Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

So Halloween is here again, the candy by the handful consumption night of the year. I actually had a ton of kids trick or treating, as it changes from year to year I never know what to expect. It always amazes me the interest and excitement for this holiday, I am sure every Dentist out there enjoys the possibility of new patients. Just kiddding, it is and always will be a night for the kids and many not so much kids anymore, but everyone that needs a night to let loose, live out their fantasy's and just have some safe healthy fun.

So Happy Halloween everyone, and remember tomorrow is the start of the holiday season, so hold on it is a rollarcoaster ride to January first.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Flu season part 5

Today is the day we talk about what to do when we are sick. You know flat on your back, missing work, fever, diarrhea, coughing, sneezing, ear aches, flushed face, upset stomach, queasiness and just plain blah. You have spent a ton of money on non needed antibiotics and every one of the flu formulas from the drug store is on your bathroom vanity. The bad thing is that nothing is working and this simple three day flu is now going on for a week and half. You have to remember that this routine gets old very quickly.

Eventually you get past the flu and you forget about the way you felt, but the problem is because you never took the time to build your immune system you will rebound in a very short period of time. People will say I had the flu three times last year, when in reality they had it once and never completely got over it. It kind of hangs on waiting for you to run yourself down, and there it is rearing it's ugly head, and usually with avengeance.

So what to do when it has you down. Colloidal silver, up to a half a teaspoon in a shot glass of water, swish, gargle and swallow. Vitamin C, as much as you bowels can handle, cut it back if they happen to get too loose. Echinacea and Golden seal as much as 2-3 capsules every four hours. Find the best complete immune booster formula your health food store has to offer like Body well, and when you are better, continue to take it throughout the rest of the season so you do not end up like this again. Hot tea with lemon, honey and a tiny little pinch of cayenne pepper will loosen mucus and sooth the throat. Sucking on zinc lozenges also work, they taste bad, but who cares they work.

I find sweating helps the body by flushing out through the pores, hot baths with two cups of apple cider vinegar will help, or a jacuzzi is just what the Doctor ordered. All of this makes a big difference, and you will rest better and get well faster. Of course rubbing down your chest with a menthol rub never hurt anyone, yes your Momma was right!

Good luck, I hope these five nights have helped you to at least stay focused on this upcoming issue that will get you down no matter how old or young you are, or how smart or uneducated, I do not care where you are from, what race you are or where you live now. Germs like the flu find their way into our bodies and they bring healthy non suspecting people to their knees and some to their graves, so stay healthy, please.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Flu season part 4

So we have focused on food and some life changes and today we will focus on herbs and herbal preparations. Many natural medicines have come on the market as well as many singular herbs for flu and cold season prevention, some are worthy of discussing and a few I like to recommend are as follows.

A preventive formula that can be used from November through April is called Body Well. It is a complete formula of herbs and natural ingredients to boost the immune system and keep it functioning up to par so you have an edge over the germs you come in contact with.I have been putting people on it for over fifteen years, and many of them stay on it all year because they work in germ filled environments Of course the well known herbs like Echinacea and Golden Seal are still great alternatives for prevention as well as fighting the one that gets a hold of you quickly that can knock you for a loop.

There also is a product that has been around since the early nineteen hundreds called Colloidal Silver, the brand I prefer is called Graces Silver. This product uses a process of electronically charging actual particle of Silver and causing them to suspend and move in water, it is taken orally for internal prevention and actually fighting both viral and bacterial infections. Remember it can do what normal prescriptions can not, which is fight viral infections.

Grape seed extract is also beneficial as well as grapefruit seed extract, but if I had one choice or two lets say, it would be Body Well and Colloidal Silver. One great thing about the silver is it can be used in the ear for ear infections for adults and children, and sprayed up the nose for those annoying sinus infections. I cannot tell you how many hundreds of letters I have received thanking me for this information that kept people far and away from the Doctor and his prescription white pad.

As you can see once again, you are in control of your destiny with flu and cold germs. So do a little prevention and glide through the next four months, or do nothing and remember them with memories from the Doctors office and from standing in line at the Pharmacy.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Flu season part 3

Today we will discus supplements, or vitamins to support out health and help to build our immune system so we can glide through the upcoming germ season.

