it's need for water.

Now is when they end up with in the next stage of dehydration, infections in the bladder, urinary tract infections, bacteria building up because of the system not being flushed, and all of a sudden they are sick. Painful urination, sore lower back over the kidneys, yeast infections, fever, and even disrupted menstrual cycles for menstruating women. Men can end up with urinary tract infections, kidney infections and prostate infections for the same reason.

It is amazing that more people do not drink water for the main reason, it is necessary for flushing the system and keeping things flushed out and impurities from building up, as well as all the other elimination problems. This brings about a whole other set of problems, constipation, and elimination problems, bad digestion, gas, bloating, heartburn and not being able to fully digest your food.

Just a few more reasons top drink water. You need to understand that water flushes and keeps things moving other wise when all of the insides are not being flushed out bacteria and infection will build up. When I was little and we would go hiking and camping we were always told that if you were to get lost or stranded, and you water supply ran out, only drink moving water. Why, ponds that stand still and have no current so bacteria builds up and you could get poisoned or die from the disease in the water. Streams on the other hand are always moving and your chance for fresher water is always better.

Remember, if you are prone to these infections, prevention can be your saving grace. Cranberry capsules, only a good quality please, Colloidal silver daily for viral and bacterial prevention, a natural herbal diuretic a few times a week can be beneficial too. There are also wonderful kidney and bladder support formulas that can help to make the organs healthier, and the number one thing to do is to drink water and cut back on your caffeine consumption.

So, let's try to make drinking water the best thing you can do, not only for prevention of bladder and urinary tract infections, and helping with getting rid of all of the toxins you build up in your body, but just because you need to and that's all. Remember people with beautiful radiant skin and hair are some of the best water drinkers around.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Taking charge of our digestive and elimination systems,

A subject so many people ask me on the side or email me about is constipation. You would think that they felt that they were the only people in the world that had this problem.This morning on my radio show I talked about Madison avenue and how they sit back and just watch the lazy Americans eating all the garbage and then produce products to suit the Needs of that same group.

The next time you go to the Drug store, look around at the constipation, gas, bloating and heartburn isle, it is not even a section anymore, it is an entire isle. This will let you know that about seventy percent of people in the country suffer from one form or another of this problem. So when seventy percent of America goes into the small room every day, as many times as they go in there, THEY have the same problems you think you alone have. Maybe knowing this you will be more comfortable talking about this problem.

I think, now to get serious, that colon cancer would not be such an epidemic with increasing fatalities every year if we could talk about it more openly. I have always said the we, Americans again, do not talk about what is out of sight and out of mind. I have said if we were to wear our organs on the outside of our body and everyone could see them, we would take better care of them.

Like our skin , hair and nails, vanity keeps us, well most people on top of these areas. But if everyone in the world could see that you were not taking care of yourself because they could see that your organs were not healthy, they would let you know." Hey, you ought to do a cleanse, that colon looks awful". "You better slow down on the high cholesterol food, that liver looks really fatty"."Has anyone told you your stomach looks as if the transit time is really slow, better take some enzymes". The results would be amazing, and everyone would take an interest in the health as a necessity, mostly because of new renewed health concerns, but mostly, VANITY.

So this is the thing. I want to help you cleanse out the system, and in doing so e -mail you back a diet and cleanse combination with some supplement needs addressed as well. If you need this, or have anyone you know that has elimination, digestive, gas, bloating or heartburn problems, send me an e- mail and I will send it back. If you or anyone you know is on reflux medication, let's do something to get you or them off of it as soon as possible.

Sometimes, going to the source of the problem is the direct way to solve it and not just be lazy, comfortable and sitting back so the medication can cover it up. You may just find that you can eat the foods you miss so much by cleaning up your act , so to say, and cleaning house thereby giving your body back the tools it needs to do it's job.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


So how are you faring over this holiday weekend. It seems like, from the e-mails that most people are actually in the holiday spirit. I am still getting requests from individuals though asking about things for stress and mood problems. It is easier for me to just give a few tips, than to ask them to read back through the blogs to find some answers.

It really does not matter where your stress comes from, or how long it has been going on. A bad day of stress can do psychological damage as well as years of stress, and stress for one person may on the grand scale be nothing for someone else and visa versa. So no matter where, why, how long or what is causing your stress, it can affect everything involving your mental and physical and spiritual health.

Try and make sure you are eating and getting enough protein, it is so important to feed and fuel the body and brain. Cut back a bit on caffeine, and really try to relinquish your personal parking spot at your favorite fast food restaurant. Do some kind of activity that involves cardiovascular movement for you circulation and blood supply and for mental health as well as physical well being.

The supplements you may try are B- complex, as much as 200 mg of a great timed released formula, Valerian root daytime or night time, Passion Flower herb for relaxing, and of course Kava to help de- chill you so focus is clearer. Sometimes by making just a few changes and better decisions, as well as deciding if what is causing the stress is worth living with, dealing with or you being subjected to it on a daily basis can be a great start. Many people dwell on stress day after day and night after night with no rest, and this is when it completely consumes your life, but it does so in a negative and damaging way.

Most people that make the final decision to make a change find it is life altering whether it is a job change, a relationship change, a move across the country, or just people in your life that have been on your last nerve forever.Whatever the cause, making the decision to stop it or change it is priceless, and may just change your life.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday

Well, the holiday season is now in full swing, and I am hoping the tools I have given you will actually be something you listen to. As I visited the malls and the stores today watching, shopping and being pushed and shoved by crazed people on impossible missions ,I just leaned back and laughed.

I know that tonight at least fifty percent of the people that were up at three o'clock to be the first in line to bring the big and flashy prizes home from the the malls,whether they did get what they were in search of or not, will be sick tonight.

People were coughing, and grabbing, I saw kids looking for their parents and parents screaming for their kids and really to be honest, it was a hoot to watch and actually be out in this crazy mess.As I hummed and sang along with the music today, I decided that what people deem the holidays are all about is now this entire process that begins today on "Black Friday".

