Monday, December 18, 2006

Taking inventory

Starting in January you are going to take a look the mirror and wonder what happened over the last year. How did I get to this point, I look older and I feel older and it is now time that I realize that I really need to focus on my life. I think we get so wrapped up in all of the things that are important in our own minds, but in reality there are things that we could focus on differently, and by changing our priorities, give them the importance they deserve.

I have always said that if I had the choice of inventing two tablets, one would be a anti- procrastination pill, and the other would be one that makes us want to run to the gym every day no matter what else is going on that day. Can you imagine how wonderful it would be to actually want to do the things we need to do, and enjoy attaining all the goals we set?

Today is a day to get your mind in the gear where you know what you did during the year that was good and bad. What you did and what you didn't do, what needs to be different, how you need to change your priorities and the way you look at all of the choices you make every day.

Every year I make a list of small goals I would like strive to attain during the year. I find them easier to deal with and more attainable that huge mountain sized goals that I never will tackle or overcome. I make a list of good things I did and changed during the year, and then I do another column of things I should have done, and also the dumb and bad choices I made. All of this allows me to make my new years focus a little clearer. Some years I am amazed at all I have done, where some years I am disgusted that I was so lazy and did very little to make my life better and healthier.

Just as you plan a vacation, a wedding and a big event, a little life planning can be just the trick to narrowing your New Years focus so that at years end your good choices list is much larger than your "coulda shoulda" list.

I love the quote" If I knew I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself". This is a very true statement, and many people would have made the necessary changes to possibly avoid major disasters in their lives. But then there is that group out there that no matter what, will always do it their way, and will just deal with the circumstances, whether they had a heads up or not! Personal choice? Absolutely. Good choice? NO....

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