Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post election let down...

So, another election has come and gone, and now we get our lives back in order. Each time an election comes up I see the stress levels of people around me go off the chart. For the past few months we have been inundated with commercials, good, bad , ugly, hateful, mean, distorted and some pure political lies, and although we continue to hate them, we listen, and sometimes foolishly buy into them.

Stress is a major issue, and avoidance of all of this has become more difficult with media coverage that is visible everywhere we go, everything we watch or listen to, and there really is no escaping. So how do we get ready for the next time around, as there will be even more avenues to catch our eyes, ears and emotions by that time? I think we have to do what we can to turn it off when we have had our fill. Just the act of saying all there was on TV last night was political stuff all night long, well you should have turned it off and exercised, read a book, done a hobby or just got caught up with your life. Just bitching and moaning and groaning does not make it less visible, what it does do is make you more stressed and more agitated.

So are we the end of the line culprit with this electoral and political stress, yes. We allow it to become more of our life than it need be, and we listen and overwhelm ourselves until we are ready to explode. Maybe if all of us would stop tuning in, stop buying in and stop reacting it would all of a sudden come to a halt, or at least slow down to handle able proportions.

The other thing we need to do is keep our diet as healthy as possible and our supplements strategically planned and balanced as we can. Usually after a stressful event like this election, and weather changes around the corner, we get sick. The more we stressed and the less attention we paid to getting exercise, rest and good food, the weaker our immune system will be and we can expect a sickly winter, and sooner than expected.. Is it too late? no, just get yourself in a priority position and start thinking about good healthy living, and applying the principals today!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Election stress.

I know we are all faced with stress on a daily basis. Some of it we are responsible for, because of our life choices, and some that comes at us directly that we cannot control. This time of year, going into the stressful time of the year we are faced with another layer of stress..Elections.. And oh how they are taking up every aspect of our life, in every form of media, and doing it in a way that drives me insane...
Seriously, I do not ever remember it being this ugly, this hurtful and this obnoxious. I get it, the country is in the dump, and we need to do something different than what we are doing, whether with the same administration or a new one. The negative ads are something that I seriously wonder how we just turn off November 7 Th? I guess it is a lot more visible today with all day news shows, newscasters debating every word and every issue and everything every candidate says. Then we have to hear the dissecting of every speech twenty four hours a day, and always with a party preference by the broadcaster, depending on what net work you watch.
My solution, when the candidates are chosen, they each get a maximum of 1, 000,000 to use on their campaign, and all the other money raised goes to schools, infrastructure or the building of parks or cancer research. This way the candidates will have to make every word count and only the true reason they should be elected will be brought forward. We can have the debates and then make our choice. This will bring us back to a time when there was no Internet, no speed of life reporting, no 24 hour a day breakdown of words and we will have to make our choices on change, issues and trust.
This just may balance the nations stress level out a little so we can concentrate on the other stresses that need our attention. It may also create a trend towards unifying the country, rather than dividing it. Of course, great diet, good supplements, and getting sleep, well that just goes without saying...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


How is your stress level? Are you someone who is lucky enough to thrive on stress, or find it motivating, or are you an individual that gets sick, worried and overcome with things you may or may not be able to control?

Stress has become a "go to" word for many people. It has become a word that is thrown around as much as hello, and sometimes I think it also ends up being more of an excuse for disorganization, procrastination or just lack of organization. Is stress truly a "real" issue, of course, but many times there is an intensifying of the actual issues because we are in a state of such ill health that things that overwhelm us today, thirty years ago would have been considered mole hills, compared to today's mountains of stress.

When you look at the world today we are eating totally deficient diets, getting no sleep, taking on more than we can handle and then living in bodies that are totally abused and most often from our own choices, vices and forks.

When I am asked about the best supplements that can give relief or supply a benefit for stressful lifestyles, I often recommend the nutritional supplements last. How could I do that knowing how unhealthy we are? My opinion is that supplements are added to our diet and lives to "supplement" the daily routine, not fix or allow you to continue to be bad to yourself and let you get away with the mistreatment of your body, I believe changing "US" first is the only way to go.