Vitamin C, the place it all starts is where we will be begin. If you are exposed to a lot of germs and are in an environment where you are around a large percentage of people every day you will need to take a higher dose. The Vitamin C I recommend is complex form, one that uses the highest quality blend of C and buffers like bioflavinoids, rose hips, quercetin and ester C. Not only does this buffer the Vitamin C, but it helps absorption, and all aspects of it work on building the immune system.

A multiple vitamin should be used daily, preferably a strong timed released form so it will last all day. A non timed released form is out of the body too quickly and does not gradually release throughout the day. The higher the B Complex, the more it will help the body deal with stress. Just remember stress weakens the immune system, and people under extreme stress get sick more often because the body is run down and it's ability to fight infection is severely compromised. Stress can be a killer, not only with the risk of heart disease, but allowing stress in your life will and does weaken you defenses.

Supplemental B complex, Zinc, Beta carotene or Viamin A and Vitamin E all boost the immune system, and can be added to the above mentioned nutrients for flu season. It may seem like a strong nutritional; base, but one good flu can stretch out for weeks at a time, and then cause the body to weakened all season. So add these and keep the foundation strong. Tomorrow we will delve into the herbs and natural herbal medicines available to use both as prevention and also at the time of sickness.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Flu season part 2

Today we will start the series on things to do to keep us out of the Doctors office and hopefully not end up sick on our backs for two weeks.

The easiest place to start is with the food we consume.It is a fact, we all eat heavier foods this time of year, you know high calorie, full of sugar and loaded with dairy and carbs great tasting stuff. Not only does this expand our waistline and our rear ends, it also is a producer of mucus. This mucus is what fuels the fire in your sinus cavity and your lungs that provide that endless stream of drainage and pressure that causes all the pain associated with colds and flu.

A good rule of thumb is eat like it was summer. Lots of fruits and green vegetables, lighter soups and plenty of water. This lighter style of eating also keeps your metabolism working up to par as well as tuning up your immune system. It is also a great idea to complete a cleanse right now before the season and the germs really start flowing.This way you rid the body of built up excess waste and debris that has been storing for a while, and gives your body and your immune system a blank fresh canvas to start doing it's job.

Tomorrow we will start with the vitamins for flu prevention.The next day we will focus on herbs to use before and during in case it slips by you and knocks you for a loop. The fifth day we will talk about actually dealing with being sick, and how to get you through the recovery quicker and back on you feet. I think this will also be a great day to discuss how to create a healthy protective bubble around you when you work in the germs from around the world melting pot,Las Vegas.

I think breaking this down over a few days will give you time to let it all soak in, but also to realize that changes are eminent and to stay healthy change is something we need to make our best friend, if not your best friend will be your physician.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Flu season intro, Part 1

Does it seem to you as if the holidays start earlier every year? There was a time when the Christmas season started after the J.L.Hudson Christmas parade in Detroit where I was raised on Thanksgiving day. I was just a kid, and I still remember after the parade all of the windows would lift up their curtains and they would have all of the animated figures moving and they were brightly decorated, it was then that the season had begun. There also was the day after Christmas when everything went on sale and you would go return every gift that people bought you that you did not want and get twice as much stuff you did want at half price.

I stopped into one of the malls today and there was actually a sign saying "Christmas items 50% off", It is not even November. It is bad enough that stores put up their Christmas trees in July, and start playing the music in October, but a half off sale for a holiday that has not even happened that is two months away, give me a break.

As I walked around the mall I could already start to see the faces of frustrated shoppers already scampering around as if it was Christmas eve, it was frightening. I know the season is upon us as this is when the weather changes quickly,almost over night, and everyone starts to line up for their flu shots whether they need it or not, people are bound and determined to have last years flu vaccine injected into their systems so they can avoid a flu that might not come.

The thing they fail to remember is we live in Las Vegas, the travel melting pot of the west and the vaccine is based on last years flu.Tthis year people will come from all over the world to live, to play and to visit Las Vegas and all of them leaving a little or a lot of their personal wealth behind, as well as a flu bug from wherever they are from. Most of the time it is a strain that you are not even inoculated for, or a strain that is already resistant to the shot, so why do we not just go back to square one and work on the one thing that will protect us every year if we take care of it, our immune system.

