Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post election let down...

So, another election has come and gone, and now we get our lives back in order. Each time an election comes up I see the stress levels of people around me go off the chart. For the past few months we have been inundated with commercials, good, bad , ugly, hateful, mean, distorted and some pure political lies, and although we continue to hate them, we listen, and sometimes foolishly buy into them.

Stress is a major issue, and avoidance of all of this has become more difficult with media coverage that is visible everywhere we go, everything we watch or listen to, and there really is no escaping. So how do we get ready for the next time around, as there will be even more avenues to catch our eyes, ears and emotions by that time? I think we have to do what we can to turn it off when we have had our fill. Just the act of saying all there was on TV last night was political stuff all night long, well you should have turned it off and exercised, read a book, done a hobby or just got caught up with your life. Just bitching and moaning and groaning does not make it less visible, what it does do is make you more stressed and more agitated.

So are we the end of the line culprit with this electoral and political stress, yes. We allow it to become more of our life than it need be, and we listen and overwhelm ourselves until we are ready to explode. Maybe if all of us would stop tuning in, stop buying in and stop reacting it would all of a sudden come to a halt, or at least slow down to handle able proportions.

The other thing we need to do is keep our diet as healthy as possible and our supplements strategically planned and balanced as we can. Usually after a stressful event like this election, and weather changes around the corner, we get sick. The more we stressed and the less attention we paid to getting exercise, rest and good food, the weaker our immune system will be and we can expect a sickly winter, and sooner than expected.. Is it too late? no, just get yourself in a priority position and start thinking about good healthy living, and applying the principals today!