I am hoping that because you know that you cannot control the germs coming at you. that you took the necessary precautions nutritionally, like Body Well, and extra Vitamin C, Echinacea and Golden Seal. That you took time to carry a water bottlle with you, and did not rely on three trips to Star bucks to be your only hydrating attempt at putting good liquids in. That you took time to eat something and not let your immune system start to become weakened. That you squirted some Graces Colloidal Silver up your nose, and when you got home you did this whole process again to fight those Black Friday holiday germs we all love to be out amongst. I know that many of you heeded this information, but I know the rest of you will be e-mailing me for a quick fix or to do, to help out, and that is fine too.

I just wish we would take the precautions to stay healthy before we get sick. These germs are deadly and getting stronger every day, and the germs are here to stay, so we have to learn to live with them, and not allow them to move in. We have taken over prescribed antibiotics to the point where they barely work, not that they would work on a cold or flu anyway, so prevention is our only defense.

Remember, we innoculate our pets so we can have them with other pets and we are able to go to dog events and dog parks. Some people will actually say their dogs are innoculated but they may not be, so as long as ours are, we will be safe. So please, have this same priority with your own health, just in case you decide to be brave and face the malls over the weekend.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving, are you full yet?

Today is Thanksgiving and the official opening and beginning of the holiday season.Today is all about thanks for all we have and putting into perspective where we actually are in life. Many people are in such a race for things and titles and on the go so much they never ever stop to look and see that in so many aspects they can be thankful ,as they have already achieved so much.

So today is the day to call your family and friends and even the estranged ones that you are not talking to, although for the life of you, you can not remember why. Set some attainable goals for yourself to get you sanely through the holiday season, and enjoy all that you work so hard for all year long.

God bless you, I hope your happiness and health is large and your sickness and sadness non existent. I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of you that put your health in my hands year after year.

A friendly reminder, eat slowly, chew your food well, do not drink too many liquids at meal time, because you get full too fast, and take your digestive enzymes. You did not think I could get through an entire blog without a helpful hint did you?

So from my home to yours, wherever that may be, Happy Thanksgiving from the traveling vitamin guy Jeff

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving eve, such a relaxing night!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve. So are you at home snuggled up with your family watching a movie, drinking egg nog and relaxing because you did all your preparation for the holiday ahead of time, NO. Chances are you are right now fighting traffic going to or from the store, because like every single year that you have said you would do it all early, you are doing it last minute once again.

Do not feel bad as I know exactly what is going on right now, Chances are you are at your local grocery store and either shopping or braving the check out line. If you are in line you are trying to keep your composure but everyone in front of you is actually writing a check ,have they not heard of debit cards you think to yourself? Of course more than half of their items need a price check, and you know how fast that will go at this time of night on a holiday eve. You start thinking not so very holiday thoughts under your breath, and then after about forty five minutes that inside voice starts getting a little brave and you are now saying it on the outside, and really do not care at this point who hears. So how am I doing, is it like I have a camera there watching?

If you are still one of the millions that wait until the night before a holiday or event to shop, you know what is left; broken tiny string green beans, turkeys that are so frozen solid it will take an all night soak in the jacuzzi to get them thawed out, the ugliest small little potatoes and you guess it, no rolls, not a roll in sight. At this point you have now changed the menu and have settled for apple sauce instead of cranberries because they are all gone, and that Rhubarb pie will now substitute for pumpkin pie, and you also know you will not hesitate to wrestle that eighty year old lady to the ground for the last container of cool whip. Look at yourself, look at what you have become just to top that pie with creamy goodness.

We just need to realize that no matter what we do to not be a procrastinator, it really takes more that the words coming out of our mouths to make a change. It is a very difficult thing to change overnight and become an organized person and suddenly do things on time or early and actually be able to enjoy it too. Some people say we need to take classes to organize our lives because when simple things like holiday shopping is such a disaster, it is usually a sign that most everything in our lives is being procrastinated on and put on the back burners. Like dieting, taking our supplements, finishing projects, doing laundry, attaining our goals and aspirations, you guessed it, just about everything.

They say these professionals can help us with this, I agree, but I am thinking more along the line of an exorcism, or having a full surgical frontal lobotomy, something major as we procrastinators are such a mess. We have wonderful intentions, the best, but like they say, the road to the grocery store the night before a holiday is paved with great intentions.

So hopefully you are not in jail for starting a brawl over the last container of cool whip, and you actually made it home after all of the road rage and wonderful waves and gestures you made to everyone that happened to look your way on the way home. So yes, have a glass of wine, hug you other half, hug the kids, give the animals a hug too and put on some great music and take a hot bath. Then keep saying to yourself those wonderful words from the Wizard of Oz, "There is no place like home".

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Feeling older than your years?

Have you ever woke up in the morning and your body seemed like it had been hit by a truck? So many people, because of their diets and lack of exercise, and the abundance of caffeine they drink have mineral deficiencies.This is most noticeable as more and more younger people are having arthritis pains being seen at a younger age.We also are seeing muscle, ligament and skeletal diseases like Lupus and Fibromyalgia now more and more common everyday.

The was a time when you would hear someone speaking of their arthritis or as they would call it rheumatism or bursitis, but they were always elderly people and to have someone younger with these afflictions was not common place. It was a time when people worked hard their whole lives and they were getting older and accepted it as that and nothing else.

Now we live in the age of fast food, de-natured diets, inactivity, weakened immune systems and all being held together by the glue of the pharmaceutical industry. Athough we are living longer, our quality of life does not equal the quantity of life we are now living, nor will it ever again unless we stand up to the plate, if you will.

