Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Are their natural eye drops for my eyes?

How amazing it is to get questions that I know other people have, but for whatever reason they still do not ask. Today's question was very seasonally appropriate. The question was is there an alternative to store eye drops for dryness and irritation.

Yes there is, I usually recommend a brand called Similison. It is a brand that I brought in years ago and frankly I did not even know how great it was. I brought it in at first because it was a natural eye drop that could be used even if someone wore contacts without even having to take the contact lenses out of their eyes. I learned over the years that it was not only an incredible eye drop for many purposes, but it could also be used as often as you needed.

Many eye drops, both over the counter and prescription can be used only ever so many hours, and sometimes you need it more often that they will allow, plus being a natural product, there are no side effects to worry about.

Over the years the company expanded their line and has added many new formulas and each one is a great as the previous. Dry eye formula, Allergy eye formula, Cataract formula, Computer eye strain formula,these are four of their wonderful products. Being specialized has made it easy for people to get the best formula for their individual needs.

So to answer your question, yes and the line is wonderful and you will be very happy to get incredible results without the use of chemical or synthetic materials. Your eyes will love you for it.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Never assume anything when it comes to nutrition

I ran into about ten customers today that I have not seen in a while, and was surprised to find out they had lost track of me, and they were not even aware that my radio show had been moved to Sunday after being on Saturdays for over twenty some years. It was great to see all of you, and now hopefully you will keep in contact via e-mail and through this blog.

I have found this blog to invaluable, and a great device to keep people abreast of what I am doing and also to keep track of me and my travels and the adventures I am now apart of, and frankly I love sharing the information with all of you.

This upcoming week I leave for my corporate labs in New York and then off to Florida for licensee training. What a great honor for me to be able to do what I love to do all of the time. Training, lecturing and being able to pass on great information and the tools for better health is my passion, and I get to do it all the time. I have learned that after almost three decades the topics I lectured about years ago and I thought that everybody knew can actually be a subject that could be brand new to another group. I have learned to repeat myself and never take for granted that people already know things.

Sometimes with nutrition, people are so interested in the new things with all the bells and whistles that they forget that some of things that have been mainstays in the market for decades. Thing that have survived all the fads and withstood the new on the market products.

No matter what subject I speak about I have learned that mentioning ALL of the possible nutrients for that situation seems to be the best protocol. In my mind the worst situation would be for someone to put all of their belief in one specific nutrient and only one, when what they really needed is a full spectrum blend. This could not only prove to be devastating, but some people call it quits after no success and never use nutrition again.Although the real reason is not bad nutrition but possibly because they took the wrong supplement and never asked someone for a recommendation for the best thing to use.

We need to remember that asking questions is essential, for the customer and for anyone in the nutrition field for us to be able to better serve the nutrition seekers.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Committment in our minds, but sometimes not in our hearts

Have you noticed that although we have even more ways to get in shape and feel better that we are now thinking of even more excuses to not do them. I really think that we as a nation hate dieting and exercising so much, that we are are more likely to work even longer hours so we do not have time to do it. I Really think this is true. I know people that will say lets go for a run or let's work out on Monday, I need to get back to the gym, and will dodge the phone calls to confirm because they really do not want to go that bad. I think that sometimes, sad but true, even if you need and want a change, if you are not totally committed, it will not happen.

I watch the faces of customers that are desperate to make changes, or who are not feeling well, and are actually disgusted about the way they are running their lives. I then give them a list of nutritional supplements to use and then talk about incorporating diet and exercise, and I can say I actually see the blood drain out of their faces. Just ten minutes prior to this, they were desperate to make a change and when the E and D word come into the equation, it changes immediately.

Why do you think that is? I think I am right that nobody wants to do what it takes to get to the way they either want to feel or the way they want to look. It is like those people that watch them draw the numbers for the lottery and say they would do this and they would do that if they won the lottery, problem is, you have to BUY A TICKET TO PLAY!''

The same thing goes, people will see others that have lost weight, quit smoking, quit this or that bad habit. and look great and they feel even better, and everyone says I want to do that too, but they don't.

Most people want the change, need the change either for their self esteem or for their health, but when it comes down to it, they will not do it until they want it bad enough to do what is needed, and never will UNTIL the time is right.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Fate, coincidence or just an alternative

Do you think that people come into our lives for a reason. Over the years I have had people walk up to me and make a suggestion about many different things, surprisingly the suggestions that were timely at that moment, and when I listened to them they made a difference. I have had people that will e-mail me or call me and say I was driving into or out of Las Vegas and I heard your radio show, and you were talking about a problem I have had for years, with no success in any area I have tried, and nobody has ever suggested that I had another alternative.

Is this timing, or one of those Rod Sterling Twilight Zone moments? Now not to get too philosophical or anything, but I do feel that there are no real coincidences and that fate does rule. I have had times when I was working with a customer and someone in the store that I do not know will walk by and make a suggestion about something they used for the subject we were discussing. I will think to myself, wow I forgot all about that, and realize that it was the perfect choice, and when I look around the person is gone. Hmm, makes you kind of wonder.

Years ago, actually many years ago I had a native American women come in my store and pick up her supplements. She said on her way out, "you know taking about four ounces of Aloe Vera every day will cure that ulcer". She left, and I stood there in amazement as that morning I was at the Doctors office, and had a prescription in my pocket for medication for my ulcer. Now many people will say weird, voodoo or whatever they would like to call it, I just say that things happen for a reason.

I guess that there are many cultures, some very primitive tribal communities that are able diagnose a problem by just looking at you, and with accuracy. There are also healers that have been known to to do miracles with just heat from their hands. In these cultures this form of "medicine" is accepted and well known. In many more technological societies, the proof has to be in traditional proven trials, with long term medication testing, and after all of that most medicine has a low success rate and a high malpractice and side effect list.

So what form of medicine is the one that is the golden path to follow for success. Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Natropathic, Homeopathic, Massage therapy, Kinesiology, Chinese or Asian medicine, or so called Witch Doctor medicine, or even tribal Jujus, all of these are different paths to a desired result.

I have learned that somethings that come our way should not be questioned or challenged and other things should not be labeled as weird or wrong just because they are different. Matter of fact, what is so called normal medicine today, would have been termed as quackery thirty years ago, and I am sure that thirty years from now all of this technology will look very primitive.

I think we all need to learn that running to a specific Doctor does not have to be your only protocol, sometimes alternatives may just be a different way of looking at a means to an end.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Allergy season just down the road

Well, happy last Saturday of January to you all. A month down already and here we are staring down spring in the face. Does not quite feel like spring out here in Las Vegas, but the days are warming up a little, but the mornings are still just but too nippy for me!

As we start to progress into springtime, what comes with it is pollen, and then allergies. I thought I would lay some paving stones for you to get yourself ready for the inevitable. I know that all parts of the country deal with their own geographic allergy problems, but here in Ls Vegas, we deal with every bodies. By that I mean we are a huge growing metropolis, and people are moving here from all over the country and all over the world. With them, even though this is a desert, they bring their landscaping from home. They bring things that need too much watering, they bring and add moisture which creates humidity, and then all of the new pollens are created.

