Thursday, January 17, 2013

How much do we really want that change?

Have you ever wondered why after many attempts at a task, a resolution or a goal you are finally successful? Is it because you have learned from all the previous attempts, changed your strategy, tried a new plan, became better organized or tried a different path? I think it could be a little of all of the above, but for me, I put my money on the decision that change HAD to happen this time around.

Sometimes we can beat our heads against the wall trying to satisfy a goal, or make a dream come true, and we many actually think we have all of our ducks in a row, but the truth may be, we do not. I mean, how many people say daily that they wish they were thinner, in better shape, healthier and that it is so amazingly important to them, and they even look determined. But the reality of the situation i althoug, we may truly want the change, the journey or path involved to get there may be more than the person is ready to undertake. I have always felt that what we really mean when we say we want change, is if we woke up tomorrow and all of the work was done, and the end result was visible, we would be very happy.

The bottom line is I think almost anything is attainable, and any goal can be achieved if you are organized, determined, and you have all the tools and your plan is structurally sound. My advice is try not to attempt it alone. Ask questions, do research, be prepared for success, and side stepping along the way, and be ready to jump on and off the wagon a few times along the way of your journey. Above all, do not be hard on yourself, and reward yourself for every goal you reach along the way. Pat yourself on the back, and realize you are worth every wonderful thing you want to attain!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013....

So as we recover from the holiday spiral that starts in October and ends today, I wish all of you well for the New Year. Whatever your goals, your hopes or dreams I wish you success for completing and arriving at the chosen destination.
Remember to stay healthy on your journey, make smart choices, keep a log or diary to chart good and bad days, and last but not least, make sure the goal is one that will make your life better, for you..and not for someone else. A goal should be personal, and it can be kept quiet or you can broadcast it to the world. Many people, for fear of past failures decide to just do it, give a try and hope everyone notices, and maybe that is the best way.Whatever your life change choice you are now looking forward to making, I wish you happy travels and great health and goal success this New Year!