Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Why do we wait???

Why do people wait until they are completely falling apart before they even think of using or trying nutrition to fix deficiencies in their bodies? I am amazed and as I have seen this so many times over the years, it is confusing for my head to comprihend.Frankly it is so frustrating to the point of wanting to scream at them and ask what were, AND WHAT ARE you thinking?

To use an example, and to let you know, I asked their permission to borrow this story as it is a good one. I have a couple that have been customers of mine for over twenty years, or I guess I should say she was a customer and he would stand in the door way smoking and blowing his smoke out the door while she shopped.

Over the years he would ask a question here and there, but it was basically tradition that he would stand in the doorway while his wife shopped. Now you need to know she had tried for many years to get him to clean up his act and eat better, exercise and quit the bad habits with no success. Well, about a year ago he went to the Doctor for the first time in twenty years. He found out after an examination that he had high cholesterol, high blood pressure, an enlarged prostate, skin cancers, bad circulation, and the beginnings of emphysema. On top of this he was deficient in almost every vitamin and mineral and had elevated levels of free radicals in his blood and a low grade infection. What a mess!! the Doctor said he was going to have to make changes today or he would not be here to see the New Year.

Now you need to know that his wife went through cancer, actually forth stage and her Doctor allowed me to work on her diet and nutrition along with him and the therapy and she has been in remission for over ten years and every checkup is perfect. The Doctor himself has become a wonderful believerr and uses nutrition in his practice and always says he thought he knew everything until he me Jeff and his vitamin magic. While working with her and her Doctor were able to, along with nutrition were able to get her off every medication that she used. She now uses only natural supplements for blood pressure, cholesterol, mood and hormones, as well as her immune system that is working great.

Her husband followed her in the Saturday after he had been to the Doctor and for the first time he actually came in the store. He actually walked over to the counter and asked me if he could chat. He began to cry and I almost flipped as he unloaded his new medical findings. I asked him what the plan was, he said his Doctor said he has thirty days for a total lifestyle cleanup and then he would have more tests and begin radical prescription drug therapy. I then asked what his plans were? He said I am surrendering and will do everything you ask.

So, to get to the purpose of this blog, why oh why do people wait until this point to ask for help? Do you think you can keep doing everything wrong and never pay the piper? Do you think that an unhealthy lifestyle will never wear you down and get it's revenge? Wow, I wanted to scream at him but as I looked into his eyes all I could see was a scared little boy afraid and desperate. I decided to help, please like I would have actually said no.

We decided to meet on the following Monday evening at their home and I said you will be a non smoker by Monday or I will wash my hands of you, he agreed. We met and I put him on the strictest program I have ever put anyone on ever! The following month he went to the Doctor and most of his levels were down by almost fifty percent. His blood pressure was near normal and his blood work was great. The Doctor said keep doing what you are doing and in ninety days we will re test.

I am glad to report that he is not only in amazing health a year later but he now brings everyone he knows to the store and always preaches not only good health, but he has become a proponent of total prevention.

Now, if I could bottle his new ideas and motivation, that my friends would be a winning combination!!!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Warm days require re hydration and minerals

Every time I come to the east coast in the warmer weather I am reminded of what humidity is and how it feels. I was raised in the mid west where humidity was the norm in the spring and summer, but I have been away from it and in the desert for a very long time.

This is usually the time I remind everyone who is in this climate to drink and actually over drink water to keep the body hydrated as it dumps fluid out through the pores and through frequent urination. This is also the time time to remind ourselves and those around us to increase our nightly dosages of minerals and calcium to keep muscles limber and prevent cramping. Arthritics sometimes feel that the colder months are harder on them, and they may be, but losing all of your minerals through dehydration and not replacing them will cause similar symptoms and many times worst than the effects of a cold winter day.

One other thing that many people still do not grasp is that huge consumption of sodas or sugar filled energy drinks can actually cause dehydration and strip the body of healthy minerals. Water is the key to re hydrating your body, and minerals are the key nutrients for rebuilding healthy muscles, bones, tissue and healthy cells. Your skeletal system needs and demands minerals and hydrating fluids to protect it's organs too.

Bottom line, hot and hot and humid weather requires a checklist of things we need to remember. Sun screen, water, minerals, healthy foods, lots of rest and living in the land of re hydration.