Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Cold weather equals sore joints and arthritis flare ups

So many people this time of year suffer worst than they do all year with chronic joint pain. I am sure the colder weather plays an integral part of this scenario, as well as damp weather which added with cold winds seem to chill us to the bone.

Another larger factor is that as the weather gets colder, and we seem to recluse at home and our extra time seems to be turned to inside activities, our overall movement and exercise routines go away. We know for a fact that Arthritis is one of those catch 22 diseases. You need to move and exercise but it hurts for a while and then you will benefit greatly. Most of us seem to do nothing and continue to degenerate and although we hurt and complain, it still does not motivate change. Exercise is a must to strengthen all of the ligaments and muscles and soft tissue around irritated and degenerating joints, as well as building good bone density. Once you get onto an exercise routine, you will see the difference and understand the benefits more clearly.

The next thing we have to address is nutrition. Most people , when they go to their Doctors receive either prescription or over the counter NSAIDS (NON STEROIDAL ANTI INFLAMMATORY DRUGS). These would include Motrin, Ibuprofin and just about all over the counter pain medications. I must stress something, most people when the begin taking these drugs will experience a wonderful relief of their discomfort and pain. Please understand, these drugs are not correcting any situation at all, they are band aiding the problem so you can function only. I have no problem with using these as long as you remember two things: they can upset and do damage to your stomach so make sure to watch for sensitivity, and remember to use rebuilding nutrition to get to the actual cause of the problem. Yes, these others "drugs" can be used to get you going and to give you quality of life, function and mobility, but only if you follow the other two rules closely.

After starting on these medications be careful not to over exercise as although you feel better, the problem is still going on under the surface. If you are adding nutrition, you can start out exercising slowly while rebuilding your bone density and joint cartilage.

Nutrition should be taken daily and sometimes a few times a day to get the process going. A very high quality Glucosamine joint rebuilding product should be taken up to three times per day. Make sure it contains glucosamine sulfate not other cheaper poorly absorbable forms of glucosamine. Minerals and supplemental calcium should be taken at dinner and bedtime for help with bone density. A lubricant like flax seed oil and increasing the consumption of fish will help to oil the joints. Just following the above recommendations will make a great difference. If you have already had joint replacement surgery, the above is recommended as well for preventing future problems to other joints.

Remember to keep the weight down as carry a large amount of extra weight puts undue stress and pressure on your weight bearing joints. It is never to late to repair and move forward to better health with less pain and discomfort, getting started seems to be out biggest mountain to climb to get things moving.

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