Sunday, December 31, 2006


Well, it is here, the accumulation of everything we did for the entire year running through our head all in one day. A time to look at the successes, the failures, the completion of tasks and the list of coulda should wouldas!

A time to see what goals to set for next year. The ones we need to complete, the ones we should complete, and also the longer list of have to complete but most likely will not. Goal setting is a wonderful motivating feeling. But once we commit it to reality, or write it down, or tell someone about it, the good feeling goes away, and it is replaced with stress, self defeat, disgust, and pre set mode for failure.

Size of goals are the biggest reason, and also trying to make a change to please other people is the second reason for defeat. If you have to lose fifty pounds, set the goal at 4-5 pounds per month. This goal is easy attained, can be reached with little stress or worry, and when you do, the successful feelings are huge and motivating. Every month you get that feeling and then as the ball gets rolling your motivation level goes up and there is no stopping you. When you leave the goal at fifty pounds, by December, the new goal is seventy because you never did anything about it, got stressed out and ate more and got bigger. We need attainable, realistic goals that we know in our hearts need to be accomplished, or we are doomed to failure, guaranteed!

Make sure your total nutrition is complete. By this I mean, if you are shopping somewhere and you know more than the clerk behind the counter, run away and quickly. Go to a place that has knowledgeable and a highly trained staff, high quality products, and by all means treat yourself at least as good as your car and put only good stuff in it, stop buying wasteful, low quality supplements that will do nothing for you and give you none of the benefits you are looking for. If you need help, e-mail me,, and I can refer you to a store that will make the difference for you and your health.

A few more hints, stop talking about your goals, just do it and let everyone sit back and wonder why you have so much energy, why you look so good, and why this cranky sluggish couch potato is suddenly bouncing of the walls. Let them wonder, you will love it, I am totally sure of that. Relish in the well deserved praise, but do not goal and tell, just say thank you.

I will be traveling a lot this upcoming year, so please keep up with me and my travels and read the blog often. So Happy New Year to all of you, friends new and old, family and wonderful new acquaintances, God bless.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

A non blog day....

No real blog today. I have been helping out one of the stores with inventory, and finishing my last night of volunteering at the Opportunity Village Magical Forest. I will try to get one last blog in tomorrow before we all get started on those life changes.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Hangover time is coming up this weekend

Make sure to take some extra B Complex if you plan on doing some heavy alcohol partaking over this holiday weekend. As you know many many many people drink way too much over the New Years holiday, and end up paying dearly for it in the form of migraines, and hangovers.

By taking extra B Complex during the day, and even extra before you go out and if you remember extra B when you get home, you may just save yourself a heavy head the next day after over doing the night before.

Of course the best way to avoid a hangover is to not drink in the first place, but if you must, at least be good to your body or guaranteed it will remind you for a day or two exactly what you did to yourself.

This of course is just a healthy tip, as there is nothing worst than starting the New Year wishing you had maybe not gone out of the old year with such a large bang. The other thing is to make sure you do all the other SMART things, eat, drink a lot of water, pick a designated driver, and pace yourself, it might just allow you to have a great time without increasing your chances for next day heavy head syndrome.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Blessings are right in front of you eyes,if you look hard enough

Celebrating our strengths and appreciating our weaknesses should be part of our thought process this time of year. I think that we forget to think that we have so many areas of our lives that we need to be thankful for, mostly because we always seem to dwell on the negative parts. I am not sure it is just a human kind thing, or whether we just forget to look around and see everything that is good.

I blame so much of it on the eternal quest for perfection, not that perfection is the same for everyone, but the media seems to plant a permanent seed in our brains that perfection is all contained in our visible outer surface, and nothing below the skin seems to add up to the "perfect person". The most ridiculous thing is, we buy into it, "HOOK, LINE AND SINKER". Whether it is the clothing we wear, the automobiles we drive, the latest place to dine, the newest plastic surgery, whatever, we become ruled by the media and let it not only run our lives, but run our minds as well.

My ideal definition of perfection would be someone that enjoyed getting up every day and going to a job or a career that made them feel wonderful and that by doing it they were making a difference in the world and for everyone they meet. Someone that was happy with all they have achieved, and wants people to know that they are happy. A person that can look in the mirror and say, I need to lose a few pounds and most likely get back to the gym, but I do look great and I feel great and I am healthy, and doing those things will not define me as a person, but can help to possibly make me feel even better than I already do!

To have that person look around at the home and say I am so lucky to have all I have achieved rather than I need more. To look at their family, their kids, wife, husband , significant other and say how lucky I am to have love in my daily life. These things are the individual pieces of our lives that do define us, not the superficial things we obtain or collect. I always try to remind myself that it is not the one "with the most toys who wins in the end", it is the one who takes the most wonderful memories with them, and leaves the biggest void behind them in the game of life. This way you know you have done a good job in the eyes of you friends, your family and all you have touched. So stay as healthy as you can, and appreciates the blessings all around you, you may just find that a New Years resolution is not necessary at all.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Cold weather equals sore joints and arthritis flare ups

So many people this time of year suffer worst than they do all year with chronic joint pain. I am sure the colder weather plays an integral part of this scenario, as well as damp weather which added with cold winds seem to chill us to the bone.

Another larger factor is that as the weather gets colder, and we seem to recluse at home and our extra time seems to be turned to inside activities, our overall movement and exercise routines go away. We know for a fact that Arthritis is one of those catch 22 diseases. You need to move and exercise but it hurts for a while and then you will benefit greatly. Most of us seem to do nothing and continue to degenerate and although we hurt and complain, it still does not motivate change. Exercise is a must to strengthen all of the ligaments and muscles and soft tissue around irritated and degenerating joints, as well as building good bone density. Once you get onto an exercise routine, you will see the difference and understand the benefits more clearly.

The next thing we have to address is nutrition. Most people , when they go to their Doctors receive either prescription or over the counter NSAIDS (NON STEROIDAL ANTI INFLAMMATORY DRUGS). These would include Motrin, Ibuprofin and just about all over the counter pain medications. I must stress something, most people when the begin taking these drugs will experience a wonderful relief of their discomfort and pain. Please understand, these drugs are not correcting any situation at all, they are band aiding the problem so you can function only. I have no problem with using these as long as you remember two things: they can upset and do damage to your stomach so make sure to watch for sensitivity, and remember to use rebuilding nutrition to get to the actual cause of the problem. Yes, these others "drugs" can be used to get you going and to give you quality of life, function and mobility, but only if you follow the other two rules closely.

After starting on these medications be careful not to over exercise as although you feel better, the problem is still going on under the surface. If you are adding nutrition, you can start out exercising slowly while rebuilding your bone density and joint cartilage.

