Tuesday, December 5, 2006

After lunch bloat and blues

Today's question is very common and one of my favorite to answer. Dear Jeff, I start out my day with great morning energy but after lunch I am mentally and physically done for the day, why?

Chances are you do the same thing that most Americans do for lunch, you hit the caffeine, and not a small size, a jumbo one. You then order a large lunch loaded with carbohydrates, white bleaches flour, sugar, deep fried goodies and you woof it all down because your lunch time is short lived. You then get back to work and all that food and treats are laying heavy on your stomach, your digestion is shot, and it is all floating around in a gallon of cold beverage, and your body focuses every ounce of energy on digesting it all and the rest of your body falls apart.

Every year when I put people on a cleansing and low carb diet to follow, the feedback is always the same. Thank you, I have not had gastric disturbances in weeks, I have lots of energy, I am not bloated or tired or fatigued after lunch, and I have dropped twenty pounds. Most of these people try to slide back into their old ways, but after only one or two days they realize they do not want to feel like that ever again.

If your problem is always feeling tired, rundown, fatigued and bloated, overweight and uncomfortable after meals send me an e- mail and I will forward a three month program that can change all the things that make you feel so lousy. You can drop weight, fix your digestive system, correct constipation, increase your energy and positively adjust your self body image.

I can also get you on a good nutritional program and give you digestive help to make sure everything is assimilating and then work on other areas nutritionally that need attention. You just have to decide that you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, and then we will be off and running.

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