Saturday, October 27, 2012

Election stress.

I know we are all faced with stress on a daily basis. Some of it we are responsible for, because of our life choices, and some that comes at us directly that we cannot control. This time of year, going into the stressful time of the year we are faced with another layer of stress..Elections.. And oh how they are taking up every aspect of our life, in every form of media, and doing it in a way that drives me insane...
Seriously, I do not ever remember it being this ugly, this hurtful and this obnoxious. I get it, the country is in the dump, and we need to do something different than what we are doing, whether with the same administration or a new one. The negative ads are something that I seriously wonder how we just turn off November 7 Th? I guess it is a lot more visible today with all day news shows, newscasters debating every word and every issue and everything every candidate says. Then we have to hear the dissecting of every speech twenty four hours a day, and always with a party preference by the broadcaster, depending on what net work you watch.
My solution, when the candidates are chosen, they each get a maximum of 1, 000,000 to use on their campaign, and all the other money raised goes to schools, infrastructure or the building of parks or cancer research. This way the candidates will have to make every word count and only the true reason they should be elected will be brought forward. We can have the debates and then make our choice. This will bring us back to a time when there was no Internet, no speed of life reporting, no 24 hour a day breakdown of words and we will have to make our choices on change, issues and trust.
This just may balance the nations stress level out a little so we can concentrate on the other stresses that need our attention. It may also create a trend towards unifying the country, rather than dividing it. Of course, great diet, good supplements, and getting sleep, well that just goes without saying...

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