Thursday, August 23, 2007

Smell the roses

Today a new poll came out that said Americans are among the unhealthiest people in the world. Really, where have you people been, this has been common knowledge for years. I was hoping that all of those unhealthy people that heard the first poll years ago might have made changes and the new poll would have been better. Wishful thinking on my part.

The technology is advancing at a speed of light pace. I bought a laptop six weeks ago. I am sorry to say my car was vandalized and I had to purchase a new one, and in just six weeks the model I bought which was the top of the line was already discontinued. How can that happen in six short weeks? I am amazed that people have the focus of advancing technology so quickly. I mean we have faster computers and cellular phones that do everything except hold conversations for us, but we remain unhealthy and falling apart at the seams.So why I ask can we not figure better ways to motivate people to WANT to stay healthy and make better choices? When do we start to shift our priorities for even for a little while? Long enough hopefully to just get the focus of everyone long enough to get our bodies, mind and spirits back on track and headed in the right direction. Long enough to get a good look at where we are and where we may be heading if change is not made immediately.

This might be the way to get a grip if you will. To see that we have absorbed a way of looking at things and prioritizing in a way that leaves our own bodies and our physical and mental health far away from our focus.
Maybe the next generation will establish barriers and boundaries that focus on themselves first and everything else second and third on the list. If you really think about it, the more we focus on our health, the better everything else in our life will go.

Prospering and benefiting and getting the most out of this short time we are here really does start at home. It needs to be the first thing we think of everyday and the last thing we think of before bed. I am sure that if we would focus more we would have so much more to be thankful for. I have heard so many times in my life from people everywhere that they wish they would have taken better care of themselves.

So do like they say, stop and smell the roses, stop walking over them or on them or just walking by and ignoring them. Oh, and remember to water them..................

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Late night promises or late night desperation

Are you ever amazed at what people believe in. It is crazy to me, I mean being in the heath field I have always prided myself on giving accurate information and proven tests and quality studies so individuals can make a valid decision as to their choices and their health.

Sometimes I will be up late answering e mails, or doing research and I turn on the television. I cannot believe the advertisements and infomercials I see. After watching them for a few minutes , although I know better, I am reaching for my credit card because they have me convinced.

I wonder how many thousands and tens of thousands of people they have drawn in. I know we are all looking for the magic bullet and the quick fix, but really do you think this stuff can deliver the miracles that are being linked to it? It may be that at three o'clock in the morning our intelligence flies out the window and are replaced by desperation and hope and non realistic thinking. I do not know, but for a few minutes I felt it, and it was strong and powerful and like I said it drew me in, and I know better.

So how do we deal with this late night desperation advertising? The answer is we don 't, we just realize that to get where we want to go and the results we are looking for comes down to the basics. Exercise, better food choices, great supplements choices, lots of rest, clean fresh water, great friends, jobs and careers we enjoy going to and most of all being happy. I find that happy people are healthier and not on an abundance of medications, are able to make smarter choices with everything, and most of all happy people do not bury their stress in food, or let food try to cover it up.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Happy Birthday to me

Well today is my birthday. I have decided to give thanks to all the people that make my life what it is. Thank you for being a constant reminder to shoot for the stars. Thank you for always pushing me to learn more and pass information on to all of you. Thank you for allowing me to be there when you need help and encouragement. Thank you for trusting me and my knowledge and my experience and searching me out even now when I am hard to find.

Thank you most of all for making me want to do what I do everyday and for pushing me to want to keep going, achieving and pushing my goals to the heavens. Most of all, thank you for taking the responsibility to be healthier,happier and for wanting the best health for yourself and all who are in your life.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Like sheep being branded

It is getting kind of hard to know what to do anymore. Today we are introduced to new ground breaking drugs that could save our lives. Six weeks or six years later, the same person that encouraged you to take it says" stop taking that, don't you know that stuff can kill you?". So they put you on a new prescription, and we do what they say with no questions asked.

New foods come on the market that are sold in main stream grocery stores. New flashy labels with their versions of the natural. Not as many chemicals, or newly fortified, or half the sugar, fat or caffeine. Once again we flock and say wow we can eat this now. We never question what they put in the place of what they took out. Six months or six years later we are told not to eat that because the chemicals in there can kill you. Once again we stand in line and wait fir the next thing to use that has promises of less bad stuff in it.

So I start to think. We are privy to all of these big promises that come and go as fast as they came. Sometimes because bigger and better things replace them, or sometimes because after they did more studies, they could be harmful or fatal. Why do they keep doing this to us, because we give them full control and allow them to scoop shovel after shovel of garbage at us no questions asked.

When you listen to the news and find out this is bad, this class medical law suit, stay away from this chemical and this sweetener, this soda, you would think we would try another route. But sadly, we do not, we just stand in line like sheep to be branded and do not even ask if it will hurt.

Next time, try going to a health food store and trying organic vegetables and free range beef and chicken. Try the natural alternatives first before jumping into the back yard pharmaceutical pool that has no water in it. But I am warning you, there might no be any chemicals, side effects, class action law suits or recalls, so you may just have to sit back and enjoy with no stress.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Man's best friend, sometimes taken for granted, so stop it!

Many people think that many of us out here that put our pets before anything or anyone else are a little obsessive. Well I must agree, we are and we accept that .I have discovered that while being a pet lover, I also rely on them more than I previously thought.

When I travel and I am gone for a few days, I always notice the difference my pets make, especially when you have a lot of them. They are always there when you need them, and they never ever judge us on any level. When the rest of the world may rear it's ugly head, our pets always are there just to please. A little overweight, a bad hair day, you spilled food all over your shirt, you are just having a bad day, no matter, our pets are there to see us and they are just happy we are at home.

They have actually filmed pets who get to know our routine. They will instinctively know the time we should be there and some of them will actually sit by the door and wait. The great thing about animals and pets is all they demand or need is love and attention. This is what drives them to be alive and stay healthy and happy. It is amazing how simple they make it. Maybe we should all take a tip from the pets of the world and be happy with just the basics and stop being in such a hurry to go nowhere quickly. Maybe just focusing on what we have and not on what we could have might actually make us healthier and happier in the long run. I am amazed how we get spinning out of control to keep up with the neighbors and forgetting all that we have already achieved and how far we have already come in this world. I think we have lost that chromosome that allows us to be satisfied, or appreciative.

So next time you are at the store picking up your dog food, do not skimp. Get the best you can afford, and get some great nutritional pet formulas to keep them healthy. By using nutritional formulas like Mezotrace minerals, Flax seed oil, Four Dogs and Four cats, Barley dog and cat, you may just keep your best friends here a little longer. The extra shirt and things you crave so badly and do not need could be changed in for a better life for the one thing in your life that is always there for you, man's best friend, your best friend, Your pets!