Friday, November 17, 2006

Colloidal Silver

So, I need to do one addition to the flu and cold series I did a few weeks ago. Remember all of the articles here are archived and you can scroll down and go under the profile to the left and pull up a whole month of entries.

I always mention Colloidal silver, but this time of year I focus a little more on it due to the amount of unnecessary antibiotics that are prescribed daily during flu and cold season. You need to remember that if you have a viral infection antibiotics will not address it, you may take them for psychologically helping you, but they will focus on bacterial infections.

So many people wait until they are sick to start to do anything preventive when Colloidal silver is something that can be used both medicinally as well as situational. Colloidal silver is actually something that has been around for well over a hundred years. It dates back to royalty, or blue bloods as they were called, but actually there is a mystery unveiled with that name as well. At that time, the wealthy, because they were the only people that could afford silver would scrape the silver to get shavings and actually work a system to charge the particles to get them to circulate in water. They new that if they drank the solution they would be able to fight disease and infection. I am not sure they knew why, but they knew it had merit. One problem at this time is that although their rudimentary process worked to some degree it also had little technology and those large piece of silver actually lodged under the skin and turned them a bluish grey color that was irreversible. So the term blue blood was adopted, and mostly because it was also associated with individuals with money it was adopted for other reasons rather than the true meaning.

We are lucky these days to have the technology to be able to break down silver particles to sizes that are not only invisible to the eye, but that will remain charged for years and do not have the worry of Argeria , the bluing factor side effect. I recommend Graces silver. There are many of them out there and for my taste many of them are too overly strong and not necessary. Some of them go to 300 to 1000 parts per million or ppms, when we need only 6ppms to kill infection. The Graces brand to me is the only one I will indorse, due to effectiveness, technology and testing.

Silver can be used daily as a preventive, I usually recommend half a teaspoon in a shot glass of water, then the swish- gargle -swallow routine. The longer you swish the better it is absorbed and the better for throat soreness and infection and for helping your gums. It can also be used in the ears for ear infections, I cannot tell you how many times I have avoided a Doctor's appointment by clearing up an ear infection in one night. Throat infections, eye irritations or pink eye, I even use it on my dogs and horses and save myself a ton of money on Vet bills. Safe for burns, scalds, wounds, rashes, diaper rash, eczema that has broken the skin, athletes foot and the list just goes on and on.

This is medicine cabinet miracle that you always need to have. If you are traveling it will prevent and kill bacteria in the food, and you can add it to the water to make sure it is pure. It was used in the Korean war in canteens to keep water safe. Silver purification systems are now being sold for homes to kill germs in well water and bad quality bacteria in home drinking water.

This is a must for everyone although it sounds like one of those" I cannot believe it products" that you will be able to write an article about after having it around for a while.

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