When stress is an issue, of course basic supplements are essential but life and habits are first and primary for change. Number one, drink more water, number two, get sleep. number three, exercise, number four cut out junk food, excess sugar, over consumption of starchy white carbohydrates, sodas, candy, trans fatty foods, and of course adjust the vices like smoking and drinking. Just these modifications can change the course of your health dramatically. When these, or even some of these changes are made, bringing in supplemental nutritional supplements at that point will allow you to see the changes you have only dreamed about.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The last quarter of the year is upon us....

The last quarter of the year is upon us and many of us will fall into the hustle, bustle and craziness of the holiday, stress and end of the year busy season. How many of us will fall prey to the flu and cold bug, and end up in the quick care or at your Doctors office looking for anything available to make you feel better? Year after year we get sick and swear that we will prepare ourselves next year, and when sick we will say out loud, if I only get over this I promise to take better care of myself. Sound familiar, of course it does because we all say it, do it and live it year after year.

When I am asked what to do to prepare for the upcoming season I have learned that the easy and direct path is a better course of action for me to express the basics that we should already be paying attention to all year long. I start with the most basic, and most commonly overlooked step, water consumption. We do not only need water in the summer when we feel the dehydration after five minutes in the heat, we need it all year long. When people get sick in the winter and end up at the Doctors office almost a hundred percent of us are low in moisture, and if there is a fever you will sweat out any reserve you have built up. Dehydration does not only cause cramping of muscles, but can stop your heart, affect your sugar level and cause devastation to all of your organs especially your kidneys, besides prematurely wrinkling your skin.

The second basic thing I speak about is sleep. Very few of us get the sleep we need, and if we do, many times we wake up more tired or just as tired as when we went to bed. Stress, too much on your mind and exhaustion can cause you to be over tired and can make it difficult for you to get the needed quality sleep you need. If this is an issue talk to your nutrition people about formulations, natural ones that can allow you to get into a deep constructive quality sleep every night.A tired, weak, low energy body is a gold mine for a virus or bug to take up residency.

The third is exercise. Anything that keeps you moving, active and reduces stress will work. It also has a direct relationship with building a solid immune system and building healthy fighter cells.

The last is diet. You know what you should eat, and you know what you should not be eating. Just remember to shop the perimeter of your grocery store, and stay away from the center, as that is where all the low quality foods are. Instead focus on the vegetables and fruits, healthy dairy, quality protein and healthy grains. This way you can do nothing but the right thing for your body as this is quality fuel your body needs and you will feel and enjoy.

If you get this far and are on the correct course, go to your health food store and check out a great whole food multiple, an antioxidant formula, a wellness product, some Omega 3 fatty acids and keep in mind the alternatives that are available just in case a bug gets by you. Remember, you may still have a bad day here and there, but that is so much better then an entire season of feeling terrible.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Technology...Friend or foe?

I am an advocate and follower of technology, but when does technology go too far? I love the idea of being able to do research in a moment, and have all the information I need at my fingertips. I think the idea that I can be almost anywhere and have the availability to be able to do a radio show, call a friend, get information or be in touch or available by my phone. I also like the idea that I can have a phone for my elderly Mom where she can be reached, or reach me if something good or bad happens. I guess where I start to have a problem is when we have passed by normal social skills and the devices have become more important than interpersonal relationships.

I posted on my Face Book today of a recent visit to a restaurant where a family of five sat across from me, and after ordering their phones and I Pads came out. From that time, through dinner and up until they left not a word was spoken, nothing, not one word. I also, in my post said I was brought up at a time when I would never thought of bringing a device to the table. The table was conversation time, talking about the day, the night before, upcoming events, school and just getting caught up. Although we did not have the technology, if we had at that time, I think manners and etiquette would have won out. Today, social skills are lax, respect is at an all time low, and customer service is almost non existent. I remember I tried one time to bring my "computer of those days", my etch a sketch to the table, I never did it again. You would have thought I started a world war, but I never tested those waters again.

