Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sweet dreams

Today's question is one that is asked of me often, and I feel that it needs to be discussed. Dear Jeff, is it normal for me to wake up in the morning more tired than I went to sleep, it happens whether I sleep for four hours or ten hours?

Obviously the answer is no, it is not normal or correct or right for you to feel this way after going through a rebuilding, and recharging sleep phase. The reason most people feel like this when they get up is almost always stress, and non quality sleep due to stress.

If you are one of those people that has a hard time shutting down your head, and you actually work, dwell, and stress while you are sleeping,it is no wonder you feel like this when you get up. Sleep time is meant to completely relax, recharge and repair the stress and wear and tear we put on our bodies when we are up and awake. For most people, sleep and rest does the trick and they wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go. But a large percentage of people are actually more tired than when they went to sleep. Many people seek out their Physicians for medication, and I must say, many of these medications have been lifesavers for so many troubled relaxers and non constructive sleepers.

If you are in this category, before you run to the Doctor, remember there are wonderful over the counter remedies that may work very well for you, and if they do not, you still have the alternative to try the pharmaceutical products.

If you prefer a light dose try the herb Passion flower, or Chamomile, both of these are very mild, and produce no groggy next day hangover. The next level would be Valarian root or Kava, although stronger, most mornings are clear of cloudiness in the head. One step above these we would look to herbal combinations or products that contain many of these herbs all together in a synergistic blend like Sleepeze, a well formulated combination. Some people do better to have a blend when a singular herb does not do the trick on it's own.

The next step up would be a product like 5HTP or Tryptophan, which is available again. These can, for some people cause a little next day grogginess, but the trade off is a great nights sleep, and both are also use for mild anxiety and very mild depression symptoms as well. The strongest singular product may just be Melatonion, and for many has been a lifesaver, the tradeoff is sometimes very strong and colorful dreams, and many times a morning cloudy hangover that can last a short while in the morning. All of which is worth it for those people that are now able to get the rest and sleep they needed so badly.

So as you can see your choices are vast and varied, but the end result is a good nights sleep. So happy dreams, and good bye to going through the motions of sleep every night.And remember, the natural alternative may be all you need without ever having to venture to the pharmaceutical counter.

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