Saturday, April 2, 2011

Change, step one, you must want it.

I have decided that no matter what we decide to do with our health betterment, the only way it will stick and we will be successful is when we, ourselves are ready for the change. Many times, it seems that we make changes to better serve our friends, our spouses or even the Doctors requersts, and although they are most likely important and could help us, it is not us who is making the change.

I have seen some many times a spouse or a friend that has come into a health food store asking for information or to buy products for their friends who needs to get their health in order. I understand their concern, and it is a wonderful thought, but unless the person picks the products up themselves, or does the research, I guarantee it will not be a success. It can't, there is no way someone is going to make life changes if they are not ready, and frankly, it is their choice and their business, and only theirs.

Am I saying that living an unhealthy lifestyle is acceptable? no. What I am saying is that because the things that make most of us unhealthy like smoking, drinking, self medicating with prescribed paharmaceutical drugs, eating junk food, not exercising and being  stressed out, are all legal.

So when people say so what are we to do just watch them kill themselves a little at a time? the answer is be supportive, get healthy yourself and maybe they will come along and get motivated, or they may do nothing. Bottom line, their life, not ours.

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