Friday, April 29, 2011

We all need to get a reality check!

I am not sure if thinking this way is correct, but it seems I always come back to this way of thinking. When people decide to make changes, they get mildly motivated, and then motivation naturally slows down. Their mentality seems to be that of quickness, or fast results, with minimal effort, but with expectations as big as mountains. I am not sure if it is that Madison avenue, through print and television that has made us a culture of people that know and expect and demand fast results, or there must be a problem with the procedure mentality Lord knows it could not be them, it must be the drug, supplement, eating protocol or the advice was most likely wrong too.

What I do know, and the reason I get so frustrated is because most of us are responsible for our unhealthy and unhappy lives, and yet we push the blame onto whatever or whoever is in the line of fire, even using our childhoods as a fall back victim. The truth is, if you eat badly, have terrible vices, do not handle your stress, make bad relationship, financial and emotional choices, then you and only you are responsible for the actions. The other thing is these bad conditions and unhealthy lifestyles do not happen overnight, so stop expecting or demanding that they be fixed overnight. Last but not least, take responsibility and admit to yourself that changes may have to be permanant life changes, and get over it, suck it up, and take back your health. By taking it back, you will appreciate it and chances are, stick to it.

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