Sunday, December 10, 2006

Happy and healthy fingernails

Have you seen what women spend on treating their fingernails lately? I am sure if you have or have worn acrylic nails, the price is quite expensive, but because your nails do eventually grow underneath, maintenance is a continuous thing that need be addressed.

When I complement women on their nails, almost everyone is appreciative because of the time, the patience, the smell of the chemicals, you also have to drive to the salon, make an appointment, and do this all on a monthly or bi monthly basis. Although many women will say without their nails being done, and manicured, it is like they are only half dressed.

Underneath those beautiful acrylic nails and after years and years of chemicals and fills, your real nails have been most likely ruined beyond belief. I think this why it is easier to keep them, because the time period of unsightliness during a reconstructive growth cycle could take many many months. Most women do not want to have their hands exposed for inspection and ridicule by others while they are growing back their own nails.

Sometimes though, yeast and fungus and bacteria get under the nails and due to infection you may have to remove them, or the cost for whatever reason gets to be too much to bare. If this is a situation you are in, relief may be as close as your health food nutrition store.

The following is a set of tips to grow beautiful long healthy and strong nails, and believe it or not, faster than you would think possible.

First of all increase your protein intake in your diet, as protein feeds and nourishes the nails. Pick up some Knox unflavored gelatin and put a packet in some juice or yogurt, EVERY single morning. Next, pick up some Calcium and Magnesium, preferably in a chelated form, and take them at night, or the Mezotrace minerals and again nighttime is best for absorption. Pick up a formula called Beautiful Nails by Great Earth, it is loaded with nutrients for helping to nourish and feed the nail bed and strengthen the nails, actually it will help weak damaged hair as well! The next step is important, add Flax seed oil to your diet, a deficiency in fatty acids also affects the nails and hair and skin.

Just these few steps will change the look, feel and strength of your nails. I wish I could wave a wand and say the ugly phase will not be there at all, but I cannot. You could try doing all of this for a month before you remove the nails, and you will have jump on the growth phase.

Believe me, your nails, although beautiful and always noticed by just about everyone, will breathe a literal sigh of relief for the first time in a very long time, plus we really do not need the extra chemicals just to get to the beauty.

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