Nutrition should be taken daily and sometimes a few times a day to get the process going. A very high quality Glucosamine joint rebuilding product should be taken up to three times per day. Make sure it contains glucosamine sulfate not other cheaper poorly absorbable forms of glucosamine. Minerals and supplemental calcium should be taken at dinner and bedtime for help with bone density. A lubricant like flax seed oil and increasing the consumption of fish will help to oil the joints. Just following the above recommendations will make a great difference. If you have already had joint replacement surgery, the above is recommended as well for preventing future problems to other joints.

Remember to keep the weight down as carry a large amount of extra weight puts undue stress and pressure on your weight bearing joints. It is never to late to repair and move forward to better health with less pain and discomfort, getting started seems to be out biggest mountain to climb to get things moving.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The week before we begin our 2007 life changes

Happy day after the holidays. I hope everyone in reading distance, and even those out of distance are well, healthy and happy and of course full!

Now as we approach the next of our fun filled holidays, it is time to take a look at the year past and decide what went right and what went terribly wrong, health wise. Did you satisfy all of the goals you set for yourself this year? Did you quit smoking, drinking and overeating like you told yourself you would? How about that gym membership, did you actually go visit the money you have been spending for so long and see the inside of the gym for the first time? Did you change your diet and work hard at getting so healthy that you could get off that Blood pressure and Diabetic medicine?

If the answer is no to any and most of these questions, then you are in the majority of Americans who did very little to reset and fix their unhealthy lives. I am not sure why we cannot stick to small goals we set for ourselves when we know for a fact, that in some instances it could be a life and death decision. The funny thing is, if a terrible health problem occurs and your Doctor tells you to do the same things you have been telling yourself to do, you do it, no questions asked. Why we have to be threatened or told what to do to make a change in our health, is above my comprehension.

So this is our goal for the week. To take time and write down the things about your health that definitely needs to be changed. The problems you have, the health problems that are becoming more and more present every day now. Things that could help you feel better if they were different and changes that could help you with energy, mood, depression and self image. You need to do this list today and tomorrow, and then look at it three or four times a day until Sunday. Then try grouping the major most important things together, the ones you know would make you feel great about yourself, and those at the top of the list need to be your 2007 affirmations to yourself. A hint, do not talk about them to anyone, your friends, your kids or even your spouse. These are your affirmations that you alone will benefit from. Let everyone else sit back and watch the butterfly emerge from the cocoon, and sit back and watch the response.

Remember, if you need guidance or direction, and are confused about what to do, what supplements to take, what cleanse to try and what foods to consume, send me an e mail. I will tell you all I can by e- mail, and I will let you know where I will be for a one on one conversation to help you in the right direction.

I have learned that a positive approach, and a little guidance can make a drastic life change, one that can be long lived by you and all those around you. So make your list, and decide what things are the most important changes for you to make your life better and happier for you alone. Changes are always the most successful when they are made by us, for us, and when we alone are ready to do it, and not before.

Good luck

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hoodia to the rescue

Today starts a two week overeater ticket to paradise. A ticket to binge and to indulge, you know eat everything in sight, and some things hidden.

If you can, pick up a quality, standardized brand of Hoodia before you are too far gone. Hoodia is used in it's elemental root and bark and leave form by bush men in Africa, and all over South America to curb hunger. They chew it and brew it as tea and are able to travel long distances without food.

They also have no desire to eat. Here in this country it is not as if we are traveling long distances in between availability of food supplies, but we could definitely use something to keep us from driving our car from one drive up window to another.

In many countries, being able to travel lighter and not packing so many supplies can mean the difference in getting to their destination or not. Although we do not have this trouble in America, our problem seems to be which place to eat, and how many times per day to eat.

So lets be realistic, you know you will overeat and indulge. You know you will say "I will never do it again, and next week is when my New Years resolution starts", so save yourself a little trouble and use the Hoodia and just eat less. It might just be what you need to stay on course without depriving yourself. You eat what you want, but a lot less of it.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


Well, the last few days of craziness are upon us. I am hoping that everyone has done all of their shopping and that they are now able to begin the actual enjoyment of the season.

Remember, the holidays mean friendship, family, remembering how lucky we are to be here, good health, of course all of our religious remembrances of course.It is also a time to eat too much, drink too much, and get all frazzled.

Do not forget to take your vitamins, add an extra B Complex for stress, and some extra calcium and Magnesium at night to help you relax a little better. If you are still out in the hussle and bussle, wash your hands frequently, drink plenty of water, and eat something to keep up your energy. Park a ways away from the stores so you get your walking exercise in both ways, and when you get back home, jump up and sown and be grateful that you made it home safely in the this traffic.

two days left, hanging there and remember: you will get to do it all again next year!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas count down

As many of you know I am volunteering at the Magical Forest Christmas extravaganza put on by Opportunity Village this December. Well, this is the weekend before the holiday so blogs will be sparse as this is the busy part of the season.

All of the proceeds go to help to build the third campus for Opportunity Village which works solely with the mentally retarded , Downs syndrome and Autistic adults in Nevada, I feel it is the most wonderful cause I could help out.

So if you live in Las Vegas , come out and help to participate in this wonderful event. I hope to see many more of you there, and thank you to all that have come out and have found me to say hello!!!

The above picture is what I would call enjoying life, and love and friendship.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

A letter to Santa

With this being so close to Christmas, and seeing as I have been around the Opportunity Village Magical Forest every night since Thanksgiving, being festive gets very contagious. I was speaking to Santa last night at the forest, and wanted me to read one of the millions of letters he has received this year. He said this letter is what Christmas should be about, and after I read it, I had his permission to share it will all of you. I will write it exactly as Santa received it.

Dear Santa,

I lost my original note wich is a shame because it was dec-orated w/ sequins and buttons. I will have you the original note at my house by your cookies and milk. For Christmas I would like a game called:"Cranium Turbo Edition",The Princess diaries 2", and a No Doubt Greatest hits CD.

I don't want to smuther you in wishes and I know I won't get it all so just really think about my first request. I have a couple quistions for you. 1. is "How do you hide the North Pole? 2. is "Do you know the Tooth fairy, the New Years eve Baby, the Easter bunny and cupid?" and 3."Why are elves so small?" I will leave you a piece of paper so you can leave me your Autograph and your answers. I hope I'm on the nice list?.

love Taylor

Belief is such a wonderful quality that most of us had one time in our life.I wish, for my wish that we could all have a little more faith, a little more trust, that people would be nicer all year, not just around the holidays, and the most important, that everyone would spend a little more time being healthy and putting as much importance into that which makes us stronger.

I think if we did, we would be happier, healthier, on less medications, and spending our time at places we want to be, and not those we do not want to be at, like the Doctors office!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Why take things that do not work?