Is it that we just do not care about how rude we are, or do we just get so entranced with the devices that we just lose all track of manners and social obligations. I fear that today's  friendships are just based on totally different levels? I am sometimes just perplexed how we will do anything to have our devices close at hand, or in hand,  and we have totally convinced ourselves that without them , or checking in with them continuously, we will be out of touch. I guess I get it a little, I have friends that have gone out of the country on a cruise, where a signal was not easy to find and for a few days they actually went through withdrawal. They said for two days the were in a total funk and did not enjoy anything they had planned. The third day they started to realize how ridiculous this was, and by the end of the trip they could have cared less about their phones. They also said, almost in the same breath, that once back in the satellite area it took almost no time at all to be back in the world of smart phones.

Will it get better or worst with our reliance on these devices, worst for dependence, better for the technology is what I think. Will our manners and priorities go back to where they were? I think the jury is still out on that...

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Change on our terms.

So as September comes to a close we all start the end of the year shuffle. The last quarter to do all the things we have put off all year, and although we had the best intentions, they did not get done.I wonder why it is that no matter how much we plan on, every year, getting more organized, and how we are swearing we will not do the same things as we did last year, we do.

I am guessing it is comfort zone, and just ultimately easier to do what we know. Even when we know change is needed, and possibly life saving as well as life changing, we still have a hard time getting going, and staying on course.

I have a friend that thought she had the answer to making changes stick. She said she would put a sparkletts 5 gallon water jar in her closet, and every time she deviated form the course, she would put a dollar in the bottle. She had a plan to go to the gym 5 days a week, stop swearing and stop eating fast food. We laugh now, but bu April first, she had over six hundred dollars in the bottle.I have not spoken to her in a few months, but as of May she decided that she was not ready for a change. I think that this is something we have to think of as well. When change is truly meant to happen, it will, and wanting it alone, is not enough of a driving force.

Over the years I have heard of people that got up one day and said, that's it, and they were on their way.. Maybe, that is what it takes, mental readiness and focus, and the decision being totally ours for a change, and the chnage has to be for us nobody else..

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Do you ever find it interesting that the medical establishment, an organization that is in the business of getting us healthy, recommend diet, exercise and nutrition only after prescriptions are suggested? Traditionally around the world, diet is always one of the first stops on the healthy journey, and supplementing the diet just seems to make better sense in those regions of the world. To me, diet, exercise and sleep as well as a positive attitude and healthy living are the most vital part of adding to our quality and quantity of life.

The last time I looked, a deficiency in our bodies usually occurs because the foods being consumed are of very little nutritional value and or the individual is stressed out. Many times the digestive systems are compromised, and it could also be a lack of nutrients the body is needing to function properly. The daily things we should be doing every day adds to our health, but they are the things we usually cut corners on. These things like good food, great supplements, exercise, sleep and a great positive attitude, things we should want to do are seriously ignored. I am sometimes amazed that people actually think they have drug deficiencies and have convinced themselves of this. I am not sure of a single study where a deficiency is created from not having your drugs, a withdrawal symptom when you are out of it, maybe.

I think it all comes down to getting back to basics, keeping it simple, consistent and healthy!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A new blog direction...

So, long time, no write. I have decided to take the blog in a different direction. Most of you know my radio show brings you great information and great quality companies who make amazing nutritional products. The best guests in the industry are available to you the hear, as well as the most updated information about the choices available to you for better health, 10 radio shows per week. I have decided to do my own critique, and product review, besides the information brought to you on my radio shows. I want to bring you honest information about products in the health food and nutrition industry, and the ones you should take a second look at and consider for your daily supplement and food choices.

I think it is important to have the best informational tools at your fingertips, so now youwill have one more tool you can use to bring you to the place where wiser decisions can be made.

As a reminder, my radio show can be heard at 8 AM PST and 5 PM PST Monday through Friday, and you can listen at my site by clicking the listen live tab. Go to
You can also email me from the site, or click the "ask Jeff" button to send me a note, or go to my face book at radiowithjeff.

