Saturday, December 9, 2006

Perspective and appreciation

Funny thing weather, two weeks ago it was forty degrees during the day, and here we are into December and it will be in the mid sixties today.

I think we are more motivated to do things when the weather is better, I know for a fact that bad inclimate weather makes us irritable, bored, cranky, depressed, and some times where we even put off important things that need to be done. Maybe we just use it for an excuse, but lets face it, anything to get out of doing errands, yard work and that stuff to do list.

One more thing about good weather is we feel better, it is like we have more positive endorphins and everything seems to be flowing in the right direction. An example would be if I was talking to someone about changing a bad habit or starting a diet or doing a cleanse, on certain days they would be more agreeable because they feel better and like the way they feel and want to do everything to continue to feel great. On a bad day, lousy weather, stressed out and cranky and in a bad mood, although the individual knows all these things, they do not have the get up and go to see past it. We sometimes get so submerged in the negative and sometimes by things we have no control over that it seems impossible to see past it and remember how wonderful you can feel, and how active and positive we used to be.

So my answer to this is that we stay focused on our nutrition all of the time, never break from it. This way it is with us during good times, bad times, stressed out times, bad work days, through happy and sad times, you know, always. It is like an insurance policy, we hate paying the premium, but when somebody fooling around with their cell phone and not paying attention slams into us, at that point we are ever so glad we have it.

I deal with people that are only getting into nutrition because they are falling apart at the seams, and you know, that is great, always better late than never, as many health situations can be reversed. But, if we are ahead of the eight ball, so to say, many of those huge bumps in the road of life and health may just only be a slight glitch or mole hill size bump.

This is why nutrition is known as preventive health, although sometimes it is only used because of a health situation, because prevention is our best defense.So when we are down and depressed, and not motivated, we need to remember that all will pass and good times are around the corner, and we need to jump on the good times and do everything we can do to make them last as long as possible. If this means doing all the right things, we should do them, and if it means giving up some of the bad stuff, so be it, because we need to remember what we felt like inbetween the good health times.

I wonder if the reason we are not always happy, and financially secure, and healthy and in a great mood all of the time is because we would expect it, get used to it and not appreciate it. Maybe those bumps in the road, and shaky health times come our way to make us smell the roses, and APPRECIATE, the good things so we will never take them for granted.

Did you ever notice how on top of the world you were when you have a day when every single thing goes right? You get up, your clothes look great, you feel wonderful, your breakfast tastes incredible, no traffic on the way to work, all green lights,you get your favorite parking space. Then as the day progresses all of your projects are done with rave reviews, lunch is incredible, you find a twenty dollar bill in the pocket of your jacket you were not expecting, the ride home is wonderful and smooth, you get a letter from an old friend, your relationship is in full bloom, a romantic evening and you end a simply perfect day. The next day it is bad from the minute your feet hit the floor. This is why we always need to be prepared mentally, physically and most of all NUTRITIONALLY.

I always remember how great the little things are and when I have a whole day of them.I think we all need to deal with two words daily: perspective and appreciation, they are more similar and more important that you think.

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