Today's blog is in response to the greatest questions I was asked yesterday. I will answer it as boldly and directly as I can. The question was, Dear Jeff, I have been using vitamins for over five years now and I have never felt any different, I am always sick and I have no energy at all,maybe what I am using is not very good, should I try another brand?

YES!!! I thought to myself, why would you continue to do something that costs you time, money, gas to get there to get it, time to take them, and lots of energy and good health time lost if it does not work? Of course you should try another brand.

The reason I have stayed with Great Earth vitamins over 25 years is because I know what they do and the hoops they jump through to make sure when you use their supplements they not only work, you know it because you feel great. I have companies recruiting me all the time, and when I get through with all of the questions I ask their recruiters about how their stuff is researched, how it is made, their quality control, their assays, the raw product, their bottling and tableting procedures, and storage of raw products, they start to ask themselves why they work there!

Lets face it. Americans are hard to impress. If they buy something that does not do what they thought in their mind it was supposed to do, they take it back. If food does not taste good to them, they send it back. If they order something and were suckered into something they send it back. If they hire someone and the job performance is not to their satisfactions, they hire someone else. If they get married and do not like the relationship, they end that too! So please, would someone please tell me why you would take nutritional supplements over and over again when they do nothing, and are obviously poor quality and do not work???

Please, if you are now or have been cutting corners and buying things you thought were such a good deal, and cutting corners on your health. If you have been using supplements that have made no difference in you state of mind, you overall health, and have not done anything they were supposed to do if they were actually high quality, DO NOT BUY THEM AGAIN. E-mail me and I will gladly recommend places to go to get things that work.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Technology and being spoiled rotten in America

What did we do before cellular phones were invented? I guess it was beepers or pagers, and before that, we had to have exact change and find a pay phone, or just wait until we got to where we were going. We have become so dependent on the cellular phone and all of the perks, I know I could not live without it.

I do not even wear a watch anymore. I use my phone as a watch and an alarm clock, a personal journal, an address book, a phone number directory, a camera ,a radio, and a computer. Is there something wrong with this? I think we all have just about gone to the extreme with technology.

I only say that because with all of the time saving devices in our lives like the computer, our zero to a million mph cars,our super dooper fast phones, and do not forget fast food, and with all of this great stuff and our lives going so fast, why is it we are always late.

People seem to be running everywhere, driving fast because they are late, and I see the same women doing their makeup, and men shaving in the car on the way to work. I see more people eating and driving, and if you are not talking on the phone to someone about absolutely nothing while you are driving, walking, watching television, or eating at the restaurant there is something wrong with you.

I overheard this women the other day in the Library talking on the phone. I was there for about one hour, She came in and set all her books up like she was going to do some serious writing and studying. She then dialed the phone, put her feet on the table, talked for an entire hour while chewing gum and blowing bubbles, loudly. She talked about her makeup, her clothes, her dog, he friends dog, the weather, what somebody thinks about somebody and then after an hour she ended her conversation with"enough studying, this is exhausting". With that said she loaded up her bag and left never missing a word and continued to talk on the phone. What is this about? I do not get it, and I feel so much better knowing that she is part of the the future of this country.

So with all of the technology we are still running behind even more. We are always late, always overloaded with work, still do not take time to enjoy life, still eating on the run, and never have enough time to get things done. Does there seem to be anything wrong with this scenario, or is it just me? How can we have all of this stuff at our fingertips and still not be able to relax half of the day with all of the time we are saving? My answer, I just do not know, I give up.

Our grandparents seemed to run large farms and work all day long, cook and grow and raise their own food. Teach the kids, raise large families, spend time with the families every night and still have relaxation time every night. And seriously there was not a drip of speed induced technology available. If you wanted things to go faster, you just moved a little faster, and that was all she wrote.

I think people were satisfied easier then, and happier too. Today people have it all, want it all, and still are miserable. I think we have become a country of spoiled brats, and we are getting worst ever day, and this country is heading towards a great big temper tantrum.

I think everyone needs a dose of reality to make them appreciate their lives a little more. Natural disasters do this, so does losing a job during the holidays or finding out you have a disease, or a loss of your entire fortune .Not that any of these things are good at all, but it sure seems as if people appreciate life more after they have gone through something tragic like this.

So, take the time this holiday season to enjoy everything you have and not dwell on what you this you want. Look around your own house, and you will be surprised to see all you have accomplished and accumulated, and be thankful every day that you are here and that life could always be worst, no matter where you are, or what you are going through at this exact minute in time.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Taking inventory

Starting in January you are going to take a look the mirror and wonder what happened over the last year. How did I get to this point, I look older and I feel older and it is now time that I realize that I really need to focus on my life. I think we get so wrapped up in all of the things that are important in our own minds, but in reality there are things that we could focus on differently, and by changing our priorities, give them the importance they deserve.

I have always said that if I had the choice of inventing two tablets, one would be a anti- procrastination pill, and the other would be one that makes us want to run to the gym every day no matter what else is going on that day. Can you imagine how wonderful it would be to actually want to do the things we need to do, and enjoy attaining all the goals we set?

Today is a day to get your mind in the gear where you know what you did during the year that was good and bad. What you did and what you didn't do, what needs to be different, how you need to change your priorities and the way you look at all of the choices you make every day.

Every year I make a list of small goals I would like strive to attain during the year. I find them easier to deal with and more attainable that huge mountain sized goals that I never will tackle or overcome. I make a list of good things I did and changed during the year, and then I do another column of things I should have done, and also the dumb and bad choices I made. All of this allows me to make my new years focus a little clearer. Some years I am amazed at all I have done, where some years I am disgusted that I was so lazy and did very little to make my life better and healthier.

Just as you plan a vacation, a wedding and a big event, a little life planning can be just the trick to narrowing your New Years focus so that at years end your good choices list is much larger than your "coulda shoulda" list.

I love the quote" If I knew I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself". This is a very true statement, and many people would have made the necessary changes to possibly avoid major disasters in their lives. But then there is that group out there that no matter what, will always do it their way, and will just deal with the circumstances, whether they had a heads up or not! Personal choice? Absolutely. Good choice? NO....

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Yearly medical tests...eeeek!

Why do you think we all wait until something is going wrong with us before we go in for a basic checkup? I think it is the fear of the unknown, or we are scared that something might be wrong. We all have little tell tale signs that things may not be right physically, but it is easier to dismiss them or just ignore them completely.

Remember the brake on the car scenario.You are driving the car and you approach a stop sign and you hear the brakes squeal. You have such a busy stressful week that you decide to ignore it and you turn up the volume on the radio. This goes on for a few weeks, and then one day you pull up to the same stop sign and you press the brakes and they grind and you feel the metal on metal. You have just taken a one hundred dollare brake job and turned it into a eight hundred dollare total brake job. Moral of the story is to listen, and to react while it is a mole hill, rather than waiting until it is a mountain.