There was also a time when we would receive all of the minerals we needed for healthy bones, teeth, muscles and ligaments from eating our fresh vegetables and consuming dairy products.We need to remember that this was a time when vegetables and fruits were allowed to ripen on the vine and not sprayed with toxic levels of pesticides and chemicals.When dairy cows were not loaded with antibiotics and the dairy products did not have to be overly homgenized to the point where nothing was left in it other than white water.

Today our vegetables, most coming from south of the border are picked half way through the growing cycle and not allowed to completely fortify the vegetables with the last stage of ripening when most of the nutrients are developed, and brought on trucks along with the fruits to holding houses. They are then synthetically ripened with gases when inventory is needed causing over ripening and sugaring of the fruits and giving us ripened vegetables with little to no nutritional value.

So with our life moving faster than ever and us not taking care of our bodies and our bones and joints, how could we not start having arthritis problems at such a young age? Pretty soon teenagers will be stricken with geriatric diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis, and why not they are already fighting adult onset diabetes, obesity, blood pressure and high cholesterol, it is only a matter of time until the rest of their youthful bodies break down.

So what should we? Eat as much fresh organic or at least fresh frozen vegetables and nothing from a can. Exercise and do resistance exercises that will strengthen your bones and skeletal framework. Keep hydrated and eat plenty of healthy dairy, and healthy grains.Try to consume much less fast food, deep friend snacks and keep your caffeine consumption to a daily minimum. Take the best calcium you can, I like the Porta mins Cal-Mag 600-300, or the Multiple Mineral made by Great Earth, it is chelated for maximum absorption, also I like the Mezotrace if there is already some pain in the skeletal and muscle system.

Something to remember, just because you may get your products in a health food store does not mean it is always high quality.Some stores do not exercise discretion when stcking their stores while others do. I always ask consumers how they feel?Are you sore? How is your arthritis? Do you get leg cramps or have sore muscles? If they say yes, I usually ask them what minerals they are taking. Most people will say they have been using this or that product for many years, and I usually say why would you continue to use something that does not help you? Most people after thinking about it will say it is just a habit. I then say "lets try something else that will work better and stop going through the motions".There usually is no argument from them because pain speaks loudly, but only if you will allow yourself to listen.

It is definitely time for us as a nation to stop living a geriatric lifestyle when we are not there yet.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Winter skin, are you suffering yet?

Does the weather this time of year seem to dry you out completely? I think there are many factors that add to this problem, and for some of us it is not only annoying, but painful. Dry skin can be on the top layer of skin or can go deep down into the meaty tissue, and this is where the pain comes about, as you get into nerve endings and tender tissue. It always seems like when this happens, it is in the areas that are the hardest to heal like in between the fingers, the elbows, the feet, around the mouth, and generally the areas that are the most exposed seem to take the brunt of the problem.

I really feel, if you take a look at the summer months when we are overly hydrated, we rarely have this problem, but in the winter months, water is something most people do not think enough about. It is not scorching outside, and we do not feel dehydrated, so we just skip the whole water thing completely. The funny thing is we actually need more water this time of year and we do not drink it, a little backwards actually. Women have more urinary tract infections, bladder infections and yeast infections and men will have more recurrent prostate infections in the winter because of this same dehydration and lack of water problem.

Did you every notice how healthy people look in the summer?, a little sun, wonderfully hydrated skin, a flushed out body all add to our summer glow. Then along comes winter, we over eat and turn on the heat everywhere we go, we over dress, the skin gets chaffed, our skin looks grayish and when spring comes about most people go crazy when they see themselves for the first time in a pair of shorts and a t -shirt, but we do it every year and the cycle continues. It is almost commical, we do not notice anything different until that first warm spring day when we shed the winter garb, and we look in the mirrir and say" wow, what hapened to my body and my skin, when did this happen?"We really are a strange group when you think about it!

So here are some helpful hints for this dry skin conundrum. Drink plenty of water whether you want it or not, use a high quality lotion for the skin and a penetrating oil for the face, I still recommend the Mayumi Squalane lotion, and the Squalene capsules taken internally to help the dryness in the skin. Flax oil is always an added plus for the skin as well as all of the wonderful body repairing and nutritional repairing properties it has.Using olive oil as your salad dressing will also do a little internal lube and oil , and can be mixed with the flax oil and a little apple cider vinegar for another way to fit them into the daily food routine.

These few changes and additions can help to prevent many health problems and help your skin to look not as weathered and dried out, and sore, and even unhealthy and unsightly. Doing these things will give you a glow through the winter months, or do nothing at all and let your skin age quicker than it needs to. So many people wish they had taken better care of their skin as now cosmetic surgery is being used to correct the lack of attention the gave their skin. Women and men are spending literally thousands of dollars every year on cosmetics to get that great skin back that they would still have if they did the right things along the way.

l always say," your skin is the window to your true age, you do not have to act, feel or look your age, so keep them guessing"!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The holiday dash is up and running

So how are you fairing during the first week of the holiday season? I was in the mall today and here we go, the dash and run is in progress. I love to stand and watch people, you know take it all in. The great thing is this was a two story mall so you can sit up top and just watch the frazzled masses go by.

You would think it was December 24th by the look in everyone's eyes, like everyone was on a life and death mission, and nothing or nobody was going to stop them from checking those tasks of their lists. I watched parents yelling at their kids, kids yelling at their parents, people coughing and sneezing and only about twenty percent covered their mouths, the rest just let it go into the air to the non aware patrons as they scurried about doing the holiday thing breathing in all of those germs.

I love the holidays and admit I do my own crazy holiday scurrying tango, but every year I get a little more organized and work a little smarter not harder and do as much as I can as early as I can. That way when it is full throttle holiday mayhem, I am able to just watch everyone on their last laps before the race is over. If you ever have a year when you do everything early and you are done with all the shopping, it is really fun to go out and just enjoy the holiday season and let your spirit out without always being in the merging lane having to get into the crazy rush.Once you do it this way, you will always do your planning and shopping early, guaranteed.

