Sunday, December 31, 2006


Well, it is here, the accumulation of everything we did for the entire year running through our head all in one day. A time to look at the successes, the failures, the completion of tasks and the list of coulda should wouldas!

A time to see what goals to set for next year. The ones we need to complete, the ones we should complete, and also the longer list of have to complete but most likely will not. Goal setting is a wonderful motivating feeling. But once we commit it to reality, or write it down, or tell someone about it, the good feeling goes away, and it is replaced with stress, self defeat, disgust, and pre set mode for failure.

Size of goals are the biggest reason, and also trying to make a change to please other people is the second reason for defeat. If you have to lose fifty pounds, set the goal at 4-5 pounds per month. This goal is easy attained, can be reached with little stress or worry, and when you do, the successful feelings are huge and motivating. Every month you get that feeling and then as the ball gets rolling your motivation level goes up and there is no stopping you. When you leave the goal at fifty pounds, by December, the new goal is seventy because you never did anything about it, got stressed out and ate more and got bigger. We need attainable, realistic goals that we know in our hearts need to be accomplished, or we are doomed to failure, guaranteed!

Make sure your total nutrition is complete. By this I mean, if you are shopping somewhere and you know more than the clerk behind the counter, run away and quickly. Go to a place that has knowledgeable and a highly trained staff, high quality products, and by all means treat yourself at least as good as your car and put only good stuff in it, stop buying wasteful, low quality supplements that will do nothing for you and give you none of the benefits you are looking for. If you need help, e-mail me,, and I can refer you to a store that will make the difference for you and your health.

A few more hints, stop talking about your goals, just do it and let everyone sit back and wonder why you have so much energy, why you look so good, and why this cranky sluggish couch potato is suddenly bouncing of the walls. Let them wonder, you will love it, I am totally sure of that. Relish in the well deserved praise, but do not goal and tell, just say thank you.

I will be traveling a lot this upcoming year, so please keep up with me and my travels and read the blog often. So Happy New Year to all of you, friends new and old, family and wonderful new acquaintances, God bless.

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