Friday, April 29, 2011

We all need to get a reality check!

I am not sure if thinking this way is correct, but it seems I always come back to this way of thinking. When people decide to make changes, they get mildly motivated, and then motivation naturally slows down. Their mentality seems to be that of quickness, or fast results, with minimal effort, but with expectations as big as mountains. I am not sure if it is that Madison avenue, through print and television that has made us a culture of people that know and expect and demand fast results, or there must be a problem with the procedure mentality Lord knows it could not be them, it must be the drug, supplement, eating protocol or the advice was most likely wrong too.

What I do know, and the reason I get so frustrated is because most of us are responsible for our unhealthy and unhappy lives, and yet we push the blame onto whatever or whoever is in the line of fire, even using our childhoods as a fall back victim. The truth is, if you eat badly, have terrible vices, do not handle your stress, make bad relationship, financial and emotional choices, then you and only you are responsible for the actions. The other thing is these bad conditions and unhealthy lifestyles do not happen overnight, so stop expecting or demanding that they be fixed overnight. Last but not least, take responsibility and admit to yourself that changes may have to be permanant life changes, and get over it, suck it up, and take back your health. By taking it back, you will appreciate it and chances are, stick to it.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Change, not easily motivated

Although most of us should know in our mind and our hearts when it is time to make changes in our lives, I mean healthy changes. But in reality, it seems that we have to be told to do so before we are actually motivated or before will openly admit that we are aware that it is time.

Awareness and acceptance is something that is motivated by many things. It can be brought to the priority position because the state of health is changing quickly or negatively, or because we are noticing that simple tasks are getting harder and harder to do, or because clothing no longer is comfortable to wear.

I think that when the Doctor tells you that things are in a bad state, is usually a deciding factor for us to start to change. I guess I will rephrase that. It is the first step to saying OK, I get it, but far from the steps that add up to change. Most of us, when approached or lectured by our Physician, will ask, almost 100% of the time, what do you have that can fix this, or isn't there a prescription that will make it go away? We rarely ask what can I do to get to the cause of this health situation, what am I doing now that may have caused this, or is there a natural way to get to the cause? I do not know why we do not choose this verbiage, or evenly possibly think of this, but many of us do not.

I truly, in my heart feel that if we all were instantly in a mode that pushed us to first think cause, second think about the symptoms and third ask about or use the pharmaceutical band aid cover up fix, we would instantly as a nation become so healthy it would make our heads spin!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Little by little and slowly but surely...

So I have decided to release the blog and start letting people become familiar with it. My other blog got pretty large, so I decided to start over and slowly bring it to the readers. I am truly amazed that so many people are finally starting to become health oriented,  but I think it is not for the reason I would like. My dream is that everyone will just decide that bad habits are the driving force that leads us to an unhealthy lifestyle, but what I think is happening is many people are deciding to change due to bad over all health, and because of their failing health at a young age, and they are maybe fed up!

I guess I can not be too picky, because they are still coming onboard, and still are making changes. My hopes would be that more of us would make lifestyle changes before it is becaomes a life and death scenario.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Location does not always make a difference.

I am noticing that because my radio show streams nationwide, and because I receive e mails from different parts of the country, I am starting to see a distinct health pattern.The interesting thing is that no matter where the e- mails come from, or who is sending them, and with  all of the differences in the geographic part of the country, age, sex, financial status, or even career, I amazed to see that the questions are always the same.

The questions that come in to me always deal with the same major complaints including problems with energy, digestion, elimination, hormones, immune system, hair, skin , mails, eyes, bones, joints and even bad breath and body odor, and of course weight loss, diabetes, blood pressure and the heart. The conclusion I have come to is we, as Americans have the same basic diet and lifestyle all over the country, and even with all of the information available, we still do not do our bodies right. And although we want to feel better and look better and have a better quality of life, the work involved is maybe too much for us to stick with, or for some, to even attempt change.

My hope is that we as a nation start treating our bodies and our health a little more seriously and start prioritizing ourselves to the front of the list, and respecting our health. This, before the entire nation is dealing with old age geriatric diseases and before everyone of us is facing a mountain full of health issues and hind sight regret.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Change, step one, you must want it.

I have decided that no matter what we decide to do with our health betterment, the only way it will stick and we will be successful is when we, ourselves are ready for the change. Many times, it seems that we make changes to better serve our friends, our spouses or even the Doctors requersts, and although they are most likely important and could help us, it is not us who is making the change.

I have seen some many times a spouse or a friend that has come into a health food store asking for information or to buy products for their friends who needs to get their health in order. I understand their concern, and it is a wonderful thought, but unless the person picks the products up themselves, or does the research, I guarantee it will not be a success. It can't, there is no way someone is going to make life changes if they are not ready, and frankly, it is their choice and their business, and only theirs.

Am I saying that living an unhealthy lifestyle is acceptable? no. What I am saying is that because the things that make most of us unhealthy like smoking, drinking, self medicating with prescribed paharmaceutical drugs, eating junk food, not exercising and being  stressed out, are all legal.

So when people say so what are we to do just watch them kill themselves a little at a time? the answer is be supportive, get healthy yourself and maybe they will come along and get motivated, or they may do nothing. Bottom line, their life, not ours.