I watched and looked around as I walked through the food court for one person eating a salad, or anything green on a plate, or even some healthy Chinese food. I thought I saw something, but it was just pile of green gummy bears. But woe is me, there was not a isolated piece of lettuce anywhere to be seen. It was all breaded and deep friend, smothered in sweet sauces and gravies, being washed down with the forty five gallon diet sodas, it was a sight to be seen. So why would I expect it to be different, this is the food that the public eats because it tastes the way they want it to taste, and lets face it, junk food tastes good.

No healthy after taste here, just pure trans fatty, sugared, deep fried goodness all lined up in rows at twenty individual little restaurants all showing that their food will taste the best. They lure you in with the smells, and many even give samples to close the deal, so lets face it we are doomed when we enter the area from the start.

This is why I am such an advocate of the actual insurance policy of taking vitamins, because not everyone will change their diets and clean them up,so this is how we realistically deal with the daily routine we do put our bodies through. My thought is at least we have good nutrition entering our body, it is just the swallowing of it in tablet and capsule form, not the chewing kind.

So live , be happy and make BETTER choices is what I say, and maybe you will decide one day to go the whole way, diet AND supplements, but until then, enjoy life.

So if you remember, add some extra B Complex for stress, and what I call herbal Xanax. Kava to take the edge off. Just remember with Kava, do not operate heavy machinery after taking, you might just not be able to handle that power drill.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


So today I was at Stay Healthy here in Las Vegas. It always amazes me how many people are searching for advice and direction. It makes me feel great to be able to be someone whose opinion they respect.

After all of these years being to be able to wait on people that I have waited on for twenty five years, and their kids and now their kids kids!! eek, I am feeling old today. But, luckily I am just thankful for the ability to be able to steer people in the right direction and hopefully send them on the path to good things and good health.

I would write a little more, but actually I am going to end on my Thank you to all whose opinion of me is a good one and for those who have trusted me and my gift of gab for almost three decades. Plus Michigan just lost to Ohio state so I am a little depressed and I need time to reflect on that depressing thought!!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Colloidal Silver

So, I need to do one addition to the flu and cold series I did a few weeks ago. Remember all of the articles here are archived and you can scroll down and go under the profile to the left and pull up a whole month of entries.

I always mention Colloidal silver, but this time of year I focus a little more on it due to the amount of unnecessary antibiotics that are prescribed daily during flu and cold season. You need to remember that if you have a viral infection antibiotics will not address it, you may take them for psychologically helping you, but they will focus on bacterial infections.

So many people wait until they are sick to start to do anything preventive when Colloidal silver is something that can be used both medicinally as well as situational. Colloidal silver is actually something that has been around for well over a hundred years. It dates back to royalty, or blue bloods as they were called, but actually there is a mystery unveiled with that name as well. At that time, the wealthy, because they were the only people that could afford silver would scrape the silver to get shavings and actually work a system to charge the particles to get them to circulate in water. They new that if they drank the solution they would be able to fight disease and infection. I am not sure they knew why, but they knew it had merit. One problem at this time is that although their rudimentary process worked to some degree it also had little technology and those large piece of silver actually lodged under the skin and turned them a bluish grey color that was irreversible. So the term blue blood was adopted, and mostly because it was also associated with individuals with money it was adopted for other reasons rather than the true meaning.

We are lucky these days to have the technology to be able to break down silver particles to sizes that are not only invisible to the eye, but that will remain charged for years and do not have the worry of Argeria , the bluing factor side effect. I recommend Graces silver. There are many of them out there and for my taste many of them are too overly strong and not necessary. Some of them go to 300 to 1000 parts per million or ppms, when we need only 6ppms to kill infection. The Graces brand to me is the only one I will indorse, due to effectiveness, technology and testing.

Silver can be used daily as a preventive, I usually recommend half a teaspoon in a shot glass of water, then the swish- gargle -swallow routine. The longer you swish the better it is absorbed and the better for throat soreness and infection and for helping your gums. It can also be used in the ears for ear infections, I cannot tell you how many times I have avoided a Doctor's appointment by clearing up an ear infection in one night. Throat infections, eye irritations or pink eye, I even use it on my dogs and horses and save myself a ton of money on Vet bills. Safe for burns, scalds, wounds, rashes, diaper rash, eczema that has broken the skin, athletes foot and the list just goes on and on.

This is medicine cabinet miracle that you always need to have. If you are traveling it will prevent and kill bacteria in the food, and you can add it to the water to make sure it is pure. It was used in the Korean war in canteens to keep water safe. Silver purification systems are now being sold for homes to kill germs in well water and bad quality bacteria in home drinking water.

This is a must for everyone although it sounds like one of those" I cannot believe it products" that you will be able to write an article about after having it around for a while.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Feeling a little frazzled, time to regroup

Are you ready for the holidays? Can you believe they are here? I am amazed that this year is gone, but in some instances it seems like it has been a long drawn out year. I think stress plays the most important role.

Stress keeps us from getting a good nights sleep, it affects memory, it can affect your immune system and keep you from recovering from illness. Stress can change mood, your relationships, your work performance, friendships, even the relationships you have with your animals. It can keep you from doing your hobbies and pursuing your dreams and focusing on the things in your life that need attention.

Moral of the stress story, attack it before it attacks you. Tackle all the things that cause and prolong the stress in your life and change them. Whether it is a relationship, a job, a financial situation, a bad friendship, too much medication and a Doctor that will not work With you outside the standard box or even nutritionally, change them all if needed. The thing to remember is if stressful situations are not fixed, controlled or changed or ended, they will fix, control, change or end you.