All of these will allow you to stay up to date and you may get the information you have been looking for. Please send you friends to the blog and my web page, as my radio archives are also available fro download at your convenience.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


I often wonder why it sometimes takes a disaster of extreme levels for us to get motivated to make a change. Why even when we know that certain things should not be done, or certain food groups should not be consumed, why we still allow ourselves todo those activities or eat those foods? It seems as though cravings, comfort zones, bad habids, vices, and just weakness keeps us in the unhealthy zone.

I think my frustration comes into play when the same person who has numerous health problems and does nothing about it, but will do everything possible to fix an electronic device or replace or upgrade anything to them that is more of an importance. A lack of priorities in regards to our health will almost always cause even the smallest problem to become a much bigger issue, and sometimes accelerate the negative outcome.

With my radio shows and lectures common questions always arise in reference to how they can feel so bad when they are doing healthy things,or they thiunk they are.  With further investigation, you discover a belief system and mentality that is very common across all part lines. The if I take a vitamin I can then continue doing all the wrong things and "have my cake and eat it too". This attitude is
in every demographic, in all areas of the country because when you come down to it most people want the results and the symptoms to go away, but do not want to do the work, not do they think they have to change.

I am aleways amazed when a major health problem does arise and the same person that for years has said natural things are not for them suddenly get interested. It is as if they are opening their eyes or maybe it is just a sign of desperation. My hope is that small changes are applied along the way and throughout otheir lives so as to promote a better and healthier foundation.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Convention time again!

There is something about a Natural Products Convention. Even if you have been in the field for three decades, the excitement leading up to the first day of the event does get you excited. For many of us that are blessed to be in an industry we love, and get to grow within and along with the industry, there is a level of satisfaction like in no other field, or non I know of. It is the excitement of learning about new products, or new delivery systems or being brought up to speed with all of the literature we are overwhelmed with on the show floors. Our bags ever filling with samples and literature, business cards changing hands like playing cards at a poker table, and all the while looking up the row to see what is coming next.

The days are long, brain cells will be lost, new ones will be stimulated and yet we think about what we are doing after the show as we plan our strategy for the next day in the trenches on the floor. I personally have been attending for over thirty years, and for me, although some faces have changes, new philosophies have been adopted, and the standing of the industry has changed, one thing stays the same, knowledge, and the pursuit of more of it for us to pass along.

I never get tired of the articles, and industry literature. The good, the bad and sometimes the ugly articles, all of which keep us informed and alert as well as prepared so we may address them as questions come up, and they always do.

I am always glad to see how companies that were at one time a small Mom and Pop are now huge companies offering a plethora of products for the consumer. Some companies that started out with a niche item or a solid one department philosophy have stuck to their guns and now do it better than anyone in the industry.

There is never boredom in this field, and if you are able to keep the passion and the hunger for knowledge, you will never ever run out of ways to feed that hunger and your mind at the same time.

So as the convention winds down and your feet are tired, you are over stuffed from sampling every food group available and eating a good amount every day, you start to think WOW, I survived another show. But, with the over stuff bags of samples, sore feet and what seems to surely be the first signs of being brain dead as you could not possibly process one more item of information, you are still excited about the next show on the calendar. In what other field are you able to have this much excitement, stimulating knowledge, continual updating and improving and all in a category this important, Our Great Health!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


As many of you know, my dog Keeley has been missing for now for 15 weeks, and it has been one of the worst emotion ordeals I have been through in a very long time. It is a true test to the importance pets play on our lives, and a true example of how truly important they are to us. I am blessed to have a lot of amazing pets, but I think once in a lifetime you develop an amazing connection with an animal, and my connection just happens to be with her.

I have had to learn, or relearn, or maybe just apply a lot of values that I have not had to incorporate in one thought process before.  Patience, trust, protocol, and the hope that the person who has her will eventually do the moral right thing.

