Thursday, December 21, 2006

A letter to Santa

With this being so close to Christmas, and seeing as I have been around the Opportunity Village Magical Forest every night since Thanksgiving, being festive gets very contagious. I was speaking to Santa last night at the forest, and wanted me to read one of the millions of letters he has received this year. He said this letter is what Christmas should be about, and after I read it, I had his permission to share it will all of you. I will write it exactly as Santa received it.

Dear Santa,

I lost my original note wich is a shame because it was dec-orated w/ sequins and buttons. I will have you the original note at my house by your cookies and milk. For Christmas I would like a game called:"Cranium Turbo Edition",The Princess diaries 2", and a No Doubt Greatest hits CD.

I don't want to smuther you in wishes and I know I won't get it all so just really think about my first request. I have a couple quistions for you. 1. is "How do you hide the North Pole? 2. is "Do you know the Tooth fairy, the New Years eve Baby, the Easter bunny and cupid?" and 3."Why are elves so small?" I will leave you a piece of paper so you can leave me your Autograph and your answers. I hope I'm on the nice list?.

love Taylor

Belief is such a wonderful quality that most of us had one time in our life.I wish, for my wish that we could all have a little more faith, a little more trust, that people would be nicer all year, not just around the holidays, and the most important, that everyone would spend a little more time being healthy and putting as much importance into that which makes us stronger.

I think if we did, we would be happier, healthier, on less medications, and spending our time at places we want to be, and not those we do not want to be at, like the Doctors office!

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