Always make sure you never stop your nutrition during these times, you and your immune system cannot handle it. Take a great multiple vitamin or a program like the NSP, take extra B Complex, Calcium , Valarian and Melatonin if you need them at night to help you sleep. Monitor your bad junk food intake and you caffeine consumption, remember a healthy body and mind can think and function clearer. Also, this is the time of the year when stress accelerates due to the holidays, sit down, focus and re- group and try not to dig any more financial and unfixable situations that will come back to haunt you after the New Year, and remember to make the changes needed to make YOUR life better, try thinking you first for a change, and for most ,thinking it for the first time in your life.

We all need to take care of ourselves first because if we are in a bad situation we are no good to anyone else, including ourselves...Now go take a hot bath or jacuzzi and get all your ducks in a row and think ME ME ME.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Today's question is one I have heard for years but thought it needed mentioning. Dear Jeff, what is the difference between timed released Vitamin C, and non timed released Vitamin C?

Many companies have tried to do a timed released formula, but many have actually tired wrapping and coating the tablet with wax, shellac, and heavy coatings thinking that if they are left in the stomach for a longer time that the consumer will absorb more. The problem is that most people that have a slow digestive system will many times end up passing those tablets out whole with no digestive action being taken at all. With age we want to be able to maximize the quality and effectiveness of our supplement tablets and nutrition, but they also have to be in an absorbable form that will work with any digestive system no matter what the age of the individual.

Since I have been at Great Earth, one of the many things that has kept me with this company is their patented timed releasing. It is a process of enrobing the tablet with vegetarian absorbable coatings, but it is the inside of the tablet that is actually timed released. When you break or snap the tablet you will find small little beadlets. Each of the beadlets are wrapped with different layers of coatings that break down at different acidity levels through the intestines. This process is not only effective and ground breaking, but it will work with the most apathetic digestive systems around.

These days absorbability is key because so many people have systems that digest very little, with Great Earth's system, they can insure that their multiple vitamins, Vitamin C, and B complex formulas work correctly.By using the highest quality raw products available it insures their quality miles above the average formulas on store shelves.

Like I have always said, "Some supplement companies do millions of dollars in advertising for products that do virtually nothing, when they should spend their money on raw products that make their overly advertised products actually work". Maybe then nutrition would be able to keep a good name in the media, rather than its reputation being ruined by a few very bad apples.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Getting old and falling apart

So what, in your opinion is the worst thing about getting mature, older you know old? To me, I think it is the idea that I have to remind myself to do things, and that I have to actually get mentally prepared for a change, and that it takes me forever to recover from just the smallest amount of activity.Also, it bothers me that if not for nutrition, I have no energy to do anything. The funny thing is, sometimes I like to take a month off and cleanse out the body, and although the cleansing is so wonderful for me, by the time I am done, I feel like I am eighty years old.

That is what is so interesting that within a month of getting away from quality nutrition we can feel so different. So to say that nutrition makes a difference is an understatement, because I know from experience that within a month your body can show your actual age brightly and vividly and it is not always a pretty sight. So the smart thing is to stay on you supplement program and keep everything functioning properly.

I always heard people say I have been out of this and that and how badly they felt, but since I rarely stopped anything I did not know exactly what they were talking about. After my first month off, I saw it oh so clearly, wow, I am getting older, and I do not want to feel like that ever again. If it means I have to take supplements and keep on them forever, no problem, why would I care as long as I feel so wonderful.

The most amazing thing I have ever been asked is how long should I use this multiple vitamin? With a straight face I have been asked this, and not just once, and I usually ask them back, when your car runs out of gas do you just drive around and not refill it? They usually look at me and say, it does not run without gas, and I usually ask them so how do you expect your body to run on today's stress and lousy diet in the polluted cities we live in with our overworked immune systems without some nutritional help everyday? That usually does it and we end up on the same nutritional conversational level. I know this because I usually will get an OH!!!, and I know we are good.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Flax question

I have decided to try posting questions and then try to answer them a few times a week. Today's question is, Dear Jeff, If I am using flax seeds in my diet every day in my cereal, why do I need to also use the Flax seed oil?

Actually a very good question. There was a time when manufacturers and bakers would use flax meal in breads, muffins and other bakery items, but because they do have the shelf stability and can go rancid, they have all but been eliminated from most bakery items. We have received so much information on the use of flax from the media, but as usual only part of the information is explained. For most people the misconception has been relayed to them that using flax seeds is as good as the oil and this is just not a truth.

If you have ever looked at flax seeds, those tiny brown and or gold seeds, they are hard to chew, that is why they are ground before using. Now imagine how much in quantity of flax seeds are required to equal a tablespoon of high lignin flax seed oil? Believe it or not, over one cup of the seeds pressed, squeezed and smashed to get them to release the oil. Now most of us may use a tablespoon in our cereal everyday, if you were to use the whole cup of ground seeds, you would be bonding with your bathroom and meditating on the toilet for most of the day.

So remember, the seeds when ground are a wonderful addition to our diet, we need fiber drastically, as seen with all of the elimination problems in this country and the increases every year in the risk for rectal and colon cancer. So use the ground seeds they are wonderful, but if you would like the benefit of oils use the oil. The oil will help with cholesterol reduction, lubricating the joints, helping with skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis, immune building, elimination, as well as an array of men's and women's hormonal support. Now that you see the difference, and when you weigh them out, there is no comparison, but together they work even better.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Dry lips, more common than you think

Dear Jeff why do my lips get so dry this time of year, they actually peel and I lick them which makes it worst?

This question was posed to me via e mail, and funny enough it actually came up the other night at a dinner training. The main reason this happens is due to dehydration, but that is not always the case. When I am asked what is helpful for this problem, the first thing I recommend is a heavy lip sealant, believe it or not I like Carmex, the yellow lid, not the one with eucalyptus with the blue lid, it burns.

