Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Master Cleanser diet made even easier

It is funny how old things recirculate. Everything from clothing styles to old sayings to fads of all different kinds. They come and hit strong, stay around a while and then disappear and the five or ten years later, boom they are back again.Sometimes they hit even stronger that previous times, and then sometimes they fizzle out quickly as the audience is different and likes and dislikes have changed over the last few years.Sometimes things we found important years ago are not as important now.

Hollywood is the place that is most well known for recycling things. Everything from sayings, fads,diets and what to wear are just a few things that seem to change daily in the glamour capital of the world. There is not a day that you will not see or read a periodical that is touting a new or a renew , if you will diet program. The one that is getting huge attention this month is the Lemonade diet, or the Master Cleanser program. Although this diet has been around about forty years, you would think by the attention it is getting that it was fresh off the press. This program utilizes a sort of fasting that allows you to flush out the system and it is quite effective. People that are on an array of medications may have to talk to their Physicians before attempting this since you are actually fasting and there is no food eaten for ten days. Many medications need food to work correctly. If you are presently working with a Doctor, checking with him or her should be first and primary before starting this or any diet. Most everyone else can do quite well with this program with little or no change to the daily routine.

The foundation or premise of this program is to drink a gallon of water with the squeezed juice of 6-8 lemons and 5-6 Tablespoons of natural maple syrup and as much Cayenne pepper as you can handle in the beverage. This process allows the body to burn stored fats while shrinking the appetite and deterring the cravings for sweets. This actually serves many purposes like weight loss, reduced cravings for junk food and a good cleansing as well as giving the digestive system a chance to rebuild and relax a little.

Some good points to this program are the quick results and that it is easy to follow, and after a few days hunger pangs diminish very fast. One problem is that not everyone can carry the gallon of liquid with them nor do they have the space or availability to have the liquid at work. This is something that has been a bit of a dilemma. The company I work for Great Earth has come up with what I feel is a ground breaking solution idea and it is called Lemonate. It is the same idea in a tablet formula. What an amazing idea for those who want it even easier. This way you could actually drink the liquid mixture at home in the morning and evening and use the tablets with a lot of water during the day. You could also do the liquid all day and still add the tablet to speed the results and cleanse and lose weight faster and easier.

Some people are using it as a ten day wake up call for the body to prepare it for a new way of eating. or a dietary change, or a fast flush before a special event, or just to do have a quick way to shed a few pounds to get you motivated.

Whatever you choose to use it for, it will be an easy and quick way to get results easily and quickly. If you are interested, leave me an e mail and I can direct you to the closest retailer.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Travel tips

As I am traveling quite a bit now it is easy to see why so many people get so sick when they do so. I see people all the time that do not prepare nutritionally for being in a melting pot of germs. Every time I see someone that is sick I ask if they are a frequent traveler. If they say yes, I ask if they take the correct nutritional supplements to keep their bodies prepared for the stress traveling puts on them. Many are not even aware they have a choice to change things, and many do not mentally connect bad habits with travel to make a unhealthy situation.

Most people are very interested and are unaware that there are nutritional supplements that could keep them from traveling sick both while they travel as well as when they are home in between trips and even once they reach their destination.

Many tell me that they seem to have year round allergies and colds, some will also talk about the distress of their digestive system eating so much junk and different foods that they may not be used to. Some will say it has been so long since they have eaten a vegetable, or a home cooked meal. Many will say they gain 15-20 pounds every year doing their job.

Most will ask for a list of what to do's and what to take for better health, and I always assure them that it really is not that hard to follow.I am so impressed that over 95% of the people I speak to are interested and in need and will always take notes and my email to stay in touch.