So when people suffer with allergies in Ls Vegas, it is almost impossible to identify exactly what they are allergic to, as every time we get a set protocol of known allergens, here comes Mr and Mrs Midwest bringing their trees and shrubs they like to Las Vegas. I think there should be a list of allowable plants and shrubs and grasses that people are allowed to use. This could be a huge list, but once it is set, there should be no variations, and people who bring new pollens into the area should be made to dig up those plants.

The thing is, most people that bring all of these plants and shrubs with them are used to them, and usually have no allergy problems. But after they live here for a few years, they will develop allergies and be standing on a soap box of their own.

So, nutrition for allergy prevention and to help you deal with them. Start with Vitamin C, about 3000 MG daily and always timed released, Add a strong Multiple Vitamin, again timed released, and then add 2000mg of Pantothenic Acid to support your adrenal glands. There is a wonderful formula out there put out by Great Earth called Pollen Season formula, it is loaded with support for the season. Last but not least, a homeopathic formula called Las Vegas nix has been a mainstay here for about twenty years now. Actually the company Dolisos makes these specific formulas for areas all over the country, and they work great.

The rest of the suggestions deal with increasing water consumption, cutting out all dairy, wheat, gluten, and starch carbohydrates, as all of these will cause mucous and draining. That's it, it is very easy, and can be done in most case3s without prescriptions, or over the counter energy draining allergy preparations. Plus you will have lots of energy and still be able to be out in the pollen and not hiding inside.

Friday, January 26, 2007

You and your best friend, are you as good to him as he or she is to you?

Do you have animals? Have you ever wondered if you were doing everything you are supposed to do in regards to the health of your pets? I am afraid to say that most people get a pet, go a little above and beyond for a while, and then after that they go from being a part of the family to a burden that makes you go home early to let them out, or a problem when you are just dying to get out of town. To you people I say, shame on you.

I think there should be a long term crystal ball to show who should be allowed to have a pet, and also have the capability to decide who will be a good owner for the long run. I can bet that many pet owners would not have been allowed to get a pet in the first place.

I am amazed, when I go to one of those warehouse stores, you know the ones where you buy four hundred rolls of toilet paper for five dollar or fifty thousand tooth picks for a buck, that people buy off brand dog food there. Now I am happy to say that many of these places sometimes carry some good quality dog food, but most of it is just chicken flavored corn meal and fat and preservatives. I watch people with a keen eye picking ripe fruit and reading labels for the stuff they put in their mouths, but when it comes to their pets, it is all about the price.

I am sure that if your animals were allowed to buy your food, and give you the same time and effort for a quality food, many of you would be very surprised to see what would be on the dinner table, but I digress.

There are many wonderful dog foods on the market, and there are some great things to add to the food to help with long term health and also for prevention of situations that may come up down the road when the animals are overweight, and deprived of nutrition, and malnutritioned at the same time.

If you have animals there are some things you may consider adding to their diet. Barley dog, is a green powder that helps their bad breath problems and their digestion and their stomachs and elimination. A valuable product where you have no grass for the dogs to eat when they feel they need it. Next would be Flax seed oil, this helps their coat, lubricates their joints for younger and older arthritic dogs, and helps with their livers to fight fat and keep them leaner. Mezotrace minerals, my favorite dog product will help their bones, muscles and ligaments. Great for all dogs that are active as well as those whom are inactive, especially if they are older and sore. You may also think of adding Joint Support when there is an arthritis problem in the joints, as it will do for them as it does for us, rebuild healthy cartilage and help the pain. I personally add all of this to my dogs food every single day.

Plan on very expensive Vet bills in the future if you do not plan the diet and nutrition for you dogs a little wiser.

If you are in Las Vegas, send me an E mail , even if you are not, and I can help you to find these wonderful products for mans best friend. The next thing to consider is training and keeping your dogs active. Most cities around the country have dog trainers, some good, some better, some well not so hot. In Las Vegas we are so blessed as we have the dog trainer extraordinaire, Mary Kay Grahn ,below is her web site. If you have wondered what it would be like to work with someone that can help you with all forms of behavior problems with your dogs, she is the one. She also teaches dog sports for you and your dogs including agility, flyball, obedience, ring training and herding. Most people never enjoy their pets to the fullest, and even more people never let their dogs excel in things other than just being a pet, there is so much more to enjoy.

So, if you have been thinking about working with a trainer, check out the website . If you have ever watched a dog show or the national agility competition and said" I would love to do that", give her a call, you will be so surprised how much fun, and great exercise it will be for you and your pal.

Click below for the Smarty Paws site.



Thursday, January 25, 2007

A perfect smile, and you can have one too!!!

Not much of a blog today.I just got home from going to my Dentist, and although I am not in pain, the muscles in my jaws are sore from keeping my jaws open so long. My Dentist, Dr. James Wright is just about the greatest Dentist in the world. Not only do I go to the most state of the art facility, but he is actually an artist with Dentistry. He not only can correct a unhealthy smile and unhealthy mouth, he can also work with you with the finest cosmetic dentistry anywhere.

So many people wait until there is an emergency to go to the Dentist because of either price, or fear, and actually fear is the main reason for most people. When he started seeing me almost three years ago, the issue was that I could not handle pain, and he obliged me and I never did feel a thing. He gave me the most perfect smile you have ever seen. I am stopped so many times per day and asked what do I do to have such a perfect beautiful smile, and honestly it never gets old. I LOVE IT!

If you live in the Las Vegas area, or even in a surrounding state and are in need of a Dentist, please contact Four Seasons Dental Spa, and make an appointment. Not only will you enjoy the experience and actually look forward to going again for your next visit, but you will kick yourself square in the rear end that you waited so long, I sure did.

Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression, and I am sorry to say that most people judge you by tyour appearance. Why wait any longer for the smile of your dreams, call today and finally get that beautiful, and HEALTHY smile, because you only live once.

The link below will take you to the facility, and of course you can always contact me directly for any information. You have my word that this will be the best experience of your life. One that will give you confidence as well as better health.

Dental Spa/ Las Vegas, NV/ James P. Wright, DDS - Four Seasons Dental Spa - Ex

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Put yourself first every single day

Today's blog is a short and to the point one. Please start putting yourself first for once in your life. I swear that just this week I have caught up with so many people I know and almost everyone of them is letting major drama that they have no control over rule their life. It seems as if almost everyone of them has put their personal betterment on hold to take care of things for everyone else and have totally forgotten about the things they want and need.

I am sure that most people will say that many times they have to put their own wants and desires on the back burner because of everything else going on. I am here to say it is time we put ourselves back in the primary position. This week alone I have spoke with, and I kept track because it was almost an epidemic of people doing this to over sixty people. I actually spoke to hundreds more, but the sixty were the group I have been speaking of. Everyone of them said that they have been diagnosed with blood pressure problems, their weight has gone up drastically, they have not started that vitamin regime, have not started exercising, have not changed the diet and so on, and the excuse was always the same, "I am too busy with so many other things".

