Sunday, August 5, 2007

Like sheep being branded

It is getting kind of hard to know what to do anymore. Today we are introduced to new ground breaking drugs that could save our lives. Six weeks or six years later, the same person that encouraged you to take it says" stop taking that, don't you know that stuff can kill you?". So they put you on a new prescription, and we do what they say with no questions asked.

New foods come on the market that are sold in main stream grocery stores. New flashy labels with their versions of the natural. Not as many chemicals, or newly fortified, or half the sugar, fat or caffeine. Once again we flock and say wow we can eat this now. We never question what they put in the place of what they took out. Six months or six years later we are told not to eat that because the chemicals in there can kill you. Once again we stand in line and wait fir the next thing to use that has promises of less bad stuff in it.

So I start to think. We are privy to all of these big promises that come and go as fast as they came. Sometimes because bigger and better things replace them, or sometimes because after they did more studies, they could be harmful or fatal. Why do they keep doing this to us, because we give them full control and allow them to scoop shovel after shovel of garbage at us no questions asked.

When you listen to the news and find out this is bad, this class medical law suit, stay away from this chemical and this sweetener, this soda, you would think we would try another route. But sadly, we do not, we just stand in line like sheep to be branded and do not even ask if it will hurt.

Next time, try going to a health food store and trying organic vegetables and free range beef and chicken. Try the natural alternatives first before jumping into the back yard pharmaceutical pool that has no water in it. But I am warning you, there might no be any chemicals, side effects, class action law suits or recalls, so you may just have to sit back and enjoy with no stress.

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