For the next couple of blogs I will address the building of your immune system, and give you some great suggestions to make it a less stressful holiday, and hopefully one that does not include multiple prescriptions of antibiotics, and Doctors or emergency room visits.

Tomorrow will be the first of flu preparation week, so tune in, and lets stay healthy, so we can deal with all of the sick people around us that are not taking care of themselves. We have to remember,we cannot live in a bubble, so we need to be able to handle whatever germs come our way.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Dandruff and dry scalp

I received a question yesterday about dandruff and dry scalp, and as this blog will be long running, eventually we will address everything at least once.

Dandruff shows up because of both internal and external influences, externally from dry climate and topical gels, shampoos, hair spray, blow drying, permanent solutions. Many of the products on the market use all synthetic and chemical based solutions, and for many people they produce skin irritations, rashes which can affect the skin on the face and neck as well. So many people go to the Dermatologist and end up using salves and topical solutions to help with the problem, and many times internal steroids are suggested. The thing we have to remember is that unless you change what you use on your skin, you will always have a sensitivity.

I recommend that if you have dandruff, or psoriasis on the scalp, the best thing to do is discontinue all the drug store bought shampoos and hygiene products you are using and go to your natural health food store and change what you use. I would look towards
products that contain Tea Tree Oil, and Jojoba, also Aloe Vera products are beneficial. Remember there are also some topical healing and conditioners that can be used to re moisture the damaged scalp. Always ask the person which one would be best suited for you. If they are not knowledgeable at that stotre, there are places where they are, so go there, no sense working with people that are not knowledgeable or well trained.

Internally increasing water intake, and supplementing Selenium and increasing oils like Flax Seed oil and fish oils can make a wonderful difference.Sometimes the problem is as easy as what bottles you have in your shower right now.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cleansing two month challenge starts Monday

Today I am just planting the seed for the cleansing radio show on Saturday. It is a two month cleansing and diet that will lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, slim down and trim the fat off, and rebalance the colon for better elimination.

I will start giving a daily tip everyday at the end of the blog of the day. If this is something you may be interested in, and want to shave 15-25 pounds before the end of the year, e mail me and I will send it to you and you can begin on Monday with everyone else.

Thats it for today


Monday, October 23, 2006

Nutrition first, drugs second???

I am often asked why the medical society does not support nutrition. I think it has to do with old school teaching, There was a time when pharmaceutical companies supported scholarships for medical school, helped with supplies and class tuitions, and paybacks in many cases was to become a supporter of drugs and pharmaceutical therapies.

You will never hear me say that there should be no drugs of any kind, because without them many people would net be here, and they have save millions upon millions of lives. What you will hear me say is that with all of the side effects of medications, and over use of antibiotics and extended trial and error routines of which drug is better, I think it is time to open the door and minds of many Doctors that there may be a bettor way. This does not mean that nutrition will replace drug therapy, but that maybe the use of the natural first before jumping into the drug therapy might be a nice alternative.

Many Doctors have come aboard and have opened their minds and practices to alternative therapies, and are seeing great results. This is going to be the trend as more drugs are recalled and more side effects start to be even more common and more huge law suits are brought about, alternatives might just became a new way of practicing medicine, one can only hope!

There was a time you would never see a pharmaceuticals drug company advertise a vitamin on television, but you do now. Drink companies are fortifying there beverages with nutrition and herbs and convenience stores everywhere sell daily packs of vitamins on every counter. I think with the unhappiness and frustration with the medical community, many patients are starting to take their health into their own hands, and I think this is just the tip of the iceberg. I feel over the next ten years many people will be using alternatives as their first line of defense.

My suggestion is when you are diagnosed with some of the major American illnesses, you know, the self induced ones like heart disease, cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, clogged arteries and vascular circulatory disease, that you will talk to your Doctor about trying alternative first. Not every Doctor reaches for the white pad right away, that trend is changing, but I think the major change is going to come from the patient consumer who is not going to tolerate all of the side effects unless completely necessary.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Stress got you down, you are not alone

Are you aware that every sell of your body, your organs even down to your skin is affected by stress. Your digestive system can stop workingcorrectlyand your immune system stops doing an effective job, and with flu season upon us, not a good thing.So when people say I am under a little more stres than usual they need to take notice as it can be the beginning of the domino effect.

