Thursday, July 19, 2007

Why do we choose the way we do

The newest findings have Americans listed as some of the unhealthiest people on the face of the earth. This is a very interesting finding as so much of the world is in a state of malnutrition and are listed as below the level of poverty. How can this be when the United States is such a wealthy country with more wonderful choices for a healthy lifestyle than anywhere else in the world.

I guess that when you are given such a wide variety of choices, many people will always choose badly. Why, because we can, so we do. I think in other places in the world when good things are offered people without choices will choose a good thing, where as when you have good choices on every corner, when a great thing comes around, you may just have a tomorrow will be a day to choose better or wisely.

I guess we as a nation are spoiled to the degree that although we know better, we do not have a pressing need to make a change, even though in our heart of hearts we know better.

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