Friday, July 3, 2015

Hot weather preparation....

The summer heat is upon us, and protecting our skin is only part of process of being"summer ready:. Today sunscreens have become a part of our lives as the incidence of skin cancer has become more common, and more serious. There are many sunscreen products to choose from ranging from light protection to the heavy duty where you are basically wrapped in protective armor. Finding the best, healthiest and less chemical based choices should be a big part of your decision making process. For the longest time drug stores were our primary location for picking them up, but today your local health food stores have amazing choices that are not only protective, but good for your skin.

It seems like holidays, and mostly those outdoor holidays like this weekends 4th of July holiday are the events when people tend to remember to use sun screen because they are outside in the sun, at the beach at the water park and feeling the heat on their skin. We need to remember that our skin is exposed everyday, year round, holiday or not. I  personally started applying a natural sun screen to my face, neck, arms and of course being follically challenged, the top of my head every morning. The sun does not care if it is a holiday or just a regular day, damage can occur anytime, and you do not want to be one of those people saying I should have done that.

Next on the hot weather preparation list is the addition of electrolytes to enhance the beverages we drink. Now I am not talking about the sugar, chemical, well advertised sugar drinks that we are instructed to drink, I am talking about adding healthy electrolytes to our beverages to get what we are actually looking for. This not only allows your healthy beverage to benefit your body and replace essential fluids, but at the same time give your body the essential minerals it needs to work in hot weather.
Being outside in the summer can be fun, great exercise and a wonderful way to be with family, friends and our pets. Make sure to prepare yourself for the challenges of the hot crispy weather. A little preparation can make a world of difference.
Happy Holiday weekend!!!
Be safe..