Monday, January 1, 2007

We made it!!!!

Well, we did it. We made it through another year and we are here to talk about it. Today is the day of new beginnings, end of bad habits, and the start of all that is hopefully better, and new and updated and with attention to detail and longevity of life.

I hope that health is one of the areas you will be focusing in on. As we age as a nation and permanently preserve ourselves with bad food and age by the day on the calendar, we need to make sure that the aging is quality, and not just quantity.

Be thankful that we are here and that we actually have the right, the choice and hopefully the desire to be better than ever and remember to choose your changes carefully, and wisely and always make them attainable.

If the goals are huge, break them down to a more manageable monthly size. An example would be a weight loss of fifty pounds, a huge order to fill for anyone, and a big number looming over your head, but break it down to four to five pounds per month and instantly it is attainable. If the goal is to organize yourself, start out with a complete list of all that needs to be done, and them prioritize these things as to necessity, urgency, being a desirable change , you will find that you have been unnecessarily stressing yourself out for a long time. I find that breaking things down to their smallest sizes will make them easier to take handle, and make these changes pleasant and long lived.

Remember when you are looking at your nutritional changes take a good look at the supplements you are taking. If you have been on your supplements for a long time and they have not stood up to the changes they were supposed to make, and you have not got the benefit that you were looking for, switch. Find a better brand, go to a more knowledgeable well staffed store, I mean why keep taking the same mundane non working program day after day. Face it, you would not put up with anything else in your life that did not do the job it was supposed to do, so have respect for yourself and you body, and only put great things inside it that will make the positive changes you are looking for.

Take charge of all of the negative things you do that are weighing you down, slowing you down and possibly killing you. Replace them with life saving changes, and only great things that will give you back the quality that you lost somewhere along the way. Remember, if you need help finding the place to get yourself quality products and getting the help and knowledge you need to get you to your rainbow of better health, contact me and I will steer you in the right direction, no matter where you live.

Good Luck, Good Changes,Great Goals and God Bless,


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