Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Technology and being spoiled rotten in America

What did we do before cellular phones were invented? I guess it was beepers or pagers, and before that, we had to have exact change and find a pay phone, or just wait until we got to where we were going. We have become so dependent on the cellular phone and all of the perks, I know I could not live without it.

I do not even wear a watch anymore. I use my phone as a watch and an alarm clock, a personal journal, an address book, a phone number directory, a camera ,a radio, and a computer. Is there something wrong with this? I think we all have just about gone to the extreme with technology.

I only say that because with all of the time saving devices in our lives like the computer, our zero to a million mph cars,our super dooper fast phones, and do not forget fast food, and with all of this great stuff and our lives going so fast, why is it we are always late.

People seem to be running everywhere, driving fast because they are late, and I see the same women doing their makeup, and men shaving in the car on the way to work. I see more people eating and driving, and if you are not talking on the phone to someone about absolutely nothing while you are driving, walking, watching television, or eating at the restaurant there is something wrong with you.

I overheard this women the other day in the Library talking on the phone. I was there for about one hour, She came in and set all her books up like she was going to do some serious writing and studying. She then dialed the phone, put her feet on the table, talked for an entire hour while chewing gum and blowing bubbles, loudly. She talked about her makeup, her clothes, her dog, he friends dog, the weather, what somebody thinks about somebody and then after an hour she ended her conversation with"enough studying, this is exhausting". With that said she loaded up her bag and left never missing a word and continued to talk on the phone. What is this about? I do not get it, and I feel so much better knowing that she is part of the the future of this country.

So with all of the technology we are still running behind even more. We are always late, always overloaded with work, still do not take time to enjoy life, still eating on the run, and never have enough time to get things done. Does there seem to be anything wrong with this scenario, or is it just me? How can we have all of this stuff at our fingertips and still not be able to relax half of the day with all of the time we are saving? My answer, I just do not know, I give up.

Our grandparents seemed to run large farms and work all day long, cook and grow and raise their own food. Teach the kids, raise large families, spend time with the families every night and still have relaxation time every night. And seriously there was not a drip of speed induced technology available. If you wanted things to go faster, you just moved a little faster, and that was all she wrote.

I think people were satisfied easier then, and happier too. Today people have it all, want it all, and still are miserable. I think we have become a country of spoiled brats, and we are getting worst ever day, and this country is heading towards a great big temper tantrum.

I think everyone needs a dose of reality to make them appreciate their lives a little more. Natural disasters do this, so does losing a job during the holidays or finding out you have a disease, or a loss of your entire fortune .Not that any of these things are good at all, but it sure seems as if people appreciate life more after they have gone through something tragic like this.

So, take the time this holiday season to enjoy everything you have and not dwell on what you this you want. Look around your own house, and you will be surprised to see all you have accomplished and accumulated, and be thankful every day that you are here and that life could always be worst, no matter where you are, or what you are going through at this exact minute in time.

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