Sunday, September 30, 2012

Change on our terms.

So as September comes to a close we all start the end of the year shuffle. The last quarter to do all the things we have put off all year, and although we had the best intentions, they did not get done.I wonder why it is that no matter how much we plan on, every year, getting more organized, and how we are swearing we will not do the same things as we did last year, we do.

I am guessing it is comfort zone, and just ultimately easier to do what we know. Even when we know change is needed, and possibly life saving as well as life changing, we still have a hard time getting going, and staying on course.

I have a friend that thought she had the answer to making changes stick. She said she would put a sparkletts 5 gallon water jar in her closet, and every time she deviated form the course, she would put a dollar in the bottle. She had a plan to go to the gym 5 days a week, stop swearing and stop eating fast food. We laugh now, but bu April first, she had over six hundred dollars in the bottle.I have not spoken to her in a few months, but as of May she decided that she was not ready for a change. I think that this is something we have to think of as well. When change is truly meant to happen, it will, and wanting it alone, is not enough of a driving force.

Over the years I have heard of people that got up one day and said, that's it, and they were on their way.. Maybe, that is what it takes, mental readiness and focus, and the decision being totally ours for a change, and the chnage has to be for us nobody else..

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Do you ever find it interesting that the medical establishment, an organization that is in the business of getting us healthy, recommend diet, exercise and nutrition only after prescriptions are suggested? Traditionally around the world, diet is always one of the first stops on the healthy journey, and supplementing the diet just seems to make better sense in those regions of the world. To me, diet, exercise and sleep as well as a positive attitude and healthy living are the most vital part of adding to our quality and quantity of life.

The last time I looked, a deficiency in our bodies usually occurs because the foods being consumed are of very little nutritional value and or the individual is stressed out. Many times the digestive systems are compromised, and it could also be a lack of nutrients the body is needing to function properly. The daily things we should be doing every day adds to our health, but they are the things we usually cut corners on. These things like good food, great supplements, exercise, sleep and a great positive attitude, things we should want to do are seriously ignored. I am sometimes amazed that people actually think they have drug deficiencies and have convinced themselves of this. I am not sure of a single study where a deficiency is created from not having your drugs, a withdrawal symptom when you are out of it, maybe.

I think it all comes down to getting back to basics, keeping it simple, consistent and healthy!