Friday, August 22, 2008

How is your memory?

How have you weathered the summer this year? It seems like every year it gets a little harder to deal with. You would think that by living in the desert for over 27 years that I would be used to it, but every year it seems as if I have no memory of what summer was like tghe previous year.

Everyone says" wow it is so hot this year", as if we have never been here in the summer before. Maybe we just block it out? I think it is that we are getting older and we are losing it a little more each and every year.

I find that I am using more Ginkgo Biloba, Vinpocitine, Huperzine, and more B Complex now than I was last year. I am thinking that more added stress, travel, also I am not getting enough activity that gets blood to my brain as well as being a year older.

I have memory ailments in my family genetic blood lines,and it scares me to death. I am always trying to make sure to keep the supplements in me so just in case it comes my way I am a little more nutritionally prepared.

Remember, if you are noticing you are getting the first signs of memory problems like short term memory loss, have no fear it can be a nutritional deficiency, or well worth a try to see if that is what is causing the problem.

There are wonderful herbs and supplements used all over the world successfully, here in this country you need to get to a well stocked store with a knowledgeable staff and high quality absorbable products. Keep in mind this list of products to research and to share with your Doctor. Make sure to have all necessary blood work first and an exam to rule out something more serious.

Ginkgo Biloba, Huperzine, B complex vitaminsto name a few. Alos DMAE, PS as well as the large selections of combinations of nutrients that are made to help take out the confusion and guesswork. Exercising, drinking a lot of water, getting more sleep, and learning to chill out are also key players with memory loss. Keep moving, any kind of activity will promote circulation and the better the blood is moving the better we get it to the brain.

Good luck

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How lazy are we?

A friend of mine and I were chatting the other day about how we as a nation have become so lazy. You would think with health food stores and gyms on every corner maybe it would rub off and help us to make better choices. Painfully we have ignored most of the signs and have fallen to our laziest, most out of shape, obese and unhealthiest levels we have ever been in as a nation.

From using remote controls, or eating our meals in the car, or microwaving everything we eat is just the tip of the iceberg. We use pre- made foods as we never cook anymore and rely on the convenience of all aspects of out lives to make it quicker, easier and faster.

Isn't it amazing that fifty or more years ago there was basically no technology and people worked twice as hard and twice as long and still seemed to have plenty of time for family, hobbies and healthy living? Today we have computers, mobile phones, car navigators, on line shopping and banking with deliveries direct to our homes. We have made every part of our lives so easy it almost takes care of itself, but everyone I talk to is running around in circles and has no time to do anything.

I think the whole country needs more sleep, more vacation time and less technology. Do not get me wrong, I would not be able to do my job without the convenience and technology available, but when is too much, too much?
I think we need to start cooking our own mealsand actually sitting at a table to eat them. What about cleaning our own houses, getting up and walking across the floor to change a television channel and walking upstairs to talk to family members in person rather than sending a text!
I really wonder how with all of this technology and information at our fingertips and while we have made living and doing business and living supposedly so easy why we continue to never have time available, and the time we have freed up for ourselves we spend laying on the couch?

I feel we all need a good vacation from ourselves, our busy nutty lifestyles to get back to basics. The basics of good food, good nutrition, and possibly doing things the old fashioned way, you know, when we actually did something on our own.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy August, where have I been? Goofing off to be honest!

Wow, it has been quite a while since my last post, sorry. You know no matter what we do, where we live or what our daily situation, we all have stuff. Stuff that keeps you from getting things done that we cannot control all the way to stuff we could control that I sometimes think we use for an excuse so we do not have to do stuff. So what is it for me, a little of all of the above.

The reason I chose this subject is that over the last month I have received so many e mails about people from all over the country trying to do this and that with their health, still trying to get their New Years resolutions started, and we are now in August.

I guess what I am trying to say is procrastination is everywhere and that if you are guilty of this new American past time, you are in the best possible company around. The smartest, most intelligent and talented people everywhere have fallen privy to this new hobby.

So what should we all do about this quandary that has so many of us in it's hold, I mean procrastination? Chill out, take some time to look at the things you are putting off, as they might just be things that never ever really need to be focused on. They may also be things that do need immediate attention and possibly looking at these in a newer light may be all that is needed to see that attention is needed. Some may have been ideas or maybe badly set unattainable crazy goals that were set out of desperation or foolishness, and when reevaluating them, you may see that taking them off the list would be wise.

I think we as Americans have the best intentions of any country I know of, and we really do have the most passion about our intentions. I think we just lose a little momentum or end up, after they are set trying everything possible to find excuses not to achieve them. I think we also have the ultimate problem of putting them in motion along the way.

So what is the real moral of this story? I think we all need to chill out a little and possibly retake another look at these goals.We might also want to complete a few of those undone tasks no matter what they may be, you might just end up a lot healthier, more in shape, and possibly feel a lot more motivated once a few are checked off the list....