I thought I would list some things we all need to pay attention to, and then make a yearly basic set of things everyone over 40 should be getting done on an annual basis.

Headaches more than a few times a week, cold hands and cold feet, light headedness,severe constipation, urinary tract infections, chronic gas and bloating. Mood swings, trouble sleeping, pain in the chest, numbness in the extremities, cloudy or blurred vision, memory problems, erectile and libido problems for men, hormonal changes for women, night time frequency of urination. Depression or anxiety, redness in the face that does not go away, rapid weight gain or rapid weight loss,changes in the skin,color changes to moles, loss of taste, soreness that will not go away. Breast tenderness in women, groin pain, or stomach pain, blood in the stool, severe body odor, hearing problems, joint pain.

Now I know this list looks long, but our bodies are actually well tuned machines that will talk to us when something is not correct, but we have to do something and we have to listen.

The following are a few things that everyone should get done, test wise every year. Basically to get a starting point, and to see what has changed from one year to the next. Men: prostate exam, blood panel, blood pressure, cholesterol and homocysteine levels, sugar panel. Women: blood panel, hormone tests, blood pressure, cholesterol and homocysteine levels, thyroid. After forty five, both men and women need to receive a colonoscopy every two to three years, and of course women need to be screened for breast and ovarian and cervix cancer yearly.

I know how much we all hate going to the Doctors, believe me, I have to be taken in kicking and screaming, and sedated, but we need to go. So many major problems can be prevented if early diagnoses is practiced, and many can be a death sentence if we do not know what is going on under the surface.

You know, every year we get our smog test before we register our car, and we stand back and wait for the pass or fail light to come across the screen. We do it because we are told we have to so we can register the car for another year. Well, we need to do these yearly medical tests so we can sleep a little easier over the next year, and hopefully catch things before they are un catchable.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Having the nothing fits for the Christmas party blues again?

Did you know, although it may be impossible, that you could shed about ten pounds by the end of the year by just cutting out carbs? It is the funniest thing, we stand in front of the mirror getting ready for all of the holiday festivities, and stand in front of a closet with clothes we cannot fit into. We get upset, end up going out to but a one timer outfit, saying to ourselves this is the last piece of fat clothes I am buying. But we go to all of the parties and do the very thing that causes us to be in this mess in the first place, we eat sugar and carbs, and lots of them, and every food company in the country knows it. Foods are advertised to be sinfully sweet and decadent, and we dive right in head first and enjoy every bite.

Why do we do this? We know better, we have all of the information, we hear all of the reports on Diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease, and obesity, but we just do not listen.

So hear are the rules, if you think you can do it, depending on how bad you need a jumpstart, and how important it is to get a noticeable visible difference before the holiday.
Eat only protein, and small portions, you will go through mental withdrawal, but in three days you will not be hungry, and once you are over the mental habit, you are home free. If you can do this until years end, in January I will upon request steer you through a three month reshaping, and rebuilding you body and your life.

Sounds easy, it is, and if you have just spent twenty minutes trying to figure out what to wear to the company Christmas party, you will get it and know exactly what I am taking about. I am still amazed how let food rule our life for the negative, when we could just wave a wand and have it rule our life for the good of our health just as easily. Problem is, bad eating, most of the time just plain tastes better.

Eat to live, do not live to eat, but of you do, make it protein!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Bad breath?

Did you ever wonder why even though you use the best mouth wash and toothpaste everyday and your breath is still not fresh and clean? Why you always have a fear of breathing on someone and they will jump back because of your breath? You even do regular Dentist appointments to make sure all is well, and your Dentist always says great.

Makes you wonder what can be going on in there. You are even one of those people that steer far away from anything spicy, no garlic or onions for you, I mean why add to the problem. You have chewed so much gum and sucked on so many mints that the inside of your mouth is totally numb. If this all sounds familiar, you may be surprised to know that it may not even be your mouth, teeth or gums, but could all be coming from your stomach. Yep, bad digestion causes more mouth, oral, body, and elimination odor than any other reason.

If you think of the summer when you take the trash to the road and the pick up is a day late, and the smell is creeping up the driveway? Well now imagine, that same scenario in your stomach, but the odor is coming up through your mouth in your breath, through the urine and stool, and seeping through the pores, and there you have the problem at hand.
The one great thing about all of this is that the fix is easier than you think, and the results can be permanent as long as you stick to them.

Step one: Chew your food completely, like your Mom always said, chew your food or you will choke on it, she meant it, but in this case, chew it or you cannot digest it.

Step two: Pick up a digestive enzyme, I like the Ergozymes, as there is nothing I have ever found to be stronger or more complete with the power to break down all food groups. Take one or two after every meal to ensure you are digesting all you swallow.

Step three: Stop drinking liquids at your meal. When you drink too much at the meal you dilute all of the acids in your gut, and then your food just floats around for hours waiting for the stomach to create enough acid to break down the meal. This way you also stimulate gas, pressure, and can end up on the purple prescription pill because of this bad habit.

Step four: Pick up some Odoreze, this is an internal combination blend of Chlorophyll that will do an internal deoderizing of you gut everyday, and work like an internal deodorant. It will help with a sour stomach, help with the smell that seeps through the skin and out the mouth. It actually freshens the entire inside of the body.

I know it sounds easy, but why not, some things are. Most of us have a hard time thinking that something that drives us so crazy every single day need be so complicated, but sometimes it is just that easy.

So mints and gum will now become a pleasure again and not the first line of defense against the world. No more doing the hand to mouth breath freshness test everytime someone you know is coming in your direction.

If you need help to find these wonderful products, please email me or leave a comment on the blog page.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Flu or cold???

So you are felling lousy, is it a cold or is it the flu? They are similar, but there differences that make it easy to distinguish.

Most colds do not cause a fever, and headaches are very rare. The general body weakness and lethargy is not usually present. What can be very common is a stuffy nose, sneezing, sore throat with mild to heavy coughing. You may also experience sinus blockage or congestion, and ear aches are also very common.

With the flu, a fever of up to 104 degrees is characteristic and can last for days at a time. Body aches and headaches are often quite harsh and overall weakness and exhaustion are extreme and make you want to do nothing. Some of the other differences between the two are sneezing, stuffy nose and sore throats only occur sometimes with the flu, where tightness of the chest and congestion can becomes severe as infection sets in. As the flu progresses, bronchitis and pneumonia can be life threatening, especially in young children and the elderly.

Although a common cold can seem to be a tragedy at the time we have it, a cold is much milder and you can generally function with your daily routine, where the flu can keep you down for the count for days and weeks and a month to recover.

