Saturday, August 11, 2007

Late night promises or late night desperation

Are you ever amazed at what people believe in. It is crazy to me, I mean being in the heath field I have always prided myself on giving accurate information and proven tests and quality studies so individuals can make a valid decision as to their choices and their health.

Sometimes I will be up late answering e mails, or doing research and I turn on the television. I cannot believe the advertisements and infomercials I see. After watching them for a few minutes , although I know better, I am reaching for my credit card because they have me convinced.

I wonder how many thousands and tens of thousands of people they have drawn in. I know we are all looking for the magic bullet and the quick fix, but really do you think this stuff can deliver the miracles that are being linked to it? It may be that at three o'clock in the morning our intelligence flies out the window and are replaced by desperation and hope and non realistic thinking. I do not know, but for a few minutes I felt it, and it was strong and powerful and like I said it drew me in, and I know better.

So how do we deal with this late night desperation advertising? The answer is we don 't, we just realize that to get where we want to go and the results we are looking for comes down to the basics. Exercise, better food choices, great supplements choices, lots of rest, clean fresh water, great friends, jobs and careers we enjoy going to and most of all being happy. I find that happy people are healthier and not on an abundance of medications, are able to make smarter choices with everything, and most of all happy people do not bury their stress in food, or let food try to cover it up.

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