Friday, November 10, 2006

Germs, they are everywhere, we have to deal with them

Have you ever noticed how strange we get about germs, but only to a certain level, and then we turn off the protector shields that we put up to protect us. I was at one of the casinos the other night for a dinner meeting and while in the hotel I watched people do funny things, I love to just sit back and observe.

The bathroom of course is a great place to start. First of all we use protector toilet seat covers, or you should as that is why they are there. Then we don not even have to flush the toilets anymore due to automatic flushers. Sometimes the timers get off a little and all of a sudden a flush occurs at a very surprising and not expected time. Then you of course have to open the door handling the same door knob that thousands of people have previously handled, so the germs are back. Then we go to the sink, which is now automated so no knobs to touch , so we are clean once again, and then to the auto blower hand dryers so all is good, we feel pretty safe from germs, and then we push the door or grab that nasty door knob, that every single person for years has also handled.

I waited at the bar and saw bar tenders handle the rims of glasses with their hands and then fill and serve, as well as people you do not know and will never meet again using the community pretzel bowl on the counter.

Lets face it even the silver wear on the nicest tables in the finest four star restaurants are handled by someone who could have just carried out the trash or cleaned the table next to you. And what about that unused salsa bowl that is on the table, is it thrown in the bus tub or refilled and carried to the next table? What about the salt and pepper shakers, catsup bottle, it really is endless. My point to all of this is unless you want to stay home and live in a bubble, germs are everywhere, and although we try to be as good as we can, we always lose steam after a while and get lazy and lose focus.

Point of this story, keep your immune system strong, wash your hands, keep in mind that if you are not aware of germs you can get sick, but also to realize that germs are a part of living, and living is what we are all trying to do. I guess I would rather have a zest for life and take chances and make bad decisions once and a while and feel I took some risks and not have regrets, then live in a air tight plastic bubble world and die with thousands of regrets. So keep an eye out for simple things you can do to stay more germ free, look around and watch people, they will give you all the information you need to get and stay smarter.

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