Both are best prevented by keeping the immune system as strong as possible. We know we can not live in a bubble and that germs are everywhere, and you have them coming at you at the speed of light, so as much prevention as possible is the best way to proceed.

I wrote a five day prevention blog a month or so back on flu prevention, you might want to jump into the archives for a refresher course. Basically these few steps can make the difference between an upright winter, and one where you are flat on you back more than once fighting the bug crud.

Take a strong timed released multiple vitamin every day, add in some extra timed released Vitamin C, 2000 mg to 3000 mg daily. Pick up a quality Colloidal silver, I like the Graces brand, take a half a teaspoon daily as a preventive antibiotic, and get the nasal spray to use if you are always in smoke or heavy germ filled environments. Did you know that by using Colloidal silver, both ways, you prevent most germs from being able to penetrate your body. Most of us get sick from touching germs and touching our mouths, or breathing in the germs through our nose or mouth, so keeping a slow steady preventive layer helps to bounce off the germs.

Next, pick up an herbal internal formula called Body Well, it has all of the natural herbal antibiotic formula herbs, and most people that have been on it for the last fifteen years, would never ever be without it. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water, and get as much quality sleep as possible.

That's it, a few simple things to keep you healthy during the weather change. The rest is up to you, do not stress, dress warm, and eat the best that you can. We need to remember that many people are in the same rooms with the same sick people and they never get sick and you always do, the difference may be that they always do the prevention routine, and you do not, so no time better than the present.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Holiday nuttiness

Do you feel a little extra edgy this time of year? Let's face it the holidays may bring out the beautifulness of our homes and trees and the act of cooking and gift giving, but sometimes it brings out our ugly stressed out side too.

So many people push themselves so hard during the season to make everything right, and perfect, and making sure all the t's are crossed and the i's are dotted that they literally run themselves in the ground. A simple way to get through this time of year is to make lists and prioritize, and remember you can only do what you do and what you can afford. Guilt makes people do ridiculous things in December and brings on the feeling that whatever they do it may not be enough.

I am sure we have just completely forgot what the holidays are really about and have created this illusion in our mind that rather than a time of love, happiness and friends and family, it is all about the mighty dollar and shopping. I guess it could be a little of the latter but get a grip, the world will not come to an end if you forget someone on your list or that you do not go overboard. I know many people that travel during the holidays every couple of years, they leave, they do not shop, no tree, no decorations and believe it or not, they have a great holiday and they do not sweat a thing while they are gone.

So when you get overwhelmed, stand back and take a good look at how ridiculous we are this time of year and how utterly crazy we allow ourselves to be. Take some extra B- Complex everyday for this stress you have allowed yourself to create, double your intake of nightly calcium, because you know all that extra walking at the malls makes your legs sore, and read yesterday's blog on better sleep to shut yourself down. You can also carry some Kava with you for those edgy afternoons when you find yourself stalking the person that took the last laughing Elmo doll and you are plotting a way to get it from them.

Finally, chill, enjoy the holidays, and be thankful for all the great things in your life, and make decisions about the bad stuff so you can change them and make them as good as everything else.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sweet dreams

Today's question is one that is asked of me often, and I feel that it needs to be discussed. Dear Jeff, is it normal for me to wake up in the morning more tired than I went to sleep, it happens whether I sleep for four hours or ten hours?

Obviously the answer is no, it is not normal or correct or right for you to feel this way after going through a rebuilding, and recharging sleep phase. The reason most people feel like this when they get up is almost always stress, and non quality sleep due to stress.

If you are one of those people that has a hard time shutting down your head, and you actually work, dwell, and stress while you are sleeping,it is no wonder you feel like this when you get up. Sleep time is meant to completely relax, recharge and repair the stress and wear and tear we put on our bodies when we are up and awake. For most people, sleep and rest does the trick and they wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go. But a large percentage of people are actually more tired than when they went to sleep. Many people seek out their Physicians for medication, and I must say, many of these medications have been lifesavers for so many troubled relaxers and non constructive sleepers.

If you are in this category, before you run to the Doctor, remember there are wonderful over the counter remedies that may work very well for you, and if they do not, you still have the alternative to try the pharmaceutical products.

If you prefer a light dose try the herb Passion flower, or Chamomile, both of these are very mild, and produce no groggy next day hangover. The next level would be Valarian root or Kava, although stronger, most mornings are clear of cloudiness in the head. One step above these we would look to herbal combinations or products that contain many of these herbs all together in a synergistic blend like Sleepeze, a well formulated combination. Some people do better to have a blend when a singular herb does not do the trick on it's own.

The next step up would be a product like 5HTP or Tryptophan, which is available again. These can, for some people cause a little next day grogginess, but the trade off is a great nights sleep, and both are also use for mild anxiety and very mild depression symptoms as well. The strongest singular product may just be Melatonion, and for many has been a lifesaver, the tradeoff is sometimes very strong and colorful dreams, and many times a morning cloudy hangover that can last a short while in the morning. All of which is worth it for those people that are now able to get the rest and sleep they needed so badly.

So as you can see your choices are vast and varied, but the end result is a good nights sleep. So happy dreams, and good bye to going through the motions of sleep every night.And remember, the natural alternative may be all you need without ever having to venture to the pharmaceutical counter.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Fresh or frozen???

I am often asked about the best way to buy and eat vegetables.To me, the best way would be to grow them in organic soils using no pesticides or chemicals and pick them fresh off the vine and cook them in your own kitchen, or eat them raw.

Well, that is a perfect scenario in a perfect world. Most people do not even come close to their five to six servings of fresh vegetables every day, most people, if they could would count catsup and lettuce on a burger as two servings, and actually mean it!

Even if you are eating your vegetables every day, unless they are organically grown, and you are buying them on a regular grocery store shelf, the chances of getting much in the form of nutrition is very small. Most of our vegetable supply is picked about half way through the ripening cycle, shipped, trucked or flown to holding warehouses where they sit idle until they are needed and then they are fully ripened with gases that actually force ripening, but add nothing to the actual nutrition of the food. We have to remember that when vegetables are growing in an ideal situation, they are allowed to fully ripen on the vine, or in the ground so to make sure they have all the nutrition they are meant to have. When they are picked so soon into the ripening cycle, the actual vitamins and minerals do not get a chance to develop into the food.

Also, there was a time when farmers and agriculturalists would rotate crops from year to year, because different vegetables and fruits use different nutrients from the soils, and this would make sure that food crops would not strip the soils two grow seasons in a row. This also provided that every year you would get as much as you possibly could from your crop, and the nutrition would always be there.

Today everything is farmed and shipped, and unless it is organic, you know that pesticides and preservatives are as common as the water they use to make them grow. If you have ever been to large health food store that carries organic produce, you will be amazed at how different it looks from say the normal stock on a regular grocery store shelf. Organic produce is sometimes different shapes, and may even look very imperfect, sometimes smaller and all of this because harmful preservatives and pesticides were not used.