I am sure there are many people in the grave yard that wish they would have changes their focus and put themselves first, those who died of stress related heart attacks and strokes or diseases all brought on by not doing all the things the really needed to do. Many people that would love a second chance to get back to the gym, drink more water, take their supplements, start a relaxation routine, and just enjoy every day to the fullest, because it is so fast and over way too quickly.

Moral of the story, MELPS
M- Make each day count. E-Enjoy each day to the fullest. L- Love your self. P-Put yourself first every day. S-Stop doing anything that puts you anything but first on the list.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hypocritical oath

When I am asked a great question, I like to hopefully be able to answer it, but second be able to bring it here as many people may be thinking the same thing. Today's question was one I get all the time and I know it is one that many people think of. The question is, with all of the changes in nutrition over the past fifteen years, why are so many Doctors still obnoxiously against nutrition, and have no problem pushing drugs with known side effects with out a blink?

Well, that is part of their field. Medications are what most Doctors know, and their "in school experiences" have to do with diagnosing and treating and the method they use is pharmaceutical. Now not to say that all Doctors have kept a rigid stance on the matter, as many have become nutritionally oriented and welcomed alternative medicine, some have also incorporated it into their practices, and others have switched over to a practice whose focus uses alternative medicine as the mainstay.

No matter what the opinions of Doctors are across the board, natural alternatives and supplementation is not going anywhere. I feel that the Doctors with the loudest negative voices against nutrition are usually the ones with the least amount of either knowledge or nutritional teachings or experience, or they are just wearing blinders. Many Doctors also still fear that their becoming a proponent of natural alternatives will get them " kicked out of the boys club", so to say.

So no matter what the opinions of your Doctor, and whether he or she is negative and turns a nose in the air to nutrition, remember the end and final decision is up to you. It is ultimately your choice as to the kind of medicine you would like practiced on you, the person doing it, and what combination of medicine whether traditional or alternative is used. Try to remember that I wait on so many physicians that will still not recommend a thing to their patients, but take as much stuff for themselves and their families as I do.

Many Doctors , although it has been an uphill battle have learned the successes of vitamin, and herbal medicine. They have seen the side effects and class lawsuits against the drug manufacturers and have seen first hand the devastation that side effects and non success of drugs on their patients. Many are starting to send their patients into health food stores on a more regular basis for things like Red Rice yeast for cholesterol, and B -Complex for stress, and Niacin for circulation. They see Doctors from many other countries that are using the alternatives as the first line of defense and the drugs as a back up.They are reading the same articles as we do about the hands down great effects of natural medicine.

We also have to know that alternatives do not work for everyone, but why not try these approaches first. I would be very disgusted as a patient that after dealing with side effects from a medication I had to take that was given to me under the pretense that it was my only choice, to find out that I could have the same effects naturally.

I sometimes wonder if they, for those closeted nutritional non admitted Doctors that take handfuls of supplements and still do not recommend them that maybe for them it should be called the hypocritical oath instead.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Vegetarian lifestyles, they take work these days

A very different phenomena has occurred over the last ten years. Vegetarians, whom for many if not most years have been thin, and heather that most meat and animal product eaters have began to join the ranks of overweight Americans.

I can bet that it has to do with the over consumption of complex carbohydrates and the mass amount of sugars that are now being consumed. It seemed like for many years the vegetarian group were also the group of people that incorporated activity, exercise, yoga and other physically active pastimes along with their eating regimes. Today, with the incidence of in activity and people being in jobs and careers that keep them behind computer screens all day long punching keyboards, the inactivity seems to be spreading to all sectors of Americans, no matter your food of choices.

When you are eating a vegetarian lifestyle, you incorporate all kinds of foods that are not animal based into your diet. For many active vegetarians this way of living along with active lifestyle means much better health and a much lesser chance of many diseases that otherwise they would be privy to with an animal based diet. But on the other hand, to eat this large amount of complex carbohydrates and sugars and load all of these carbohydrates and not work them off, you then become a candidate for the same diseases as the rest of the Americans eating a traditional selection of foods.

I am seeing chronic obesity in vegetarians from many walks of life over the last ten years. Stress is a condition that all Americans have to deal with and when it is added to a stressful sedentary job or career, and it affects the amount of expenditure of energy you use, other things like heart disease, high cholesterol, high tryglycerites and diabetes are next in line waiting to rear their ugly heads.

Although this way of life is healthy and obviously better than living on an animal based , high fat, and high carbohydrate diet, you must remember that activity and burning all of those loaded carbohydrates is crucial. If you choose a vegetarian lifestyle and do not completely make all of the changes including a correct and balanced diet, a healthy consumption of fresh water, sugar restrictions and continuing an exercise program, or just beginning one, you can and will have complications.

One more thing is to make sure that you supplement with vitamin's, greens, extra fiber, added B vitamins and good oils, as well as minerals. Remember, many parts of the country do not have organic vegetables and healthy places to shop, so you need to compensate for this with supplementation so as not to become malnutritioned. In some places you have to eat vegetables that have been shipped in from who knows where and have been in a holding house for who knows how long and ripened on demand by who knows what kind of chemical gas.

Overall, a vegetarian lifestyle is healthy, safe and can add years to you life. Remembering to make the needed changes for maximum absorption and great health is no different than what every single person SHOULD be doing with whatever diet they are eating as well.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Just never enough time to be healthy, or is there?

Are you willing to do all of the things it takes to stay healthy in the near future? We are very close to a time when if we continue to eat the American diet and live the American lifestyle, it will be a necessity to be on up to four or five medications just to survive.

That is a scary thought, but if you would have said twenty five years ago that people in their twenties would be suffering and being diagnosed with geriatric diseases, I would have said I do not believe it. People actually in their twenties and thirties with old folks diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic arthritis, degenerative osteoporosis, vascular circulatory disease, life threatening high cholesterol and clogging of the arteries.

But this is the life most people choose to live. A life that is fast paced, always on the go, no time for preparation of quality food, living on whatever food you can scoop up along the way, and although we know the importance of stress relief and exercise, we just cannot seem to fit it in. We have everything in our life nowadays that increases the speed at which we do almost everything, but have you noticed that with all of these huge time savers, you still cannot get everything done?

How did people function thirty years ago with no computers, no cellular phones and no e- mail? A time when if you wanted to get information to someone it had to be sent by mail, or to contact them you had to use a pay phone, or just wait until you got home to call them.

I am always thinking about how far we have gone in thirty years, and where we were before all of the high tech everything affected our lives, but then I look with all of it supposedly working for us, we are still so terribly unhealthy.

Most people will never change or slow down ,or in fact decide to do those things they always say they know they need to do. So when asked what are some of the basics to do nutritionally I usually steer most people in the same direction. A direction that obviously cannot correct all of the wrongs they do every day, but at least do some corrective work to restore areas of malnutrition and voids created by the American way of living.

Start with a high potency Multiple Vitamin, always timed released with a high B Complex in it. Supplemental Vitamin C, again using a complex form and always timed released, take Vitamin E supplementally as well as a separate Multiple mineral .At night time extra Calcium and Magnesium should be taken, and depending on the amount of fats in the diet or pre existing problems with blood pressure, Chromium Picolinate, Lipotropics and Cayenne Pepper should round out the program. Just by running these nutrients through your system while trying to make some dietary changes, increasing physical activity and drinking more fresh healthy water, you can help to add years to your life much easier than you can imagine.