Sometimes though, water consumption and dehydration may play a part, but it is not the main culprit, stress is. When you push yourself very heavily sometimes one of the symptoms, besides all the others are chapped lips to the point of cracking sometimes, and to ease the discomfort we will do things like like them, I mean a lot almost to a compulsion situation which causes more problems and leaves them looking not only chapped, but like you used lipstick around them. This is a way to further complicate the problem, licking them I mean. The best way to attack it is to move to a desert island and lay on the beach for the next ten years, if that is not an option we need to attack the stress both the causes and what is missing nutritionally.

First, increase your B- complex vitamins, try a strong one like Stress Calm,it is a timed released blend of B- complex Vitamins and herbs and will calm you and give you the energy you need to deal with your stress. Also, we have to consider that it could be n amino acid called L-Lysine deficiency. Many people have this, sometimes it can be one of the main causes for the herpes zester break out, also why we have canker sores, stomach sores and fever blisters, so we need to take it every day, about 1000mg, preferably on an empty stomach. Next the increasing of water and the drastic reducing of caffeine intake, I know, but these are the things to do to get rid of the problem.

Actually it is a very common problem, and actually pretty easy to take care of, although you may need to take a look at your life, your stress and stand outside the comfort zone and look in so you can see what needs to be changed, and then CHANGE IT!

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Today was a great day, I was able to see a bunch of customers and friends that I have not been able to see for a while. Not only do you establish greatly informed customers when you do what I do, but you also gain wonderful friends.

Today I was able to pick up and hear the great changes that are going on in some of their lives, also I was able to hear of some not so good changes that have been occurring, and I was so glad that I was able to be there to maybe provide a little guidance, and maybe a point in the right direction.

So today is all about being grateful for friendships still going on, old friends and acquaintances that I am running into all over the city, and when I travel, and for the new ones that are developing everyday.

Some foolish people say that a measurement of a man's success is something that is measured by the size of his wallet. A wise man will say a successful person is measured by the emptiness that will occur on earth when he is gone. I definitely believe the latter as I agree that we are a success as measured by our giving, our listening and our teachings, all of which I am lucky to be able to provide, and the funny thing, after almost three decades, I would not trade it for anything.

Stay healthy my friends, have wonderful day, and remember it is Veterans day, have some thanks in your heart for those that have protected our rights to say what want, live where we want and be here to talk about it.

A message to Joe, Adelle and the family, you are in my thoughts and prayers, please keep in touch and be that person I know so well, this will insure you will be calling the shots and fighting the fight.

Thank you.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Germs, they are everywhere, we have to deal with them

Have you ever noticed how strange we get about germs, but only to a certain level, and then we turn off the protector shields that we put up to protect us. I was at one of the casinos the other night for a dinner meeting and while in the hotel I watched people do funny things, I love to just sit back and observe.

The bathroom of course is a great place to start. First of all we use protector toilet seat covers, or you should as that is why they are there. Then we don not even have to flush the toilets anymore due to automatic flushers. Sometimes the timers get off a little and all of a sudden a flush occurs at a very surprising and not expected time. Then you of course have to open the door handling the same door knob that thousands of people have previously handled, so the germs are back. Then we go to the sink, which is now automated so no knobs to touch , so we are clean once again, and then to the auto blower hand dryers so all is good, we feel pretty safe from germs, and then we push the door or grab that nasty door knob, that every single person for years has also handled.

I waited at the bar and saw bar tenders handle the rims of glasses with their hands and then fill and serve, as well as people you do not know and will never meet again using the community pretzel bowl on the counter.

Lets face it even the silver wear on the nicest tables in the finest four star restaurants are handled by someone who could have just carried out the trash or cleaned the table next to you. And what about that unused salsa bowl that is on the table, is it thrown in the bus tub or refilled and carried to the next table? What about the salt and pepper shakers, catsup bottle, it really is endless. My point to all of this is unless you want to stay home and live in a bubble, germs are everywhere, and although we try to be as good as we can, we always lose steam after a while and get lazy and lose focus.

Point of this story, keep your immune system strong, wash your hands, keep in mind that if you are not aware of germs you can get sick, but also to realize that germs are a part of living, and living is what we are all trying to do. I guess I would rather have a zest for life and take chances and make bad decisions once and a while and feel I took some risks and not have regrets, then live in a air tight plastic bubble world and die with thousands of regrets. So keep an eye out for simple things you can do to stay more germ free, look around and watch people, they will give you all the information you need to get and stay smarter.

Thursday, November 9, 2006

Indian summer usually equals the flu

Talk about Indian summer,November and very hot today here and in California, and like I say every single year, beware of the Indian summer you are asking for the flu.

After a few weeks of cooling down, after we complained all summer about the heat it warms up and we all run out in our shorts and t shirts to go Christmas shopping, there is something wrong with this picture, but I digress. So we go out to enjoy the day and then the sun goes down and you have been in a germ filled environment all day and then you go out, of course without a coat, you catch a chill. You do not think much of it until two days later when your body aches , your nose is running, you are warm with a fever and of course you have to go to work.

Moral of the story, this time of year, layer the clothes, you can always add and take away pending on the weather. Never go out in the evening without something to throw over that covers your chest, a little chill goes a long way in the bad direction. The rest you already know, wash your hands frequently, drink a lot of water, take your supplements, and get some sleep. These are the basics that are so simple that we do not do them. It always amazed me when someone says, that's it, or that's nothing, I know from that point on, they will not do it, most likely because it is too easy to believe.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Ear infections

You start that weird feeling and then your ears feel like they are on fire. Your child complains that they are not feeling well and they keep touching their ears, the time is here, winter ear aches.

Ear aches can throw off your equilibrium, affect your ability to sleep, impair your hearing, cause salivary infections, lead to sore throats, cause fevers, affect you chewing capability, and actually affect your memory. Ear aches should not be taken lightly as they have the ability to cause more health problems, and can also be a sign of an even larger problem.