Have you ever noticed that when you go to a regular grocery store that all the apples look the same, and all the vegetables are huge like they were made in a mold.The fact is bigger and redder and riper does not mean more nutrition. Sometimes the smaller organic tomato has more nutrition that one three times it size grown abroad and ripened with gas and picked a third of the way through it's growth cycle.

If you cannot do organic or the availability is not there, get fresh frozen. This will at least let you know that the vegetables had to be vine ripened to be quick frozen, Sometimes I think that frozen, for most parts of the country would be best. Shelf life is better, nutrition is more complete, and in many instances price is a plus as well.

So there really is no reason for you not to get your veggies, just work them into the diet. But remember, eat the good stuff and do not waste your time on going through the motions with food that gives you nothing nutritionally back in return.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Happy and healthy fingernails

Have you seen what women spend on treating their fingernails lately? I am sure if you have or have worn acrylic nails, the price is quite expensive, but because your nails do eventually grow underneath, maintenance is a continuous thing that need be addressed.

When I complement women on their nails, almost everyone is appreciative because of the time, the patience, the smell of the chemicals, you also have to drive to the salon, make an appointment, and do this all on a monthly or bi monthly basis. Although many women will say without their nails being done, and manicured, it is like they are only half dressed.

Underneath those beautiful acrylic nails and after years and years of chemicals and fills, your real nails have been most likely ruined beyond belief. I think this why it is easier to keep them, because the time period of unsightliness during a reconstructive growth cycle could take many many months. Most women do not want to have their hands exposed for inspection and ridicule by others while they are growing back their own nails.

Sometimes though, yeast and fungus and bacteria get under the nails and due to infection you may have to remove them, or the cost for whatever reason gets to be too much to bare. If this is a situation you are in, relief may be as close as your health food nutrition store.

The following is a set of tips to grow beautiful long healthy and strong nails, and believe it or not, faster than you would think possible.

First of all increase your protein intake in your diet, as protein feeds and nourishes the nails. Pick up some Knox unflavored gelatin and put a packet in some juice or yogurt, EVERY single morning. Next, pick up some Calcium and Magnesium, preferably in a chelated form, and take them at night, or the Mezotrace minerals and again nighttime is best for absorption. Pick up a formula called Beautiful Nails by Great Earth, it is loaded with nutrients for helping to nourish and feed the nail bed and strengthen the nails, actually it will help weak damaged hair as well! The next step is important, add Flax seed oil to your diet, a deficiency in fatty acids also affects the nails and hair and skin.

Just these few steps will change the look, feel and strength of your nails. I wish I could wave a wand and say the ugly phase will not be there at all, but I cannot. You could try doing all of this for a month before you remove the nails, and you will have jump on the growth phase.

Believe me, your nails, although beautiful and always noticed by just about everyone, will breathe a literal sigh of relief for the first time in a very long time, plus we really do not need the extra chemicals just to get to the beauty.

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Perspective and appreciation

Funny thing weather, two weeks ago it was forty degrees during the day, and here we are into December and it will be in the mid sixties today.

I think we are more motivated to do things when the weather is better, I know for a fact that bad inclimate weather makes us irritable, bored, cranky, depressed, and some times where we even put off important things that need to be done. Maybe we just use it for an excuse, but lets face it, anything to get out of doing errands, yard work and that stuff to do list.

One more thing about good weather is we feel better, it is like we have more positive endorphins and everything seems to be flowing in the right direction. An example would be if I was talking to someone about changing a bad habit or starting a diet or doing a cleanse, on certain days they would be more agreeable because they feel better and like the way they feel and want to do everything to continue to feel great. On a bad day, lousy weather, stressed out and cranky and in a bad mood, although the individual knows all these things, they do not have the get up and go to see past it. We sometimes get so submerged in the negative and sometimes by things we have no control over that it seems impossible to see past it and remember how wonderful you can feel, and how active and positive we used to be.

So my answer to this is that we stay focused on our nutrition all of the time, never break from it. This way it is with us during good times, bad times, stressed out times, bad work days, through happy and sad times, you know, always. It is like an insurance policy, we hate paying the premium, but when somebody fooling around with their cell phone and not paying attention slams into us, at that point we are ever so glad we have it.

I deal with people that are only getting into nutrition because they are falling apart at the seams, and you know, that is great, always better late than never, as many health situations can be reversed. But, if we are ahead of the eight ball, so to say, many of those huge bumps in the road of life and health may just only be a slight glitch or mole hill size bump.

This is why nutrition is known as preventive health, although sometimes it is only used because of a health situation, because prevention is our best defense.So when we are down and depressed, and not motivated, we need to remember that all will pass and good times are around the corner, and we need to jump on the good times and do everything we can do to make them last as long as possible. If this means doing all the right things, we should do them, and if it means giving up some of the bad stuff, so be it, because we need to remember what we felt like inbetween the good health times.

I wonder if the reason we are not always happy, and financially secure, and healthy and in a great mood all of the time is because we would expect it, get used to it and not appreciate it. Maybe those bumps in the road, and shaky health times come our way to make us smell the roses, and APPRECIATE, the good things so we will never take them for granted.

Did you ever notice how on top of the world you were when you have a day when every single thing goes right? You get up, your clothes look great, you feel wonderful, your breakfast tastes incredible, no traffic on the way to work, all green lights,you get your favorite parking space. Then as the day progresses all of your projects are done with rave reviews, lunch is incredible, you find a twenty dollar bill in the pocket of your jacket you were not expecting, the ride home is wonderful and smooth, you get a letter from an old friend, your relationship is in full bloom, a romantic evening and you end a simply perfect day. The next day it is bad from the minute your feet hit the floor. This is why we always need to be prepared mentally, physically and most of all NUTRITIONALLY.

I always remember how great the little things are and when I have a whole day of them.I think we all need to deal with two words daily: perspective and appreciation, they are more similar and more important that you think.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Magical Forest in Las Vegas

Tonight I am volunteering at the Opportunity Village Magical Forest , which benefits the school program for Opportunity Village. For information you can go online and look up Opportunity Village.

I will have a more lengthily discussion tomorrow, but tonight I am needed all evening there.

The picture above is myself and my Mom Pat, who has been a volunteer and an integral part of their program for over twenty years. If you live in Las Vegas try to come out and support this wonderful cause sometime between now and the end of the holiday season.

For even more fun, pull up their Santa Clause run this Saturday!!

Thank you

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Life does zoom by, with or without you

Amazing how fast time seems to go these days. Does it seem to you that time is flying by, and that if you blink you seem to miss the day completely? I feel that we are all in such a hurry these days that we do not take anytime to enjoy the now, we either dwell on the could- shoulda -wouldas, or we are planning Christmas dinner in July.