Let's face it, everyone wants to eat what they want and when they want it, and never exercise and be able to partake in all the bad things,I guess this is just human nature, but be realistic, if you want to have quality and quantity of life, you need to bend a little. I always say live in the grey area and stop trying to go all one way or another. When people try to stop things or change drastically from black to white or visa versa, it never lasts, but when you live in the world of MODERATION, life is much easier to handle.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Questions are a good thing, but you have to ask them and not just think them.

I am finally at the stage to where I think that a little bit of information can be a bad thing. People listen to half of a conversation, they hear a commercial or a caller on a radio show, and really only hear part of the question and or the answer. They then read a little, do a little web surfing and listen to a fast talking and inexperienced person in a warehouse vitamin store that has no knowledge at all and then they base their health and life decisions on misinformed information. Important decisions should not be made lightly just because natural products are healthier that many medications, if taken incorrectly or in a wrong combination with medications, you can cause major damage.

I listen to people telling me why they are taking certain supplements, when and how much they are taking, and more times that none I want to scream and ask them, who told you that, and how can you think that the advice you received was anywhere close to correct?

I think it comes down to the age old idea, make it simple, tell me only what I need to know, do not educate me too much, just say when and how much and how often and I will be happy. So many people walk around with blinders on the eyes and ear plugs in their ears and only remove them when they have to. I had a gentleman today that asked me what he needed to take everyday, that's it, no other offered information. I started asking him questions and after about five minutes, he said how many more questions do you have to ask, I replied, I do not have to ask any, I do it because you obviously need some help, but are too trusting with people that are making uneducated choices for you and it is time you take what you need for you to make a difference. He looked at me with a deer in the headlight look for a while and replied " nobody ever has asked me these questions, any actually", I said that is why you still have all of the problems you had when you started.

Obviously we were in ear and eyes view of many other customers, and by the end of the conversation, I had over eight people waiting to ask questions that they might never have asked if I had not made such a case with this customer.

So what was a quick "may I help you", turned into a couple hours of detailed questions to get specific information to help some customers make wiser and more educated choices. Choices that will not only help them make great healthy decisions to make difference in their life, but also to have better overall health in general.

Friday, January 19, 2007

What a day, I am sure no matter how crazy yours was, mine will be more comical

Have you ever had one of those days when nothing went right? You dropped everything you picked up, you forgot where you parked your car? I have not had one like this for a while, and the funny thing is I stopped taking Ginkgo Biloba and Mental Edge in November, and just never replaced it.

This is my day, see if you can relate, I sure hope not. I got up this morning and started shaving, got a phone call and wiped the shaving cream off my face , answered the phone and when I was through I got in the shower, then I finished dressing and looked in the mirror and realized that I had only shaved half my face. Off went the clothes, and I started over. I sat my Cellular phone down, and then for the life of me could not find it. I finally called it from the house phone and played listen and guess where it was, after an hour I remembered that it was on vibrate and I had to just listen really close to hear it jumping around somewhere. It was on my belt loop of my pants, I was wearing baggy pants and could not feel it vibrating off my belt. I knew at this point it was all downhill.

I set the alarm and went to my truck to realize I forgot my briefcase, I went back in reset the alarm and went out side only to realize that I had locked my keys in the house. So over the fence I went and was able to reach through the pet door and unlock a door all the while being jumped on by the six four legged kids. Back inside I took inventory and finally got to my car and on my way. I then realized that I had forgot to feed the dogs, so back I went, actually one was still in the house who slept late and had not even gone out for the morning business. It just keeps getting better.

Finally I am on my way to work and stopped at the post office and put the letters through the slot inside, in my hand were the stamps that I still had not put on my letters. I rang the bell, and luckily had someone with a small amount of personality that actually laughed, most likely at me, but then I would have laughed at me at this point. After putting on the stamps, I pushed them through the slot while hearing a voice saying" did you put the stamps on this time", I laughed out loud, and mumbled something not too nice under my breath. All the while thinking " if you only knew what my day was like already".

Off to do the rest of my things for the day. I proceeded to have problems all day starting with going to get a snack and then I think I set it on the roof of my car and drove away, never to see it again. I misplaced my wallet, my car keys a few more times, had my t shirt on backwards all day, and nobody said a thing to me. I am sure I have been a great source of entertainment for many people today, so I decided to continue it on the blog. Maybe this way I can get it all out in one twenty four hour period.

The moral of this story, I am not as young as I think I am. I am definitely in need of the brain nutrients I thought I could do without, and they REALLY are a necessity. Finally, when I was young and laughed at people writing notes down on little pieces of paper, and walking aimlessly around parking lots looking for their cars, I have learned that pay back is not pretty, as we will all be there someday. Tomorrow is a new day, full of lots of brain nutrients, and I swear I will never stop taking them again

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A super day today, full of positive feedback.

Evening all! So how is your weather? It has been a bear of a week her, as we are freezing our prospective butts off. I am not sure I remember it being this cold in many years, and certainly not during the day as well as the nights. I am sure the gas company will all be taking vacations this year with all the money they will make on our gas usage.

I am happy to report that I must actually be motivating a few people out there as I have received over 200 e-mails in the last few days talking about individual successes with their new life changes. Many people decided that cleansing was the way to go to get things kick started, if you will, and the feedback has been unbelievable, results that even I was extremely impressed with. I have learned over the twenty some odd years of being on the air doing my radio show, that I can do the same show at different times of the year, different ways, during different seasons, and the same people will listen, and then one time it seems to hit home. Whether it was the timing of personal happenings in that persons life, or they finally had an epiphany that it was time to do something different, a bad blood work up possibly, even a death of a close personal friend or relative seems to be a motivating factor.

I am now and have been through the years asked why I might repeat a show, the above reason is why I do. We all have different ways of looking at things, and sometimes we hit a pinnacle or a level of either needed change, or disgust with the medical establishment, or tired of feeling a certain way, or whatever the connection is, we wake up and say, ok today is the day.

Today I met just a person. She said she came in to give me feedback from her last two month experience with nutrition. She said she had been listening to my show for years, and although she has heard me talk about the heart and blood pressure and cholesterol a hundred times, she would say, she never applied it to herself. She has been diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol three times over the past few years, every year getting higher in each prospective category, but since she hated drugs, she did nothing. The problem is she did nothing natural or alternative either, nor did she exercise or change her diet. She basically turned a deaf ear and closed her eyes to the whole affair. Naive that all would miraculously disappear, I think she waited for some kind of a miracle to happen at night while she slept.

This past Novermber, she was rushed to the hospital because her blood pressure was so high she passed out at the grocery store. Her blood pressure was 200 over 110, and her cholesterol was 427. The Doctors stabilized her, and she talked her way out of the hospital. The next day she went and purchased everything she had heard me speak of on the show, and e-mailed me for a diet program. As I get many requests for the cleansing diet, I did not remember speaking with her, and she said she was very vague and did not give to much information in the e-mail. She said she followed the diet and cleanse to the letter and that she took the Lipotropics, Flax oil, Cholesterol formula, Garlic, No flush Niacin and a multiple vitamin. She really did do the whole program, but like she told me, she was scared for her life and that it was time to take control.