I guess if you have had this happen to you, you will get it, and if you have not, it is quite awful. Your mind races all day long and I find myself feeling the symptoms of a death and the loss of a friend all at the same time. Some people will say, it is just a pet, I say, her devotion and friendship and loyalty are things I wish and hope their best friends are able to offer them.

So I take it day by day hoping for a call from anyone that can do a micro chip test, but in the back of mind the reality and prospect of her return becomes dimmer and dimmer by the day. What does stay alive and bright is that she, wherever she is at this time, is being taken care of and loved and feed well..

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Smelling the roses..........

We seem to be in a hurry doing everything except enjoying life these days. Although I get the quest for furthering and achieving our goals, providing for our families, and allowing and affording ourselves things that make our life more enjoyable. The thing is, as we progress through all of these steps during our lives, we do forget to take the time and smell the roses, and for some of us, we forget to even look to see that they are there.

How many times have we had a shock to our routine, like a bad blood work up, or bad news from a Doctor’s visit? How often have you been privy to downsizing, or unforeseen problems that have blindsided you, and until it did, you may have felt you had the perfect existence? Although these things in themselves are part of life, and we must realize that no matter what your demographics, sex, race, religion or financial status, we are all going to deal with one or more of these, and many others during our lives. For this purpose alone,  enjoying each and every day becomes even more important to each of us, at every age.

So why does it take a death of a friend, a loved one, a spouse, child or even someone you knew casually to make us think how fragile life is? Why does it take a family member or friend dying in the hospital, at a “way too young” age, for us thing of our own mortality, and how we should be thinking of living healthier, and making those changes that we keep saying we are going to do?

I remember a story of 4 brothers and sisters whose father was dying of lung Cancer. We were all up in the room visiting their dying father and after an hour or so, some fresh air was necessary. As we came down the elevator all of them were distraught, and sad, and could not believe he had lived a life that was so unhealthy. As we went outside the comments about being healthier and life is too short were being thrown around. The minute we went outside and sat down, all four of them lit up their cigarettes. All I could see was the irony of their statements, and at the same time, their weakness. The power that these vices of all sizes and shapes have over us, and how we may be unsuccessful against them, until we are ready for a change.

This past week a dear friend of mine passed away, and because of my busy schedule, although we are very good friends, I did not learn of the passing until the service was over. I myself realized the importance of slowing down, and was reminded of the fact that there are no guarantees, and life is precious. So as I write this, I am reminded that it is the lessons like this one that makes me hopefull that I will learn something, and remind myself of the importance of enjoying all I am lucky enough to have, and not just the quest for the thingsI think I may need.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It will click eventually...

I am pretty sure that fear is one of the strongest motivators for aiming at a healthier life style. It is either the fear from a bad blood workup, a death of a friend or family member, an article that scares you, or last but not least, sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. What still to this day amazes me is how we aim to achieve the highest quality of everything in our life, but aim low, or not at all at the pursuit for a healthy life.

This is something that crosses all demographics, sexes, races, ages and even work type or experience, so I am thinking it is most likely a human nature thing. Why we end up leaving this planet way too early with a lot of couldsa shoulda wouldas, is beyond my comprehension. But maybe this is just the way it will always be. There are of course others that always put their health first and primary and always will, but I am afraid they are few, and their numbers are not growing at any kind of an alarming rate.

So then it is an individual thing. We will get motivated, when we are ready, and only then, and the trigger or motivator will be one of necessity or personal health frustration or just disgust.

Monday, May 7, 2012


Have you ever wondered why some of the people in your circle are amazingly healthy and they do all the wrong things, eat the wrong foods and never take care of themselves? It does happen that sometimes genetics Do play a role in the pathwork of our lives, and sometimes they can even be strong enough to overshadow our really bad habits. Although the body may be able to handle the unhealthy way you live at this time, but  there is no guarantee that these "genetic" supporters can last, or help you forever. Every thing has it's expiration, and sooner or later you may see those same people lucky enough to have these "built in" helpers begin to have their health start going south.