When I was younger it seemed as if the special times of year could not get here fast enough, and today I wish they would slow down because most of the time I am either too busy to fully enjoy them, or not prepared when they get here, or the worst, miss them completely.

This feeling also ties in with making the changes we need to make.You know, dieting, cleansing, exercising, eating better, drinking more water, stopping the vices like smoking and alcohol, and doing those things we keep saying we are going to do.

Sometimes I think we immerse ourselves in the business of day to day life, so that we do not have to focus on the things that need to be changed. Think about it, going to the gym, "I am too busy", dieting," I will start next week, and so on". I feel our safety zone is just that , the excuse of being busy when we all know we could work smarter not harder, and we could prioritize just a little better.

I know people that I have waited on that have become great friends, and a few of them were always planning for the day when they could take the time to enjoy life. Meanwhile, life was zooming by at the speed of light and they made themselves so busy they missed it completely. Finally when they were mentally and financially at the stage when they could slow down and enjoy it, they looked in the mirror and had some rude awakening to deal with.

They were now on many medications, overweight and out of shape, full of arthritis and not able to move as freely as they wished they could. They were looking at an old person where a younger vibrant one had stood not so long ago. I am sorry to say that almost everyone that rushed through their lives died soon after mentally achieving the time to slow down. All the work, missing all of those special events and times , very few memories other than the dreams that pushed them to continue, but not much to mentally take with them.

Very sad, I still see it every day, people in a hurry to go nowhere quickly. Missing wonderful events and the chances to make memories, missing the fun along the way time, the learning as you go and special events that actually makes life worthwhile.

Just yesterday I heard of another "go getter" that passed away two months after achieving his slow down time. All the money in the world but no family nobody to share it with. He died a lonely millionaire with little to no personal memories.

The moral of this entry is to get you to let yourself enjoy life. Take the time to achieve your goals, but not at the expense of missing your life. Do not put off good healthy living and nutrition as you will need to be healthy along the journey you take. Start those goals you keep making and remember year after year those goals start off as mole hills and end up becoming mountains and you will then never be able to achieve them. Living a quantity of life is not living a quality life, and if your" to be done list" is causing negativity and keeping you from being happy, prioritize the list and knock them out one goal at a time. Achieving goals helps us to feel great about ourselves and makes us stronger as we achieve everyone no matter how large or small/Like they say, "use it or lose it".

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

An overheard conversation that started a domino effect

I was shopping yesterday and was picking up some dog food, I use a good brand because my feeling is our animals are only as healthy as we allow them to be. I overheard a couple arguing that the good brand was too expensive and the eight dollar bag for fifty pounds was good enough. I must have made a gesture because they were aware that without saying anything I was appalled at her statement.

I walked away and thought to myself that some people should not have pets, and for that matter I wondered if she had kids and they were living on Top Raman? I left the store and went home and later that day I took a few of the Border Collies to the park, I can only handle two of them at a time. Border Collies are very intelligent and any more than two their combined brain power will most likely be more than mine and I am a goner!!

We arrived at the dog park and a half hour later guess who showed up with two of the skinniest unhealthy looking Great Danes I have ever seen, yep, the cheap dog food lady. I waited and watched these poor under fed dogs walk around, you could see their ribs and I kept quiet as long as I could. I walked over to the table where she was sitting, and two ladies were actually pointing and commenting on the skinny dogs. I walked over to the lady and said may I ask you a question? She said yeah, so I asked why she had dogs. She said I love my dogs, I said no you do not. I reminded her of the morning conversation I overheard, and now seeing the evidence I told her that I would be reporting her to the ASPCA. She said "dogs are expensive", I said "you should have realized that before you got the dogs". I then commented on the Mercedes SUV she drove up in with new car tags on it, not that it should be an issue, and was none of my business, but I was stating priorities and she had a bad set of them. I said you should immediately put these dogs up for adoption. She was upset but soon six or seven people came up and started giving her HELL. She got up, went to her car and came back with a folder. She opened it up and signed two pieces of paper, she then threw them on the table and said, they are yours now, have fun. I looked at the papers and they were the AKC papers on her dogs, she left us all sitting there in utter amazement.

She drove away, and to be honest this is the longest time in my life I have ever been speechless. Soon after this a lady came in the park and came up with a beautiful and healthy Great Dane and came over and said is this a party? Her dog out weighed the others by almost fifty pounds, she looked at them and said she was going to be sick. She said she was here visiting her sister from San Diego where she owns and operates a large dog, no kill rescue center. I filled her in and she said she would love to take them, but for herself not for adoption.

We turned around and all three Danes were running and playing. It was as if the two knew they had been saved from the Hell they have been in. Everyone looked at me to make a decision, and instantly the answer was yes. The women formally introduced herself to us and presented papers and articles on her center. Rave reviews from the city of San Diego, articles from the newspaper and her book had hundreds of thank you letters from satisfied adoptive humans.

So the moral of the story, sometimes we do need to get involved as animals cannot speak for themselves. Some people should never have pets, or children and some should not even have friends.

While we are on the subject here are a few healthy tips for your animals. Always get a good quality food, maybe not the most expensive, but at least the highest quality you can afford. Add fresh vegetables to the diet either in the food or as treats, they are great for their breath and digestive tract. Large soup bones are a wonderful treat, the marrow is good for their bones and for their teeth, most butchers will cut some up for you if you ask. Supplement the diet with things like Barley dog green food powder, Mezotrace pet minerals, Barleans flax oil for joint lubrication and joint health formulas for older dogs with problems. One thing, I mean another plus, all of these steps can save you costly vet bills while you keep your animals in top shape.

Just as you car will run lousy on bad gas and cannot run at peak performance, your animals are only as healthy as you take the time to allow them to be..Remember unconditional love is a saving grace for many people, and dogs never care that you are having a bad hair day, they just want to be there when you need some lovin.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

After lunch bloat and blues

Today's question is very common and one of my favorite to answer. Dear Jeff, I start out my day with great morning energy but after lunch I am mentally and physically done for the day, why?

Chances are you do the same thing that most Americans do for lunch, you hit the caffeine, and not a small size, a jumbo one. You then order a large lunch loaded with carbohydrates, white bleaches flour, sugar, deep fried goodies and you woof it all down because your lunch time is short lived. You then get back to work and all that food and treats are laying heavy on your stomach, your digestion is shot, and it is all floating around in a gallon of cold beverage, and your body focuses every ounce of energy on digesting it all and the rest of your body falls apart.

Every year when I put people on a cleansing and low carb diet to follow, the feedback is always the same. Thank you, I have not had gastric disturbances in weeks, I have lots of energy, I am not bloated or tired or fatigued after lunch, and I have dropped twenty pounds. Most of these people try to slide back into their old ways, but after only one or two days they realize they do not want to feel like that ever again.