I recommend starting with a foundation program that is balanced. One that contains a strong timed released multiple vitamin, also a separate timed released vitamin c, a vitamin e with anti oxidents and a multiple mineral. Next I always recommend a full spectrum digestive enzyme to insure absorption ans a pro biotic to prepare the digestive system for germs and bacteria in the foods they eat when they travel. For those non sleepers I always suggest either Valerian root or l-Tryptophan to ensure a great nights sleep. The cardinal rule is if you do not get a good nights sleep, your immune system will be down and this is when you are wide open for germs and the possibility of getting sick. The last thing is to eat at least 2-3 servings of green vegetables and one fruit, and to drink at least eight to ten glasses of fresh water every day.

It is amazing but by making just a few changes to the things you already do, you will be so much healthier for it. We need to realize that if we are not in good health and not well rested we are no good to ourselves or to anyone else.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Why do we choose the way we do

The newest findings have Americans listed as some of the unhealthiest people on the face of the earth. This is a very interesting finding as so much of the world is in a state of malnutrition and are listed as below the level of poverty. How can this be when the United States is such a wealthy country with more wonderful choices for a healthy lifestyle than anywhere else in the world.

I guess that when you are given such a wide variety of choices, many people will always choose badly. Why, because we can, so we do. I think in other places in the world when good things are offered people without choices will choose a good thing, where as when you have good choices on every corner, when a great thing comes around, you may just have a tomorrow will be a day to choose better or wisely.

I guess we as a nation are spoiled to the degree that although we know better, we do not have a pressing need to make a change, even though in our heart of hearts we know better.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hopefully all you do for yourself is working

So here we are in the dead of summer and like normal most of us are complaining about the weather. I find that most of us will adjust and then before you know it the weather changes again. Oh well, I guess flexibility needs to be our middle name.

Flexibility also needs to be our philosophy if you will, as to the state of our health. Let's face it, we do not heal or recover or lose weight or basically do anything like we did years ago. Is it our age? yes. Is it the way we such bad care of ourselves? yes to that too. So what is the bottom line here? We need to take better care of ourselves and treat ourselves as if we really care.

I am often asked what is the best nutritional way to insure the best overall health. It really is as basic as can be, but we have a tendancy to do two things as adults. One, we make everything more difficult that we need to, and two, we wait until we are broken down and falling apart before we decide to make a difference.

The easiest way to get back our slipping health is to deal in the grey area. Grey area because most of us do not want to have an all or nothing situation and many of us are really not serious about making changes until we are up against a wall. The moderation state of mind allows us to think we are moving toward a positive lifestyle but not having to jump in with both feet.

So what does this moderation condition entail? Drinking more water than you do now, eating a diet fifty percent better than you are presently eating, and get yourself to a quality health food supplement store for quality supplements. This is actually the most important to me because some people feel that as long as they are supplementing their diet with vitamins, no matter where the obtained them, they should see fireworks and get life changing changes by tomorrow. Although supplements are a key issue, they need to be quality raw products, and formulated in labs that ensure proper absorption for the consumer.

I have learned this is a lot for individuals to deal with, so if you find yourself in a quandary or are confused as to the quality of the supplements you are using, please e mail me and I will direct you to a place to shop in your area, or give you a place to order from.

My feelings are when you finally make the decision to change the quality of your life and make life altering changes, you need to make sure you know what changes to make as well as where to go to get the proper tools to follow through.

Please keep me and my expertise in mind if you run into a wall with confusion. I will be happy to help direct you or steer you in the correct direction. There must be nothing more frustrating that to find out all you have done with nutrition to help yourself did nothing for you as they were not in a form that your body could utilize!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bargains and choices are sometimes a wolf in sheeps clothing

I am often asked why we as Americans have such a destructive behavior. My response is usually the same, "because we can". We are allowed the right to eat a great quality of food and make healthy wise choices or to choose empty nutritional fast food. We have the availability to take amazing nutrients and supplements and yet we choose to bypass this entire process unless we are told we are at deaths door. We can choose to exercise and keep an active lifestyle if we choose, but most of us choose to glue our rear ends to that favorite dent in the couch. I guess it just comes down to choices we can and do make and are allowed to make because we are in America.