Today she came in with her latest reports from her Doctor, you would think she had just passed the Bar exam, and when I saw the results, I thought she basically had. Her cholesterol was down to 206, her blood pressure was 138 over 71, and she had dropped almost 38 pounds. To say the least I was so happy, and so was she, I received the biggest hug from her to show her appreciation.

It was a great day in my life today. That wonderful feeling of euphoria you get when you know you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, and the results are in the pudding........Yes, it was super day.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

How much fish do you eat?

So are you eating the right amount of fish in your diet? The powers that be are now recommending that we consume at least four servings of good healthy deep sea fish like Salmon every week. Although we know it is great for us, and we love eating it at the restaurant, many of us fall short at making and preparing fish at home.

I am not sure if it is the smell, the mess, or that we just do not know the preparation rules and procedures to make it taste the way it does at the restaurant, so we just say no.

Although eating fish is the best way to get the Omega 3 into your body and cells, supplementing it is of course the next best way to get the benefit. I am often asked about what benefits are seen with the intake of Omega 3 into the diet, and surprisingly enough, the list is quite long.

Many people choose to use the Fish oil capsules, which are a great way to ingest them without having to deal with the cooking of the fish. There is also the vegetarian form of Omega 3, which is from Flax seeds. These tiny seeds are actually squeezed to get the oil. If you have ever seen the flax seeds, they are very small, and it takes almost a cup of the seeds to yield a Tablespoon of the fresh oil.

Some of the benefits of Omega 3 include lubricating the joints, and bringing oil to dry weathered skin. Eczema, psoriasis, and dandruff are among some of the skin disorders that benefit from internal lubrication. Arthritis of the joints, digestion, lowering cholesterol and triglycerites and great benefits for heart patients are a few more to add to the list. The vegetarian form from Flax seeds, if it is a high lignin form has many benefits for prostate disorders, and female hormonal imbalances, as well as helping to reduce high blood pressure and boosting tired and run down, overworked immune systems. The oil has also been recommended for childhood learning disorders like ADD, ADHD and many other focus oriented conditions that effect adults as well as children. The more we study these two forms of Omega 3, the more we keep learning, and the benefit list grows longer every year.

So if you are someone that fits any of these conditions, and you are also someone that will not consume enough fish to do the job, consider supplementing them. I am asked the way I take them and it is as follows. I eat salmon as often as I can. I take 2 Tablespoons of flax oil daily, and I take fish oil capsules 3 times per week. This is one of those things that you will be very happy you incorporated it into your diet for many, many years, and sorry if you didn't for about the same amount of time.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

How are your resolutions and life changes coming? Maybe they are not really the changes you want to make.

So after a few well deserved days off I am back. This weekend was an out of town trip to Arizona, and I thought Las Vegas was cold, it was a nightmare down there. Cold and windy, freezing temperatures every night, and hardly a break during the day, I spent a lot of time answering questions about nutrition, as we were all huddled up around out door heaters, did I mention it was an outdoor rodeo?

I have learned that no matter where you go, in this country anyway, people all have the desire to be healthier, happier and on less medications and less dependent upon Doctors. But on the other hand, I find that most people still do not want to do what is necessary to prevent or change problems that can actually be controlled, but instead have no trouble paying the consequences for their bad choices or actions. A little backwards in the thinking process if you ask me, but that is one thing about this country that I love so much, we have the freedom to choose either wisely or foolishly with just about ever aspect of our lives. We also have the availability to make changes when we are ready and willing and in our hearts have decided enough is enough, or we"hit the wall too many times".

My phiilosphy has always remained the same, changes have to be made by you, for you, and on your terms, and last but not least, when you and only you are ready. So many people try to change for their friends, their other halves, to create a relationship by making physical changes, to keep a dying relationship by changing themselves for someone else, these changes do not work and never ever last.

The true lasting "life" changes, are the ones that get in your head and your heart and gnaw at you until you realize that it is the thing to do at this time. These my friends, are the true resolutions, the ones that are meant to be permanent, the ones that seem effortless to fulfill, and are the ones that will be life changing.

So the moral of this blog, if you are still fighting to stick to the changes you are making for someone else, and losing ground every day, then possibly these changes are not ready to be made, or maybe one that you are making for someone else. This realization will be shocking for many people, but sometimes we know what goals we set that actually are attainable, and what changes we will actually be able to achieve, but we still try them and fail hugely more that none.

So if you are still pitter pattering around with getting started for a "resolution or life change", whether it is quitting smoking, dieting, changing a habit, or making some personal and necessary changes, make sure you are ready. And last, make sure the change is only for you, solely, even though others may benefit, the actual decision is yours. This will instantly set apart the goals that should be strived for, and the foolish ones that need not be looked at ever again.

Stay Healthy!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Cold air, and snow?? Hits Las Vegas

Crazy weather here in Las Vegas, cold, cold, cold. We actually have snow warnings for today and tomorrow. This is when the flu and cold season will take hold. We have been having great daytime weather and everyone has been dressing down, so to say. Now the weather will change and everyone will forget to adjust, and the antibiotic companies will be jumping for joy.

Short blog today, drink plenty of liquids, wash your hands often, increase your vitamin C, and take some extra Colloidal Silver, and also start using the nasal spray if you are around a lot of germs. Remember by washing your hands often and squirting silver up your nasal passages, you are halting the two main ways flu and cold germs are spread.

Have a super healthy weekend, stay out of the cold air as much as possible, and remember to keep drinking lots of water.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The topical answer for winter dry skin

We all suffer the side effects of winter in many area like the flu, colds, cracked lips, cold sores, getting a chill that seems to last all day. We are also able to think of every excuse in the book why we do not want to go out side or do anything that requires us to leave the house once we are home. I think above all of this the worst winter curse is that of dry and itchy, scaly skin.

The summer months find us drinking lots of water, moisturizing frequently, using tanning oils and sweating, which in itself causes a natural moisturizing of the skin. After almost twenty years and researching so many skin oils and products, I always come back to my main stay, Mayumi Squalene oil and lotion.

Not only is this the most lubricating oil and lotion available, but it uses a fine grade squalene oil that gives the sensation of silk glove all over your body. A moisture that once on, stays with you all day. Many lotions feel great when applied, and in an hour your skin feels as though you applied nothing, this is annoying because you need to repeat the application all day long.

I have always had a bottle on the counter for people to try, and whether you are a gardener, a contractor, someone who shuffles paper all day, or someone who just has the worst dry and cracked skin, everybody benefits from it. Most people will use a sample, and come back a few hours later and ask where it is. They will say, my skin still feels great, this is the key. A fine grade, stay with you all day, non skin clogging lotion and separate oil for your face that does what we need the most in the winter, to lubricate, heal and protect our damaged skin.

