Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Little by little and slowly but surely...

So I have decided to release the blog and start letting people become familiar with it. My other blog got pretty large, so I decided to start over and slowly bring it to the readers. I am truly amazed that so many people are finally starting to become health oriented,  but I think it is not for the reason I would like. My dream is that everyone will just decide that bad habits are the driving force that leads us to an unhealthy lifestyle, but what I think is happening is many people are deciding to change due to bad over all health, and because of their failing health at a young age, and they are maybe fed up!

I guess I can not be too picky, because they are still coming onboard, and still are making changes. My hopes would be that more of us would make lifestyle changes before it is becaomes a life and death scenario.

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