Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Do you ever sit back and wonder why we do things, and why so many of us do them even though they may be unhealthy. For instance why is it that we gravitate to fast food, when we know that better food will be healthier for us? Why is it that we run to the Doctor or the drug store because we are annoyed with symptoms of a specific health problem rather than trying to figure out what is causing the problem, and trying to figure out what we could do to stop doing it.

I see people all the time that have exhausted the full spectrum of over the counter fixes and have tried many medications to be exactly where they started. They will say, well nothing else has worked I am now ready to try a natural approach. To me this sounds like they are going in the reverse order? Around the world you will find people traditionally trying every avenue of alternative choices before they would ever consider a pharmaceutical, or drug store fix, but in America we seem to have our priorities a little off balance. I am not quite sure how this began, but I do remember a time when my Grandmother would use herbs and natural things, and I am sure many of us have the same story. I truly think we know we need to spend more quality time on our health, but I think many of us do not think diet and supplement changes could possibly be the answer, that would be too easy!!

So if I had to put my finger on the answer for this set of questions I would say lifestyle moving too fast, our ever declining sense of priorities, and that we have forgotten that we need to put ourselves first. Change is difficult but with good answers to your questions, a great road map, and motivation, the benefits are endless.