Every one seems to age a little;e in the winter months, so why add to it with actually drying out your skin and covering it up with greasy lotions that do not stay with you? Pick up Squalene oil and lotion, and end winters curse of dry skin once and for all.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The reason we are given two ears and one mouth, to listen twice as much as we talk.

Today I learned that when you take the time to explain things to someone that we are used to talking about every day, and the other person was not even aware that what you are talking about existed, it means something extra special.

Today I was speaking to a woman about cholesterol. She said her Doctor has had her on four different kinds of medication for it, and none have done the job. She has experienced liver enzyme elevations, upset stomach, ulcer problems, digestive disorders and dizziness. When she tells her Doctor this, he says you have to deal with it because of your bad habits. I thought that maybe this "Doctor" and I use the title loosely was possibly an intern with no bedside matters, or an old cranky Doctor that needed to retire, but I was surprised to find out that he is one of the top in his field. I think this is what upset me even more, that he has the expertise, but he also possesses the arrogance, and obnoxiousness that seems to go hand in hand. The end result, the Doctor said if you do not like what I give you, then go somewhere else, so she did just that.

The most interesting thing was that he never talked about alternatives, diet, exercise, water consumption, and this is supposed to be the cream at the top of the Doctor pool? I asked her how open she was to nutrition and diet change, and would she be able to change some bad habits including the addition of exercise, she said let's do it.

We then worked out a diet that was mostly high protein and low carbohydrate, and we cut out all foods that were simple sugars, bleached flours, deep fried -and fast foods, and I had to re introduce her to water. So far, she had no problems, and was actually excited, I think it was nice to have someone actually care, rather than flip out the white pad, choose a prescription and send you merrily on your way. We next started with supplements, I put her on a strong multiple once per day, Lipotropics for fat emulsion and to clean out the liver. I put her on the latest Cholesterol counter product that contains all of the herbs and nutrients to actually do what the drugs do, but with no side effects. The next addition was Flax Seed oil, about two Tablespoons per day or you can also use capsules.

I am feeling positive that she will finally get her system under control, and at the same time I am disgusted that more Doctors do not offer or at least mention an alternative route. I wonder how the Doctors can be so overly arrogant to think that they alone are God, and that everything they decide on is the one and only way to get the desired results. I pray for a day when more Doctors cross over to a union between the two worlds, prescription and alternative. I know many Doctors that are open to both sides and I applaud them.

Moral, if you are on prescriptions for cholesterol reduction and the drugs are not working, work with your Doctor and explain your thoughts about a three month trial without the drugs to see if you can do it on your own. Many people find out that the diet leans them down, the added exercise speeds the burning of fat and increasing the effectiveness of your cardiovascular system, and the supplements then work on the actual problem. I do not think I have ever had anyone that did overall benefit from this choice to take control.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Chronic loose stools need to be addressed.

I had question today that is a common one, but also one that most people will not feel comfortable with asking. The question was about chronic, or frequent diarrhea, and is there anything natural to correct the problem?

The funny thing is, this is a very common problem that is everywhere today, and actually is a growing epidemic, along with many digestive disorders. Today's diet, stress levels, quality of food, carbonated beverages, alcohol consumption, lack of fiber, and fast paced lifestyles all add up to digestive disorders.

When you eat a diet of de- natured food and mix it with tannic acid beverages like coffee and soda, a loose stool is the end result for many people. Diarrhea is very common once and a while due to every day life, but when it drags on for days, weeks or even longer, there is a chance that medical check up is needed. Along with this prolonged problem comes malnutrition and mal absorption as things are purged through the digestive tract. This causes a weakening of the immune system, fatigue, and can actually cause heart problems as dehydration occurs and electrolytes get out of balance.

If you are plagued with this problem a few easy steps can make the difference and in many instances get you back in control of your elimination. First of all cutting out all forms of caffeine and tannic acid beverages will start the correction process. Next, pick up some course Psyllium husk powder and use two Tablespoons in yogurt ,morning and nighttime. Next, you need to add a strong Probiotic or Acidophilus to build good natural bacteria. Adding a bran muffin, and a whole grain cereal daily can help to provide substantial bulk.

I am not a believer in using a lot of complex carbohydrates, but in this case, sweet potatoes, yams, pasta, rice, and whole grain bread all add bulk. Of course water consumption adds moisture to help this work even faster. Most people get relief quite quickly, and many times the problem can be corrected.The last thing you want to add is a digestive enzyme so your food will assimilate better. Many times this in itself can be the cause of the problem to start with, it also is the easiest to correct.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Are you on the compulsive sugar train, and want to stop it once and for all?

Have you ever wondered why some people you know have absolutely no desire for sweets or chocolate and you would not think twice about holding up a Krispy Kream doughnut shop to get your fix. Your cravings are so strong that you have gotten out of bed and gone to the store in the middle of the night to satisfy the cravings. Some people will say that sweets can actually control your mood, almost like a drug. It has been said that chocolate itself can calm the nerves, change the mood and for some people help with their depression, and PMS problems, and for others it can cause problems in both categories, yet it is still consumed by the truckload.

The thing we have to remember is that we somehow need to keep ourselves in the moderation category, although this task itself is sometimes harder that we want to admit. There is not only a desire for chocolate and sweets, but for many people it is actually a compulsion, and a habit, and something that they do not take lightly. I know people that have actually gone through withdrawal trying to quit sugar and over consuming sweets, and they have ended up in a deep depression. I know, it sounds ridiculous, quitting sugar and sweets causing mood swings but believe it. Many professionals have stated that sugar is so addicting that if it was to be approved today, it would need a prescription to be handed out and a Doctors note.

I am sure that this compulsion and sugar habit is the reason for the declining age of people developing type II Diabetes. There was a time when Type II Diabetes was a condition that was gereactric based, meaning you were older when it developed. Today, it is not uncommon for individuals to develop it in their twenties or thirties, which is only telling us that we are causing it ourselves with our terrible eating habits.

I want to give some suggestions for getting off the sugar train, and for allowing you to get the sugar out of your diet, and stopping the cravings once and for all. Step one is to drastically change your diet and start a high protein and low carbohydrate diet. A diabetic will benefit greatly from this diet as well, because as they cleanse out and reduce their cravings and lose weight, their sugar levels will drop drastically. This diet does many things for you, it allows you to start the withdrawal process and get you to where your body cleanses and uses up all of the stored sugars in the body and fatty cells. It also allows you, after about the third day, to stop thinking about sugar, and for many people this is a huge step. Most people, after a month have lost their cravings for sugar completely, and the only thing left is the actual mental habit of using it as a comfort food because the bodies addiction to it is long gone.

I also recommend that you take a good hearty dosage of Chromium Picolinate, up to 1000 mcg per day. This not only helps with the de- sugaring of your body and mind, but it does control cravings for sweets, burn fat and increase your energy at the same time. Increasing your water consumption at this time also helps the process move smoother, and reaching for water rather than a sugar drink or soda will help to kick the sugar habit much easier. You may also want to add Gymnea Sylvestre to help with the cravings. It also comes in capsule or tablet form , so taking it along with the Chromium is fast and easy.