The bottom line that we should all try to commit to memory is to embrace our health and appreciate our genes andour natural defense systems. Try not to abuse them or take them for granted just because you have them. We should never require them to be our salvation, but instead appreciate our genetic good health as a condiment to the healthy meal of our life.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Have you ever wondered what it is that clicks when we finally decide that today is the day? Is it a subconscious "know all" that way down deep we need a change, or is it a frustration with our daily bad health, or maybe just a disgust with having to deal with bad health symptoms that take away from our quality of life? I think it may be different for everyone, and the trigger or realization is whatever it takes to kick us in the rear end and motivate change.

Like the difficult process of  quitting smoking. There are literally hundreds of proven and unproven, successful and unsuccessful ways to quit smoking. Is any technique better that any other? I say No. In my mind, burying a potato in the back yard during a full moon, if you in your mind are serious to the core about quitting, may be just enough to spark a change.

Change is something that will always occur throughout of life, with or without our approval. Change happens around us every day, in every aspect of our lives. The changes that we personally control, are hopefully the ones that can and will change our health as well as our outlook, emotional balance and quality of life.

I wish there was a way  to stimualte all of us to gravitate to the healthier side of living, but for each of us, the destination, and the journey we pursue at our own pace, is part of the change.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Being Unrealistic, most likely.

It sometimes amazes me that main stream media, as strong as it is, has the nerve to put it's advertisers ahead of information they should be striving to bring to the public.
I understand that companies that are visible in the media include everything from car dealerships to phone companies, all of that is fine with me, my problem is when advertisers only advertise products for symptomatic relief of health problems. As strong and powerful as advertising is today, why can't the companies also promote basic things as well as products to the listeners that use radio and televison as their health guru? Why is it so hard to remind people about basic things that they already know, but as basic as they are, most of us do not make them part of the daily schedule.

For example, reminding people to drink their 8 glasses of water every day, eat their green vegetables and add fruit to their diet, and then they can end with while you are doing this and creating a healthy diet, use an antacid for occasional discomfort. Why can't they promote increasing  fiber in the diet, and how by adding it to every meal how it will give you great health beneifts, and then say for occasional constipation add a laxative. Would it be hard to talk about the cause, the over looked problems just a bit in the ads, and then have their advertisements?

Am I being unrealistic? Yes.. But I always hope that morals, good will and responsibility may someday over shadow the almightly dollar, and may I say Greed!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13 TH....

So today is Friday the 13 Th. For many people, the mere mention of this day makes them want to avoid the world at all costs. Honestly, if things are going to happen, they are going to happen no matter what, I am seriously convinced that everything happens for a reason. We may never fully understand the reasons for the crazy things that happen to us and those around us but I am still convinced that this is the plan.

This idea of fear of the unknown carries into our lives in many forms every day. From listening to the possibility of a storm, hot weather, tornado's, hurricanes and other Mother Nature tirades. We are sometime easily convinced of the coulda, shoulda, woulda's that are brought to our attention from friends, or in a conversation or of course from our jaded multi sided media.

The idea that we can be so easily motivated, convinced or mesmerized by things we read and hear is just human nature. My personal feeling is we should follow our own ideas and feelings because more times than none, what we originally thought, what we first planned on doing before we listened to others that are not connected to the situation, or have less actual experience, was most likely the correct thing to do.

Trust yourself, trust your judgement, and be surprised when you yourself are right!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Choosing a positive mindset

Do you ever feel that your mood is influenced by things you have no control over? Obviously, we are responsible for getting rest, staying active and eating a diet that is as good of a quality foundation as we can afford. We are also responsible for having a positive outlook, and for trying to surround ourselves with people of like mind set and preferably positive people.

The hard part in reality, is when the external forces that affect us are the people in our immediate circle, including our family, friends and co workers. These are the people that are with you or around you, or at least verbally in your life the most often, so environment becomes a factor. So when do we decide that sometime we have hit our saturation point? When do we decide that our health and sanity are more important than dealing with the negativity, being a sounding board, picking up the pieces for all the foolish mistakes people around you make, or just being the "fixer"? I guess all of us have our tolerence levels, and for some of us it is later than sooner.

