Sunday, July 1, 2007

Do you have expertise in supplement taking?

So when people ask me what a blog is all about, I usually tell them it is a combination of thoughts, experience in the field of subject, criticisms, solutions, and hopefully things that make people think and become re aware of what they already do or should know.
Yesterday, a very nice lady asked me about her report from her Doctor that told her she had very brittle bones. She said she had been taking the best calcium her drug store had, and that she was using the 500 she was told to take fifteen years ago.

Instantly I asked her the brand, she pulled out the bottle from her bag, and I soon became aware that it was a generic low quality calcium, and had no Magnesium or Vitamin D. Now she instantly became defensive and said if it is no good why do they sell it? I said, because they can, and people that do not read labels, like yourself, or have the initiative to ask questions, like your self will buy it. I said if your bones were brittle and you were worried, why would you go to a drug store where you cannot get anyone to answer a question for you, when you could go to a supplement store and get the correct product for you? She said, good question, hindsight is fifty fifty, so now what do I do.
She then said her Doctor told her that her bones were so brittle that she should do no heavy weight bearing exercise for a while. The Doctor put her on a prescription for a while, once a month, I said it would most likely be a good idea for a while due to the fragility of her bones. WE then started talking about Calcium and minerals, and what exercises she could do that will strengthen her bone density.

She then said I see that there is so much more involved in this process that just grabbing something off a shelf. I said it is more difficult now because all those years you were given no nutritional help because of the choice of product you made, but we will be able to strengthen the bones and your next few reports should be great.

The longer we spoke, the more at ease she became. I suddenly began to wonder how many women are in this category, and how many will be unnecessarily breaking bones and end up with skeletal trauma because of their poor uninformed choices? I decided that I would ask as many women as I could for the rest of the year if they were using Calcium for their bones, and what type and how much. It is one thing to take the time to go to a store and buy and remember to take a supplement, it is another to have it be absorbed and do the job it was meant to do.

The moral is when you buy something that you are not familiar with things like power or speed or company or manufacturer, you will usually go to a store where your questions can be answered completely. Let’ s have the same courtesy for our health and only go to places where questions can be answered honestly, completely and suggestions are made only by people that have the knowledge to make them.

If you are in an area where you are having a hard time finding someone to fully answer your questions or give you the complete help you need, e mail me and I will to the best of my knowledge direct you to someone or someplace that will satisfy your nutritional needs.

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