At the first onset of an ear ache, put about 6-8 drops of colloidal silver in the ear, follow a few minutes later with some cotton, and in a half hour do the other ear as well. Ear aches seem to jump from one ear to the other, so this way you can be ahead of the inevitable. Next put a teaspoon of colloidal silver in a shot glass of water, swish gargle and swallow, this will help the throat as well as working internally as a viral and bacterial preventive and medicinal antibiotic, with no side effects.

Internally, take three thousand or more of a complex Vitamin C, at least a couple of times per day, as well as some Echinacea and Golden seal, and some Body Well for your immune system.

Remember to stay away from all gluten, wheat and dairy products. You do not want to produce any more mucus as it will build up in your head , and develop into a post nasal situation and then your hearing could be impaired as well. This will make a drastic difference, so listen to your body and at the first sign, do what is necessary to attack it head on.

Remember, people have permanently lost their hearing from ear infections, do not become a statistic, or let your child become one either.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Short and sweet

Today's blog is short and sweet. I am actually enjoying wartching the election results come in from around the country. By the look of some of the incumbants, I should have been handing out B Stress tabs in Washington today.

So have a great night, tomorrow we will start with something that is already coming into visible play, ear infections. We need to address it so we can keep the kids, and the adults out of the emergency rooms.

So until tomorrow, stay healthy, eat smart, get moving.

Monday, November 6, 2006

Rainbow bridge

Just this week I have received over a dozen e mails from friends letting me know their beloved pets have died. As many of you, if not all of you know I am a pet lover, and I feel they make up a large part of who I am. I have talked about pet nutrition and will again I am sure. We all know about the healing benefits that they have discovered with pets and hospice situations and cancer survivors, as well as retirement homes and trauma victims. So I know of the most wonderful poem, author unknown, that I hope creates a nice thought for the day for all of my friends whom have recently lost their friends, and for those who have over the years lost their best buddies.

I guess if you are not a pet person, or you were raised in a way that maybe you have never experienced having a great pet companion, you may not get it or understand, but this will be the day that you do not read my blog, and that's ok with me. But for the large majority of you out there that gets what I am speaking about, here you go, enjoy..This is especially for my buddy Vickie in Olympia Washington..Love ya babe

Rainbow Bridge
Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind. They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart. Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together.... Author unknown...

Sunday, November 5, 2006

Fat, the worst three letter word I know

Lets talk fat. Not just the stuff we all cover up with clothing and try to conceal, but also the fat inside the body. You know the stuff that floats around and clogs our arteries turning a four lane freeway into a one lane drive way. Also the stuff that builds up around out organs and actually keeps them from doing their job, like the liver. Lets address the best and fastest way to attack that three letter word we all hate so much, FAT!

The funny thing is we all act the same way when we are overweight and battling the bulge. We buy clothing and ask the people we are with, not if the like the style or the color, just does it make me look fat. Lets be real, if you are overweight everyone knows it, most people do not care, nor should they, but we have a tendency to remind them by sharing our latest endeavors with the battle over and over and over. Like I said yesterday, just do it , shut up and let them notice. Remember, when you are overweight, no matter what you wear it is not ever going to take it away, you make look great but underneath you are the same. So if it bothers you that much, change something.

It is kind of like a man balding, and I can say this because I have been shaving my head for years after I gave up the fight to ever increasing scalp territory. When you comb it over you are not fooling anyone, so why do it, shave it cut it short, it will look better and you actually will look younger. We all need to realize that the biggest battle we have with the bulge is in our own minds, and maybe rather that thinking about it twenty four hours a day, and spending a lot of money trying to cover it up, maybe, just maybe you should get rid of it once and for all.

We have talked about the diet and about the exercise requirements. but doing it is a personal and intimate decision you have to have with yourself and really nobody else. So when you do start, there is a nutritional tool that you should consider.

It is called Lipotropics. It is a concentrated form of a fat emulsifier that the liver, if it is healthy produces called Lecithin. The Lipotropics stimulates the liver to cleanse itself, and emulsify fats in and around the liver and make it work more efficiently. It lowers cholesterol and raises good healthy cholesterol, as well as helping the brain due to the choline in the base. It is also a non stimulant fat burner, actually one of the originals, before they added harmful stimulants that many people could not use. This product can be used by anyone including not only high cholesterol reduction seekers, but also those looking for help with obesity, memory problems, digestion disorders, fat emulsification in and on the body, cellulite and adipose belly fat buildup, as well as alcoholics and individuals with cirrhosis and hepatitis. There is also another category: those individuals the drink daily, but not to excess and anyone on pain medication or medications that are hard on the liver like statin drugs. The Lipotropics can help to support and overworked and overtaxed liver.

The only requirement is to take a dosage that will suit your many situations. Some people take as many as three to four tablets with every meal. I just recommend lots of water to flush out all of that fat that the Lipotropics loosen. So add this to your cleansing routine, or just bring it in as an addition to your vitamin selection you are already taking, I guarantee it will not let you down. One more thing, when you flush out the bad fats and good fats can then be absorbed correctly, your hair and skin and nails will reflect the difference very quickly.

Saturday, November 4, 2006

Procrastination is my middle name

This is the nicest time of the year here in Las Vegas. Basically right between so hot you can cook an egg on the pavement and need a coat, and turn on the heat. I guess you could say it is our autumn, but with very few trees that show the signs of fall, to look out a window it could be just as easily July or August.

It is great time to get back into the walking programs that everyone vacated due to, the greateat excuse ever, it is too hot. Even though the malls and gyms have people walking everyday, some available twenty four hoursbut I digress, we all use whatever excuse we can. I will ask someone during a consultation how much exercise are you getting, and they will say" I was walking before it got too hot", and then in December the same person will say "well now that it is cold out I do not get out very much". You would think we were in Alaska and it was fifty degrees below zero the way people talk.

