Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The week before we begin our 2007 life changes

Happy day after the holidays. I hope everyone in reading distance, and even those out of distance are well, healthy and happy and of course full!

Now as we approach the next of our fun filled holidays, it is time to take a look at the year past and decide what went right and what went terribly wrong, health wise. Did you satisfy all of the goals you set for yourself this year? Did you quit smoking, drinking and overeating like you told yourself you would? How about that gym membership, did you actually go visit the money you have been spending for so long and see the inside of the gym for the first time? Did you change your diet and work hard at getting so healthy that you could get off that Blood pressure and Diabetic medicine?

If the answer is no to any and most of these questions, then you are in the majority of Americans who did very little to reset and fix their unhealthy lives. I am not sure why we cannot stick to small goals we set for ourselves when we know for a fact, that in some instances it could be a life and death decision. The funny thing is, if a terrible health problem occurs and your Doctor tells you to do the same things you have been telling yourself to do, you do it, no questions asked. Why we have to be threatened or told what to do to make a change in our health, is above my comprehension.

So this is our goal for the week. To take time and write down the things about your health that definitely needs to be changed. The problems you have, the health problems that are becoming more and more present every day now. Things that could help you feel better if they were different and changes that could help you with energy, mood, depression and self image. You need to do this list today and tomorrow, and then look at it three or four times a day until Sunday. Then try grouping the major most important things together, the ones you know would make you feel great about yourself, and those at the top of the list need to be your 2007 affirmations to yourself. A hint, do not talk about them to anyone, your friends, your kids or even your spouse. These are your affirmations that you alone will benefit from. Let everyone else sit back and watch the butterfly emerge from the cocoon, and sit back and watch the response.

Remember, if you need guidance or direction, and are confused about what to do, what supplements to take, what cleanse to try and what foods to consume, send me an e mail. I will tell you all I can by e- mail, and I will let you know where I will be for a one on one conversation to help you in the right direction.

I have learned that a positive approach, and a little guidance can make a drastic life change, one that can be long lived by you and all those around you. So make your list, and decide what things are the most important changes for you to make your life better and happier for you alone. Changes are always the most successful when they are made by us, for us, and when we alone are ready to do it, and not before.

Good luck

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