I wonder how many people spend their whole lives pickling up and repairing everyone and never get the chance, or Taking the chance to work on their own lives or better the quality of their own lives. I am saddened to see people in their later years that have been in a negative situation so long that it is all they know? Is it their own fault for staying, or is it that they did not know anything else, our were they just fearful of leaving? I guess we will never know what goes on behind closed doors, and maybe it is truly none of our business?

I guess I just feel that life is so short, and living and existing in a negatiove situation, putting up with verbal or physical abuse should never ever be tolerated. I think everyone deserves the chance to be happy, or at least has the right to choose happy and say no to the negatiivity that runs so common day in our world.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Moving forward as a country.

As long as I have been in this industry, I am always amazed at how much more there is to learn. You, if you want to be on top and visible in the industry, must keep up to date on new research and new findings, as well as new breakthroughs. I find it interesting how many physicians, many who I know personally who just 10-15 years ago would never take a multiple vitamin, much less recommend a nutritional regime for their patients, but today they do.

Is it because of advertising, frustration with medical companies, insurance billing problems, or could it actually be a sense of actua;l interest in the health of patients? All I do know is that I like what I see. I like the fact that Doctors are not all across the board any more, only willing to think prescription medication first. What I like the best is how many Doctors are actually searching for a health problem cause and a reason and looking for the problems behind the symptoms.

Are we there yet completely? No. Are we closer that we have ever been? Yes. Today, we are at a time in history when the fields are drawing closer together, and a more harmonious balance is beginning to emerge. Where we end up is anyones guess, but where we have been for a long while, swimming around in the guessing game, and using an overabundance of pharmaceutical drugs has not done us well.

My philospohy us "chanhge is good, but only if you are ready for change, and ready to learn from where you were before, and of course ready to learn and embrace what lies ahead".

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our everchanging nutrition field..

Although I have been doing this, I mean working in the health and nutrition field for now thirty four years, and I sometimes arrogantly think I know it all. I am usually wrong, and then end up learning something I did not know, or thought I did. For me this is never anything other than exciting. It means that the health and nutrition field is changing, growing and continually developing new techniques and new delivery systems for our lifestyles that seem to be heading in one direction, towards unhealthy living.

What amazes me is that our need for new supplementation and healthy alternatives and compliments is changing, and most likely not in the best way, or for the right reasons. Our needs are changing due to the fact that we are more unhealthy, more rundown, we have more diseases, and we are aging into the geriatric disease category at a younger age. None of this is good news, but having a continuous stream of new adjusted health and nutrition products is a good thing. In my opinion it translates into hope, and possible great success for future quality and possibility longevity of great health.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Been to your Dentist lately?

When you you delay going to the Dentist, the only person that gets hurt is you. I know, myself, growing up I hated the Dentist, and with good reason. My Dentist was hurtful and had bad breath and made feel bad and the pain was awful. It took until I was an adult to search out a Dentist that could be not only supportive and professional, but an artist and so gentle that I felt comfortable.

Most of us put off going because of these same reasons, either fear or bad experiences. What I have learned is that the longer we wait, the chances are small problems become large problems and damage that could take a lot of time and money become more probable. No matter, going in and getting an over view may also be surprising, and it may not be as bad as your feared.

Gum disease, and periodontal disease are both on the rise, as are unhealthy teeth and bad breath odors, You will see this as there is so much advertising today for breath freshening products. Oral Cancer, I have learned is also on the rise, and a good Dentist will use a Val scope to check your mouth for beginning signs or more deadly advanced stages of oral cancer.

Bottom line, spend more time on your oral care. Get an electric toothbrush and use the timer to make sure you are thoroughly brushing, long enough, 2 times per day. Flossing is also important and a must to remove particles that if left in place lead to gum inflammation as well as odor and tooth degeneration.

Interview your Dentist and make sure you are comfortable with his training, teaching and  bed side manner. Remember, you are hiring your Dentist, make sure it is a good fit.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Genetics............Not always the only factor!