Yet the same person once again will complain, moan and groan, and even cry that they are overweight, or fat however you want to look at it. I will hear it all, the sex life is no good with all this weight,. my blood pressure is up, my cholesterol is high, I have no energy, I cannot fit in my clothes and I am not buying any new clothes. My spouse does not find me attractive, I do not like the way I look or feel, and it is causing me to be depressed, and after all of this conversation I still always hear more of the same. I cannot stop eating that, I need my pasta and rice and bread. I only eat at fast food restaurants because it is convenient, I cannot stop my evening cocktails, I will not give up sodas, I am really not into exercise.

So I have come to the conclusion after almost thirty years of listening to every excuse in the book and hearing every scenario, and saying a few of them myself," shut up, and stop complaining about it until you are ready, that day to make a life change". Nobody wants to hear you complain about the same thing at every meal they share with you, or at every function and every event,as well as every upcoming holiday, because after a while we get very tired of listening to it. Believe me, it is not that we do not want you to be successful, we do, but how many" I am starting on Monday" do we have to go through with you before we pull our hair out. If you reflect back, many people make the same New Years resolution every year and has yet to stick to one of them, Sometimes we are maybe 15 pounds over weight when we make the first one, now five years later you could be up to one hundred pounds heavier and still planning the same resolution that will once again not be fullfilled.

You know what else we all know you will never do anything about it, and it is like you just want everyone to know you are at least thinking about it. I say this to you "stop talking about your weight and your dieting permanantly, just do it, and then let everyone take notice". Let them come up to you and tell you how happy and wonderful you look, and what are you doing, they have never seen you look so incredible. I guarantee you when you stop talking about it and start living it, it will work, and you and the world will take notice!

Friday, November 3, 2006


Why is it we can be so bad to our bodies by eating trashy fatty foods,we smoke and we drink and give our bodies no rest, we work them into the ground and starve them for nutrition, and over feed and actually put them in a state of malnutrition? The reason, because we can, and in most instances they recover and bounce back and we swear we will never do it again, until one time it doesn't, and then we decide it is time to do everything and anything available to get back our familiar friend we know so well, our run down body.

To my utter astonishment people will go to their health food store and unload their list of woes and expect to be able to fix it overnight. They actually think they can rebuild and repair and put back the fountain of youth in a twenty four hour period. They come back a month later and are doing so much better but still cannot imagine that they are not one hundred percent, I usually go through the list of abuses and problems and a realism glow comes over their faces and they then start to get it. They then agree that it will take time, in some instances, a lot of time.

The other thing is that being regular about taking the supplements is a very important process.They cannot possibly work if you do not take them. I get so many excuses, I forgot, I skipped lunch, you know any excuse. I always say either take them or don't , but do not expect anything without being consistent. This is as easy as it gets, take them, be patient, and let them do their job.

But like I always say you cannot win the lottery if you do not buy a ticket and you cannot benefit from nutrition if you are not consistent.

Thursday, November 2, 2006

The after Halloween sugar blues

It was funny today how many e mails I received about going on the 60 day cleanse. Most people decided that if they were as bad as they were on Halloween with their junk eating, that by New Years Day they would be fifteen pounds heavier and even in worst shape.

The cleanse is very easy, I have discussed it in previous posts and remember all posts are archived for when you want to refer back to them. So if you are interested in losing up to twenty five pounds by New Years eve, and cleansing out years worth of abuse on and in the body, e mail me and I will send the cleanse off to you and you can begin as soon as tomorrow.

Otherwise I will be getting the New Years day coulda should woulda e- mails and then you have an even higher hill to climb. Start now, and by January first, you will be two months in and better than you have been in years.

Remember cleansing helps all of the following: mental clarity, obesity, digestion, immune systems, sleep, elimination, the skin, the hair and nails, and these are just a few benefited areas.. So hope to hear from you, and have a friend do it with you, but have them e mail me separately to see if they are committed, not needing to be committed just motivated!

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Feeling a little edgy

Today's post is addressing nerves and how we usually feel that some people are on our last one on a daily basis. I think most people hit their level of stress and edginess after a shorter period of time these days. Maybe it is because there are so many more things to upset us, or maybe we are all wearing our emotions on our sleeves, and we are just stressed out and burnt out.

It could also be the traffic on the way to work, the heavy work load at work, or just way too much on our plates. The funny thing is we have more technology and devices to make our lives easier and faster and more organized, we do eighty percent less physically than our families did even forty years ago, yet we are always running in circles and can never get everything done.

I think if we felt better, and had more energy most things would be a little easier to tackle. But in most instances people are so exhausted by the end of the day, the thought of getting a jump on the next day, or finishing projects previously started, or even doing things than could make you feel better like exercising seems out of reach. It really is a catch twenty two, if you came home from work and got caught up, and spent some time management organizing to save time and make your life organized and worked out to feel and look better and worked on your diet to actually be healthier you would be less stressed and feel great. The problem is, most of us are so run down and tired we do not have the energy to get to that stage, even though we know for a fact it could make life easier.

I think we need to attack it through nutrition first to get us the energy to get to the next stage. If you are using a multiple vitamin and you do not feel great and have a lot of energy, then you need to switch. I am always amazed at how we jump when products are broken, or services are not done correctly we will complain and yell and scream, but we feel awful and do nothing about it, we just accept it. Do not accept mediocrity in your supplementation, if you do not feel great try another. This is the reason I have always stayed with Great Earth, they work, the potency and formulas are hands down better than what is available, and you feel them.

So first, get a strong multiple vitamin, add a B complex for stress and energy, then add minerals at night so you can shut down and sleep and repair. If sleep is a problem add a good quality melatoinin and some Valarian root. Remember how you sleep is more important than if you sleep.Going through the motions without shutting down you body and brain cannot recharge you for the next day. If you always feel as if you got no sleep at all how can you possibly be able to be at your best the next day? One more thing loading up with a triple expresso does not take the place of anything, it is a bandaid, a good tasting one at that but still a cover up. Have you coffee that's ok, but build your system up and solve the problem.

We all need to become problem solvers not band aid Doctors.