If your problem is always feeling tired, rundown, fatigued and bloated, overweight and uncomfortable after meals send me an e- mail and I will forward a three month program that can change all the things that make you feel so lousy. You can drop weight, fix your digestive system, correct constipation, increase your energy and positively adjust your self body image.

I can also get you on a good nutritional program and give you digestive help to make sure everything is assimilating and then work on other areas nutritionally that need attention. You just have to decide that you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, and then we will be off and running.

Monday, December 4, 2006

Men, how many times are you getting up during the night?

So men, how many times are you getting up during the night to use the restroom? If it is more than once you could have BPH or prostate enlargement. The first thing to address is maybe you just drink too much liquid at bedtime, but chances are, if you are over thirty five, you may have enlargement of the prostate.

This is more common than you can imagine, but the interesting thing is it never used to happen until men were about fifty to sixty years of age.I am sure we can blame most of this change on our diets, our caffeine consumption, inactivity, our weak abdominal muscles, our failure to drink enough water and the extreme amount of stress we are under. The reason I mentioned weak abdominal muscles is that fifty years ago most men did extreme amounts of physical exercise, they ate lower fatty diets, and keep muscles in the abdominal region strong as well as the lower muscles in the groin, this is a factor to consider.

Most men will go to the Doctor, the Doctor may do a digital exam, you know the prostate white glove test, and may also order a blood workup that will show your PSA level. The PSA is not a fool proof test, but it does in many cases at least alert the patient as well as the Doctor that it may be more than just enlargement, possibly an infection or even prostate cancer. Once the Doctor has ruled out the major things he or she may suggest medication to help with the prostate enlargement problem. This is when you may want to say NO, and let the Doctor know that you would like to take three months to go the natural non side effect route, they will always agree, and some of them will even suggest it before you do.

Next, get your self to the highest quality most knowledgeable health food store in your town or city, if you live in Nevada send me an email and I will direct you where to go. Pick up the strongest prostate formula, and possibly even some additional nutrients to relieve the swelling.

Before I go any further, you need to have an understanding of the prostate. Yes it is a small walnut shaped organ, but it is also very important. It secretes sex hormones, helps with reproduction and also can increase or DECREASE your libido!!!

Imagine you are in the back yard watering the lawn with a hose in the summer, and as long as there are no kinks in the hose you get a nice smooth steady stream of water to do the job. Now imagine, same scenario, one of your friends or your kids stands on the hose, the water will still come out, but the flow is diminished and it will take a lot longer to finish the job. Welcome to the prostate, the urethra runs trough the prostate and when all is normal and not swollen,the urine flow is normal, with age and all of the above mentioned factors the prostate enlarges and clamps down on the urethra and the flow is diminished. This is why you get up so many times during the night, because it takes two, three even up to five times to empty the bladder, so you have to keep getting up, because the urge will wake you up.

When you take prescription medicine first of all it takes up to six months or more to get the full but small effect, also side effects are very possible like low libido, impotence and moodiness. Many tomes you are given a high blood pressure medication, not for your pressure but for the side effect which is urination, and also you may be given a bladder medication that does nothing for the swelling it just empties the bladder better, a band aid basically.

So get your natural products and start drinking more water. I always tell you but now it is not a luxury it is a necessity! Take some supplemental zinc, eat a handful of raw pumpkin seeds every day, start walking and doing lower abdominal exercise, and have sex, yes believe it or not, it helps the prostate.One other thing, prostate enlargement can also be directly related to high cholesterol, so get that checked, and once again, try the natural way first, you liver will thank you.

Prostate enlargement is not a death sentence, but it can cause problems that can psychologically cause major problems, as well as the night time frequency and the daytime slow stream,lack of sex drive and in some instances inability to perform sexually, so fix it and correct it and get on with your life, it is easier than you think.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

The holiday fifteen

Happy holidays and happy fat and sugar consumption! You guessed it, the time of the year when we are drawn to sugar and fat like a magnet. We cannot resist walking by the plate of cookies, free samples at the mall, and lets face it, sweet and fat are what we love to eat, BUT, not so sweet and fat are what we end up becoming.

So how do we get through this season without putting on the Holiday fifteen, and then more in January and February? Because you know the first warm day when you have to uncover yourself from all of the heavy clothes, and you see yourself in a full length mirror, you will most likely have a coronary and need a prozac chaser.We arenot new to this, we go through it every year, you would think we would expect it but as we get more mature, we just do not recover from the holiodays as quickly, and our bodies show it plain and simple. Those ten pounds you used to be able to shed in a week now takes a few months. It is as if the body wants it and refuses to let go of it. So I am always asked, so what do we do?

First of all, watch your carbohydrates. Potatoes, bread, muffins, rice, pasta, sugars and sweets, dairy and the such. Limit yourself to the higher protein foods and green veggies, you are always safe this way. Then if you do partake a little, it is not way above and beyond, it actually does fit the category of a treat, or splurge, rather than plain old pig out. Drink a lot of water, not only for dehydration purposes, but also to keep you full. Never go to the grocery store hungry, never, because you will bring home all the stuff you do not need and forget all the stuff you do need.

As far as nutrition I recommend two things one is Lipotropics, which is a natural fat emulsifier, and a concentrated form of lecithin with no stimulants so everyone can use it safely. It lowers cholesterol, breaks down body fat deposits and helps to eliminate cellulite. It also increases circulation as it breaks down fatty plaque, and gives us more energy as we are then able to get more blood to the brain, and the choline helps our weakened and compromised memories. You can use as many as two to three each meal, and flush the fat away. The next product is a non stimulant carbohydrate blocker called Carb Arrest, This my friends is a cheat pill to take when you over carb indulge, it also works on sugars and fats at the meal. It blocks those calories from converting to sugar fat, and then ultimately to more butt, thigh or gut fat. It is best used with a low carb high protein diet, but is also very effective when someone just wants to have a cheat day, and since there are no harmful stimulants everyone can use it safely.

Next, try parking far away from the mall so you have to walk in. Even if you do need to be at that end of the mall, park there anyway so you can get in a good walk while shopping. Eat at home so you will not be tempted at the food court, and stay far away from it as the blowers are on and pushing that great smell of junk food into you nose and brain, and all of a sudden you WILL be hungry again. Sometimes even if your shopping is done, going to the mall, and walking around and enjoying the people and the music and getting exercise is a way to help with the battle of the bulge as well.

Remember to keep moving, eat only when you are hungry, get good amounts of rest and enjoy the holidays. If you follow these tips when New Years Day gets here, you will not have to add fifteen more pounds to your New Years resolution.