Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Warm days require re hydration and minerals

Every time I come to the east coast in the warmer weather I am reminded of what humidity is and how it feels. I was raised in the mid west where humidity was the norm in the spring and summer, but I have been away from it and in the desert for a very long time.

This is usually the time I remind everyone who is in this climate to drink and actually over drink water to keep the body hydrated as it dumps fluid out through the pores and through frequent urination. This is also the time time to remind ourselves and those around us to increase our nightly dosages of minerals and calcium to keep muscles limber and prevent cramping. Arthritics sometimes feel that the colder months are harder on them, and they may be, but losing all of your minerals through dehydration and not replacing them will cause similar symptoms and many times worst than the effects of a cold winter day.

One other thing that many people still do not grasp is that huge consumption of sodas or sugar filled energy drinks can actually cause dehydration and strip the body of healthy minerals. Water is the key to re hydrating your body, and minerals are the key nutrients for rebuilding healthy muscles, bones, tissue and healthy cells. Your skeletal system needs and demands minerals and hydrating fluids to protect it's organs too.

Bottom line, hot and hot and humid weather requires a checklist of things we need to remember. Sun screen, water, minerals, healthy foods, lots of rest and living in the land of re hydration.

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