I am often asked if there is a health problem in my family, am I going to get it too? Genetics, and family history are factors, but they are not the deciding factor or end result in every case. Although we are in the genetic lines of family members that have certain health problems, I have always looked at it as a map to where we may go or could end up, but there are many other factors that may help us to prevent the problem, or "dodge the bullet".

I have often been someone who encourages people to go to family reunions. It is a direct look into the mirror of what you should be concentrating on, health wise, and what trains are coming at you as you stand on the tracks of life. If you discover that cardiovascular disease, or diabetes is a family issue, you need to start living a healthier life, removing things in both your lifestyle and your diet that may lead you towards these health problems. I feel that just because there is an issue, or the possibility of a health issue,we need to be responsible for our health, and in doing so, we may change the course of our future health.

Another thing to remember, all of us have different ways of eating, dealing with stress, weight issues, sleep issues and lifestyles. Work habits can be different, immune systems are also strong in some of us, and weak in others.So having a health condition in the family is now a starting point that may, or may not be a future issue. Always remember to use the information as a tool, and do what is necessary to get jump on your future health.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Getting to the home page of your gut problems....

In today's world, digestive problems are not only on the rise, but have become an epidemic problem. Drug stores, seeing to monopolize on the suffering and symptoms of the public,are more than willing to cater to all of our annoying digestive problems. The problem is now so common, that most drug stores have increased the size of that digestive department, and in many cases it is now an entire aisle. Although I understand the frustration of  these annoying problems, as I had them myself for many years, I finally decided that covering up the problem, or playing hide and seek with the symptoms was not the way to go.

First of all we need to take responsibility for our digestive problems as it is either the food or beverage we just consumed that is causing the symptoms, or it is the years and years of stomach abuse that is now at it's breaking point. Changing the diet, adding a digestive enzyme to allow your gut to do what it needs to do, like it did before we messed everything up is essential. Probiotics, added daily, will help support our digestive process. Using both digestive enzymes and probiotics, believe it or not, will help to bring you to the successful side of relief much faster.

Somehow taking responsibility and giving up the foods that cause the problems, as well as changing the diet seems to be the hardest part. But, although relief is the result you are looking for, you may at the beginning use something to get you through the day, like an antacid, while the enzymes and probiotics are able to start sorting through this gastric disaster you have created with bad food choices and your fork.

I will agree that the discomfort and pain, in some cases is hard to deal with, but seriously, getting to the exact problem and addressing it is the best way to go. Covering up any problem in relation to your health, although a quick fix that we do appreciate, most of the time does nothing more that cover it up.

It is good to know that gut and stomach problems that cause distress either once and a while, or every day can be controlled, and you can feel better again. One last tip, when your digestive system is working correctly, your vitamins, herbs, medication all work better, and you may finally see the benefits of  products you are now using, but because of this gut problem they are not digesting you never see a result.

At one time digestive enzymes and probiotics were just suggested, but today, they should be at the top of your priority shopping list.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

When hope is all you have...

So the new website is up, and the blog has all been transferred over. I plan to keep you up to date on new happenings, new product releases, and new findings in the health and nutrition field. I will also keep you abreast of me and my life.

Kind of a sad mishap, my friends are, as we speak at a rodeo in Arizona, and they always travel with one or more of our Border Collies. They arrived on Thursday night, and to their surprise, Keeley, her name, got out and darted. They have been, as well as all agencies looking for her since then. I am sorry to say that my best friend may not be coming back, and that she has been picked up by someone, or is still lost in the desert area of Chandler Arizona. My hope is that someone will get her to an agency where her microchip can do its job.

Life always has turns in the road, and especially when things like this, that happen from such a different direction that preparation is not a choice. I am totally devastated, but I have to rely on the kindness of others whom I hope will have the same courtesy that I would have if the situation presented itself.

So, stress formulas, extra B Complex, and Tryptophan to sleep, and a lot of hope and prayers for this, my first blog on the new web site page..