Tuesday, October 16, 2012


How is your stress level? Are you someone who is lucky enough to thrive on stress, or find it motivating, or are you an individual that gets sick, worried and overcome with things you may or may not be able to control?

Stress has become a "go to" word for many people. It has become a word that is thrown around as much as hello, and sometimes I think it also ends up being more of an excuse for disorganization, procrastination or just lack of organization. Is stress truly a "real" issue, of course, but many times there is an intensifying of the actual issues because we are in a state of such ill health that things that overwhelm us today, thirty years ago would have been considered mole hills, compared to today's mountains of stress.

When you look at the world today we are eating totally deficient diets, getting no sleep, taking on more than we can handle and then living in bodies that are totally abused and most often from our own choices, vices and forks.

When I am asked about the best supplements that can give relief or supply a benefit for stressful lifestyles, I often recommend the nutritional supplements last. How could I do that knowing how unhealthy we are? My opinion is that supplements are added to our diet and lives to "supplement" the daily routine, not fix or allow you to continue to be bad to yourself and let you get away with the mistreatment of your body, I believe changing "US" first is the only way to go.

When stress is an issue, of course basic supplements are essential but life and habits are first and primary for change. Number one, drink more water, number two, get sleep. number three, exercise, number four cut out junk food, excess sugar, over consumption of starchy white carbohydrates, sodas, candy, trans fatty foods, and of course adjust the vices like smoking and drinking. Just these modifications can change the course of your health dramatically. When these, or even some of these changes are made, bringing in supplemental nutritional supplements at that point will allow you to see the changes you have only dreamed about.

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