So if you have a sugar craving problem, and a life controlling habit with sugar, AND you are ready to kick the sugar problem, remember it can be done. But just as with quitting smoking, drinking, and driving through the fast food window, you have to want to quit it, and only then will you be able to do it successfully. Diabetes is no laughing matter, ask anyone that has it and they will tell you how it has drastically changed their life for the worst. So if we finally realize that almost all of us have caused the Diabetes ourselves by our out of control eating habits and lifestyles, maybe once and for all we will make the needed changes to keep it far away from us, possibly forever.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Cayenne Pepper, the spicy herb for the blood

Today's radio show had to do with helping clean up sluggish, slow moving and fatty blood. Many people have no idea that their diets and inactive couch potato lifestyles can cause their blood to become thick and slow moving. Healthy blood should move freely and circulate everywhere throughout the body with ease. By doing so it has the ability to nourish cells, distribute nutrients, and help organs to function properly. When all within the bloodstream is in a perfect harmony, organs, tissue and bodily functions all work correctly.

The problem we see so often is that many Americans do nothing physical other that the basics that propel them through their day. Exercise, or above the basic amount of actual movement is less frequent on a large scale than you can imagine. With obesity at epidemic level proportions, this is a visible sign of our bad choices. This on top of a diet high in saturated everything with most of it being breaded and deep fried, the American way of eating is killing us. As we become more lazy in our daily lives, and as we keep adding more and more complex carbohydrates and sugars, while not burning them off, we get sluggish fatty blood.

Because of these bad choices our blood stops circulating correctly which adds to high cholesterol problems, high tryglycerites, high blood pressure, light headedness, cold hands and feet, memory problems and breathing and pulmonary discomfort. Our hearts have to overwork just to do the job it could do very easily if we had an active lifestyle and consumed food that did not clog and restrict our arteries. But as wonderful as this sounds, many people will never change, and will always find it hard to stick to changes.

Cayenne pepper is well known as a very hot spice used in many ethnic foods. It is very hot and spicy as well asa pleasant and versatile seasoning. What we also need to know that Cayenne Pepper is a roter rooter for the blood. It can remove and help to dissolve blood clots, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and tryglycerites and help to increase blood flow. It can help to circulate blood for everyone who takes it, and help Diabetic benefit from a better flood flow to the hands and feet. There are many individuals that get benefits in the areas of headaches, heart problems, breathing and respitory problems, arythmia,vertigo balance problems and even tinnitus and or ringing in the ears.

Make sure when you take Cayenne capsules that you take them directly before the meal, rather than after so they can sit better and will not cause a burning or warm after taste. Cayenne comes in mild, buffered and very hot formulas. I recommend starting with a light formula and progress up to a stronger one as you feel more comfortable with taking them. You can also use the powdered formula, but this is a very hot way to take it, and it may not sit well for everyone.

Digestion, being one of the largest problems facing most adults in America, and with the growing amount of our population that are obese and inactive, our digestion is getting worst by the day. By using Cayenne pepper capsules and a digestive enzyme this is one more thing we can help to correct easier that we think.

Cayenne pepper is a basic nutrient that benefits everyone who takes it. It is never too late to start taking it, and we are never too old to get benefits from this wonderful nutrient.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

How do you measure success in life?

I have been told that being successful in life is measured by the things we possess, the things we have accomplished and the legacy we leave behind. I guess all of the above is true in some sense, but I think our success in life should be measure by how well we take care of ourselves, our health while we are here on this planet, and what we have learned and taught about health to others while we are here.

It can be argued that the list above is what makes life great and affords us the availability of funds to be able to buy the best insurance, the highest quality nutrients, and to afford organic and high quality foods. Without the success, and the funds were procure, we could not live a healthy life.

I agree with all of this but putting it in perspective, without our health, we cannot work hard and make money, or be able to spend the money on full spectrum insurance coverage, or buy the best supplements and nutritional foods. So I guess it comes down to one thing, "which came first, the chicken or the egg"? My opinion is, without good health, nothing else has a chance to develop. I have always felt that living longer does not always equal living better, or healthier, sometimes it just means being on this planet longer than expected.

So when I am asked what can we do to insure a healthier life I always say the same thing: eat better, exercise more, take your supplements every day, try to have a positive attitude and do not spend your time dwelling on negative thoughts. Try to forgive and forget and move on, because holding on to this stuff is unneeded stress you can control. Have wonderful friends and lots of love in your life, and leave a legacy of people that will miss you when you are gone because their lives were fuller just for knowing you. Hopefully these few things will give us a fighting chance at a long, healthy, fuller and more complete journey.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Have you been on antibiotics lately?

As we are in the middle of Flu and cold season, and most of you have already given into the use of antibiotics, we need to address a common problem you may or mat not be aware of. The use of antibiotics in most cases does nothing to speed the recovery from the flu, but we still give into them. I think many people feel that if they have to sit in an emergency room or Doctors office, that they will not be leaving that office without that white piece of paper and a prescription for antibiotics.

I think we feel better when we are putting the stuff in our systems whether they will do anything for our problem or not. I know people that take an antibiotic and in an hour they psychologically feel better. Now we know this is not possible, but who am I to judge the power of suggestion, as long as it works and we get better.

The reason to mention the use, abuse and overuse of antibiotics is that very few of you know to or are told to replenish your good bacteria. When you take a course of wide spectrum strong antibiotics, you not only have the success of killing the bad bacteria in you're body, but as they are indiscriminate, they kill most if not all of the good supportive bacteria as well. What this means is that you leave yourself wide open for a relapse, and also open to a full line of other conditions and diseases because you killed your natural line of defense. This can cause a whole host of problems like yeast overgrowth, urinary tract, bladder and kidney infections. Women are very prone to vaginal yeast infections, and when they lose their defensive bacteria, they will almost be assured of a yeast infection.

The thing is, as hard as it is to correct this problem once you are totally depleted of good bacteria, and when you have a new host of problems plaguing you, it is so easy to prevent and fix. When you start taking an antibiotic, start taking a string Pro- biotic Acidophilus, up to three times per day to replenish your good bacteria. Continue taking them for up to three weeks after you have finished the first or in many cases second round of drugs to completely replenish the good stuff.

This is what you need to do to put back in the protective bacteria that most of us have low levels of anyway and what was killed off with antibiotics. Another helpful hint is to eat a non sugar added yogurt, as it will coat your stomach to protect it against the sensitivity of the drug.

This is an easy way to prevent further problems that we end up causing, due to the drug we are taking to get us better, go figure...

One more thing, make sure you follow this procedure with your kids as well, because if their digestive system gets run down at this early age, they may end up with a host of problems as an adult.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Quality is there if you look for it, and should never be assumed.

I was asked the greatest question today I have ever been asked since I have been in the health and nutrition field. I was in the store setting today and a gentleman asked me this question. How does a consumer know that they are actually digesting their supplements, or if they are working when they have no history of taking things before and nothing to reference or compare it too? He further asked, let's say that I am taking supplements that are lousy and use low quality raw products, and they never work, I guess I will never know the difference until I take something that makes me feel the difference?