When you study other cultures, many of them do not have the means, or the availability of the vast choices we have, but they are far ahead of us in the health arena.Many and if I say most individuals that live in China and Asia would choose a Chinese or Asian traditional herbal medicine physician over a western medicine in a heartbeat. Many Asians eat a very healthy diet out of choice, and not because they were told to do so. Many people in Asia are big herbal medicine consumers and tea drinkers, as well as making exercise and meditation a part of their every day schedules. So does having too many choices cause a negative effect to the selection process with everything we do, I say yes.
I work with many heath food stores all over the country and I often ask them why they give the customers 50 choices of vitamin C? They usually respond by saying this customer wants this and this one wants that. I personally think it is a lack of education by the employees and the owners and managers as well. If you are carrying the most effective and absorb able products, the ones that actually are tested tried and true, and the ones that make a difference, there is no need to have an abundances of choices.

When people go into the health food stores of America they are looking for help and advice and the best choices. Foolishly people bargain for garbage rather that having the respect for their bodies to make quality choices for what they consume. But those same people will pay a ridiculous amount of money for all the "things" in their life that really are not important, go figure?

Try to remember a few things when thinking nutrition. Fast food means a way to serve a quick need with no care or detail to your heath. If you are shopping at a bulk store or a bargin store and the deal looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, lets face it, it is a duck. Look for deals on quality products because a deal on garbage supplements and things that do nothing to start with, is no deal at all.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Do you have expertise in supplement taking?

So when people ask me what a blog is all about, I usually tell them it is a combination of thoughts, experience in the field of subject, criticisms, solutions, and hopefully things that make people think and become re aware of what they already do or should know.
Yesterday, a very nice lady asked me about her report from her Doctor that told her she had very brittle bones. She said she had been taking the best calcium her drug store had, and that she was using the 500 she was told to take fifteen years ago.

Instantly I asked her the brand, she pulled out the bottle from her bag, and I soon became aware that it was a generic low quality calcium, and had no Magnesium or Vitamin D. Now she instantly became defensive and said if it is no good why do they sell it? I said, because they can, and people that do not read labels, like yourself, or have the initiative to ask questions, like your self will buy it. I said if your bones were brittle and you were worried, why would you go to a drug store where you cannot get anyone to answer a question for you, when you could go to a supplement store and get the correct product for you? She said, good question, hindsight is fifty fifty, so now what do I do.
She then said her Doctor told her that her bones were so brittle that she should do no heavy weight bearing exercise for a while. The Doctor put her on a prescription for a while, once a month, I said it would most likely be a good idea for a while due to the fragility of her bones. WE then started talking about Calcium and minerals, and what exercises she could do that will strengthen her bone density.

She then said I see that there is so much more involved in this process that just grabbing something off a shelf. I said it is more difficult now because all those years you were given no nutritional help because of the choice of product you made, but we will be able to strengthen the bones and your next few reports should be great.

The longer we spoke, the more at ease she became. I suddenly began to wonder how many women are in this category, and how many will be unnecessarily breaking bones and end up with skeletal trauma because of their poor uninformed choices? I decided that I would ask as many women as I could for the rest of the year if they were using Calcium for their bones, and what type and how much. It is one thing to take the time to go to a store and buy and remember to take a supplement, it is another to have it be absorbed and do the job it was meant to do.

The moral is when you buy something that you are not familiar with things like power or speed or company or manufacturer, you will usually go to a store where your questions can be answered completely. Let’ s have the same courtesy for our health and only go to places where questions can be answered honestly, completely and suggestions are made only by people that have the knowledge to make them.

If you are in an area where you are having a hard time finding someone to fully answer your questions or give you the complete help you need, e mail me and I will to the best of my knowledge direct you to someone or someplace that will satisfy your nutritional needs.