Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Change, not easily motivated

Although most of us should know in our mind and our hearts when it is time to make changes in our lives, I mean healthy changes. But in reality, it seems that we have to be told to do so before we are actually motivated or before will openly admit that we are aware that it is time.

Awareness and acceptance is something that is motivated by many things. It can be brought to the priority position because the state of health is changing quickly or negatively, or because we are noticing that simple tasks are getting harder and harder to do, or because clothing no longer is comfortable to wear.

I think that when the Doctor tells you that things are in a bad state, is usually a deciding factor for us to start to change. I guess I will rephrase that. It is the first step to saying OK, I get it, but far from the steps that add up to change. Most of us, when approached or lectured by our Physician, will ask, almost 100% of the time, what do you have that can fix this, or isn't there a prescription that will make it go away? We rarely ask what can I do to get to the cause of this health situation, what am I doing now that may have caused this, or is there a natural way to get to the cause? I do not know why we do not choose this verbiage, or evenly possibly think of this, but many of us do not.

I truly, in my heart feel that if we all were instantly in a mode that pushed us to first think cause, second think about the symptoms and third ask about or use the pharmaceutical band aid cover up fix, we would instantly as a nation become so healthy it would make our heads spin!

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