I paused for a second and said you are one hundred percent correct. I said the reason I have been with Great Earth for almost three decades is because what is on the bottle, is in the bottle, and the highest quality available raw sources are used so that when you need nutrients they are there. That is why when people try Great Earth and feel the difference, they do not switch, and when they have been using other products and try Great earth, they never go back, and end up wishing that they had tried them sooner. My heart goes out to people that spend hard earned money for supplements that do not fulfill dreams, promises or claims.

So this short blog today has one main point. Use the same discretion and place the same amount of importance into your supplement quality as you do with other things in your life that really do not need that much importance placed on them. Put the same importance and effort into your supplements as you do your car, your clothes and you house, because when you get right down to it, no good health, no great toys!!!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Are you looking your age, or younger, or OLDER???

Just because we are getting older, we do not have to look it. I think that most people look their age, or even older, because their skin does not allow them to conceal their age very well. We have a tendency to forget about basic things like hydration, both internal and external.

Let's say you turn fifty and you look in the mirror, and get a good look at yourself and realize that you look your age, and then you get depressed. The thing is, we take our skin for granted, and we do not think about it other than to wash it, shave it, and that's about it. We need to realize that prevention is the best policy, but good skin care at any time can yield winning results.

I have always been able to tell who is and who is not a good water drinker. People that drink a lot of water almost always has very healthy looking skin. If you are a smoker, or a alcohol drinker, and even a heavy coffee drinker, you can cause a lot of dehydration inside and especially outside to your skin. I am often asked why over the last ten years many adults are now having acne problems. There was a time when you were going through puberty, give or take a year that you would be subject to acne, and usually never again. But now, because of everything from pollution, food chemicals and preservatives, bad diet, coffee and soda over consumption, stress, prescriptions, lack of fluids, bad fat consumption and lack of good quality fat in the diet, and deficiencies of vitamins all add up to lousy and older looking skin.

So lets get to the point of this blog, what can you do to make a quick and permanent difference in the look and health of your skin. First of all, refer to yesterday's blog about cleansing as you cannot have a body full of toxins and not expect things to seep through the skin. A cleanse will flush out impurities that the body will eventually push through the skin an cause pimples, blotches, eczema, psoriasis and rashes, and even premature wrinkles.

Second thing to do is increase your consumption of water, a minimum of ten to twelve glasses per day,and even more if you can. Cut back on alcohol and soda and even coffee consumption. I know this may be a little difficult, but if you want a change, you need to make some changes. Let's face it, most of the skin problems that happen you actually created yourself, so making good changes is only fair, but you have to want the change to make the change!

Third change has to do with taking the correct supplements. Take a well balanced multiple vitamin full of high potency nutrients, I would choose the extra or ultra strength Hyvites. First, add about three thousand milligrams of a C- Complex Vitamin C, then add a 400 I.U dry form of Vitamin E like Oxy E. A skin supplement should be added next along with two to three Tablespoons of Flax Oil, I like the Barleans brand only. Just by adding these nutrients you will find a difference that is noticeable very quickly. But keep an eye on your digestion, if there is a problem we will need to reset the digestive system so that you can absorb everything completely. If there is a problem, add the Ergozymes and the Ultraduodophilus so you can not only digest your supplements more effectively, but your food as well.

Next, we need to look at the skin topically. For one month, stay away from all of the ridiculous over priced miracle cosmetics and replace them with Squalene oil, Squalene lotion, Aztec Secret clay mask and some Apple cider vinegar. You will do a facial mask once per week, and apply the Squalene oil to your face first thing in the morning and at bedtime and then use the lotion on the neck, hands ,arms and any dry body areas. Women, after applying the oil to your face, you can do makeup within a few minutes as it penetrates below the surface very quickly.

That's it, an easy way to correct the first impression visible signs of being older, or in some cases just looking older that you actually are. You will be surprised, and so will everyone that sees you. Don't tell them what you are doing, just let them wonder for a while, the rumors will eventually get around that you had cosmetic work done..

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Let's clean house once and for all

Cleansing is something I talk a about frequently, so what could better than to incorporate the cleanse with the New Year? I have a program already to go if you are ready. I have put together a diet, or food combination with portions that are easy to follow, and the cleanse has been formulated to allow you to function on a day to day schedule. This is always a fear for most people, can I do my "day to day" activities and still stay on the cleanse, the answer is yes, actually smoother than you think!

I have put together this program so it is easy to follow, results are quick which keeps even the most fussy person motivated. All you have to do is e-mail me and I will forward the plan for you to you. It will list the foods, the correct supplements to take, and of course Nature's Secret Ultimate Cleanse, the one I like that does the job quickly, easily, effectively, and before you know it you will pounds and pounds lighter, and healthier than you have been in ages.

So let us plug into this perfect time of the year, yes, yes you can thank me in two months when you are looking and feeling so great that you cannot, or anyone around you cannot believe how wonderful you look and feel. Don't you think it is time for you to devote two months to yourself to make the next ten years better? Come on, let's all do this together and get this thing done we all know we need to do: Get healthy, Stay healthy and Be healthy, and for some of you, for the first time in a very very long time.

Send me an e mail and I will get the program right back to you, and as soon as I have a radio show to devote directly to this subject I will let you know.

Monday, January 1, 2007

We made it!!!!

Well, we did it. We made it through another year and we are here to talk about it. Today is the day of new beginnings, end of bad habits, and the start of all that is hopefully better, and new and updated and with attention to detail and longevity of life.

I hope that health is one of the areas you will be focusing in on. As we age as a nation and permanently preserve ourselves with bad food and age by the day on the calendar, we need to make sure that the aging is quality, and not just quantity.

Be thankful that we are here and that we actually have the right, the choice and hopefully the desire to be better than ever and remember to choose your changes carefully, and wisely and always make them attainable.

If the goals are huge, break them down to a more manageable monthly size. An example would be a weight loss of fifty pounds, a huge order to fill for anyone, and a big number looming over your head, but break it down to four to five pounds per month and instantly it is attainable. If the goal is to organize yourself, start out with a complete list of all that needs to be done, and them prioritize these things as to necessity, urgency, being a desirable change , you will find that you have been unnecessarily stressing yourself out for a long time. I find that breaking things down to their smallest sizes will make them easier to take handle, and make these changes pleasant and long lived.

Remember when you are looking at your nutritional changes take a good look at the supplements you are taking. If you have been on your supplements for a long time and they have not stood up to the changes they were supposed to make, and you have not got the benefit that you were looking for, switch. Find a better brand, go to a more knowledgeable well staffed store, I mean why keep taking the same mundane non working program day after day. Face it, you would not put up with anything else in your life that did not do the job it was supposed to do, so have respect for yourself and you body, and only put great things inside it that will make the positive changes you are looking for.

Take charge of all of the negative things you do that are weighing you down, slowing you down and possibly killing you. Replace them with life saving changes, and only great things that will give you back the quality that you lost somewhere along the way. Remember, if you need help finding the place to get yourself quality products and getting the help and knowledge you need to get you to your rainbow of better health, contact me and I will steer you in the right direction, no matter where you live.

Good Luck, Good Changes,Great Goals and God Bless,