Thursday, December 7, 2006

Life does zoom by, with or without you

Amazing how fast time seems to go these days. Does it seem to you that time is flying by, and that if you blink you seem to miss the day completely? I feel that we are all in such a hurry these days that we do not take anytime to enjoy the now, we either dwell on the could- shoulda -wouldas, or we are planning Christmas dinner in July.

When I was younger it seemed as if the special times of year could not get here fast enough, and today I wish they would slow down because most of the time I am either too busy to fully enjoy them, or not prepared when they get here, or the worst, miss them completely.

This feeling also ties in with making the changes we need to make.You know, dieting, cleansing, exercising, eating better, drinking more water, stopping the vices like smoking and alcohol, and doing those things we keep saying we are going to do.

Sometimes I think we immerse ourselves in the business of day to day life, so that we do not have to focus on the things that need to be changed. Think about it, going to the gym, "I am too busy", dieting," I will start next week, and so on". I feel our safety zone is just that , the excuse of being busy when we all know we could work smarter not harder, and we could prioritize just a little better.

I know people that I have waited on that have become great friends, and a few of them were always planning for the day when they could take the time to enjoy life. Meanwhile, life was zooming by at the speed of light and they made themselves so busy they missed it completely. Finally when they were mentally and financially at the stage when they could slow down and enjoy it, they looked in the mirror and had some rude awakening to deal with.

They were now on many medications, overweight and out of shape, full of arthritis and not able to move as freely as they wished they could. They were looking at an old person where a younger vibrant one had stood not so long ago. I am sorry to say that almost everyone that rushed through their lives died soon after mentally achieving the time to slow down. All the work, missing all of those special events and times , very few memories other than the dreams that pushed them to continue, but not much to mentally take with them.

Very sad, I still see it every day, people in a hurry to go nowhere quickly. Missing wonderful events and the chances to make memories, missing the fun along the way time, the learning as you go and special events that actually makes life worthwhile.

Just yesterday I heard of another "go getter" that passed away two months after achieving his slow down time. All the money in the world but no family nobody to share it with. He died a lonely millionaire with little to no personal memories.

The moral of this entry is to get you to let yourself enjoy life. Take the time to achieve your goals, but not at the expense of missing your life. Do not put off good healthy living and nutrition as you will need to be healthy along the journey you take. Start those goals you keep making and remember year after year those goals start off as mole hills and end up becoming mountains and you will then never be able to achieve them. Living a quantity of life is not living a quality life, and if your" to be done list" is causing negativity and keeping you from being happy, prioritize the list and knock them out one goal at a time. Achieving goals helps us to feel great about ourselves and makes us stronger as we achieve everyone no matter how large or small/Like they say, "use it or lose it".

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