Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bargains and choices are sometimes a wolf in sheeps clothing

I am often asked why we as Americans have such a destructive behavior. My response is usually the same, "because we can". We are allowed the right to eat a great quality of food and make healthy wise choices or to choose empty nutritional fast food. We have the availability to take amazing nutrients and supplements and yet we choose to bypass this entire process unless we are told we are at deaths door. We can choose to exercise and keep an active lifestyle if we choose, but most of us choose to glue our rear ends to that favorite dent in the couch. I guess it just comes down to choices we can and do make and are allowed to make because we are in America.

When you study other cultures, many of them do not have the means, or the availability of the vast choices we have, but they are far ahead of us in the health arena.Many and if I say most individuals that live in China and Asia would choose a Chinese or Asian traditional herbal medicine physician over a western medicine in a heartbeat. Many Asians eat a very healthy diet out of choice, and not because they were told to do so. Many people in Asia are big herbal medicine consumers and tea drinkers, as well as making exercise and meditation a part of their every day schedules. So does having too many choices cause a negative effect to the selection process with everything we do, I say yes.
I work with many heath food stores all over the country and I often ask them why they give the customers 50 choices of vitamin C? They usually respond by saying this customer wants this and this one wants that. I personally think it is a lack of education by the employees and the owners and managers as well. If you are carrying the most effective and absorb able products, the ones that actually are tested tried and true, and the ones that make a difference, there is no need to have an abundances of choices.

When people go into the health food stores of America they are looking for help and advice and the best choices. Foolishly people bargain for garbage rather that having the respect for their bodies to make quality choices for what they consume. But those same people will pay a ridiculous amount of money for all the "things" in their life that really are not important, go figure?

Try to remember a few things when thinking nutrition. Fast food means a way to serve a quick need with no care or detail to your heath. If you are shopping at a bulk store or a bargin store and the deal looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, lets face it, it is a duck. Look for deals on quality products because a deal on garbage supplements and things that do nothing to start with, is no deal at all.

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