We all know that during the time of severe stress situations like financial, emotional, work, relationship, physical wellness that other thingsstart to brak down at the same time and go hand in hand with the trauma you are going through. We either stop eating or over eat, we smoke more, drink more, do not sleep, or we want to sleep all of the time. Depression can set in as well as shortness of temper, mood swings or the opposite, you shut everyone in the world around you out.

I think the best thing to do if you are going through hard to handle stress is go to the Doctor and get a basic check up, some blood work at least. Go back to the gym or exercise anywhere, releasing endorphins help the mood which betters the stress. Eat a high protein diet and cut out all of the sugars, white bleached flours, junkie fast food and reduce your caffeine.

This is the time to increase you B Complex vitamins, also try some Kava, or Valarian root or Passion flower to help with daily mood. There are also some wonderful natural mood and anxiety preperationsavailable at better quality health food stores to keep you balanced. Try these first before becoming a zombie on the prescriptions, use those as a last resort.

Last but not least, find someone you trust and feel comfortable with to talk to.Sometimes getting things out of your head and saying them out loud or even writing them down makes the overall situation easier to handle. Remember to chill out, sometimes a good walk, a hot bath, a masage or even a meditation session can make the difference in your getting past the stress rather than letting it put you in the hospital. Stress is like a bullet, you will have them coming at you and around you your entire life, how you handle them will determine how they affect you. No living in a bubble in this world, so stay as healthy and fit as you can, the stronger you are the less stress can take you down.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Water, it is your friend

Today's blog is easy and to the point, The weather is changing, actually as we speak, and although parts of the country will get snow,and other parts get just cold and windy, one constant is that most if not all people will not drink enough water this time of year.

This is the time of year that visits to the Urologist increases. Everything from bladder and yeast infections, to urinary tract infections to prostate infections.Water is the key simple ingredient that keeps the plumbing, if you will flushed out. Without proper flushing the poisons build up as do bacteria and infection.

So do yourself a favor, drink more water. My Grandmother used to put eight pennies on the kitchen window ledge, and she would move one of the pennies over to the other side every time she had a glass of water. This worked well for many years and then dymensia set in, and she would call me and ask what I had for memory because half way through the day she could not remember which way she was moving the pennies! We all have a little brain fogginess, so my solution, pick up a half gallon container, fill it up and when it is empty you have has your eight glasses.

You will find that after a very short time you will drink even more than this amount, It really does help everything internal, as well as skin externally. So drink up, why, because you need to.

Friday, October 20, 2006

A tiger can change his stripes

Why is out nutritional focus always more clear when we HAVE to do something? I mean really, we know when we are being bad to ourselves, we know when we are eating badly, not exercising, getting overweight, smoking and drinking too much. We see other people doing the right things and we still do not get it?

I have waited on couples and one of them in particular is a prime example. I had waited on the Mrs of the duo for fifteen years. The Mr of the group would always stand outside the door, say hello, grunt a little and have his cigarette. He would yell in the door and hurry the Mrs and she would take her time despite him and his antics.He would say how long can it take you to do this,it was always the same routine year after year. After years and years of this soap opera, one Sunday he came in with her and actually walked up to the counter and said, hi Jeff I have a question. He layed his blood reports on the counter and he had diagnosed with liver cancer. He then proceeded to ask for all the help I could advise him with, and I for the first time ever saw his scared fearful side. I told him I would be glad to work with him. It was closing time so I closed the door, we all sat down and I proceeded to write his diet and supplement program that would work side by side with his treatment. I knew his Oncologist and he was open to nutrition, so I knew we would have no resistance there.

First two things I addressed was the immediate stopping of cigarettes and alcohol.He gave me not one iota of resistance, he was scared and open to any and all suggestions. All through through treatment and I met with him and the Mrs many times. He had a rough time of it but was the best student I have ever worked with. I will say he is leaner, healthier and Cancer free today and has become the most positive life enjoying individual I know. The Oncologist said he does not know what kind of exorcism I performed between the initial visit and the treatment beginning, but he thanked me and said nutrition and the diet is why he is here today.

It still amazed me, and I laugh everytime I see him. He comes to all of my lectures, reads my blog, sends all of his as he calls them "broken down friends and family" to me for help. He has become my number one fan and that would never have happened unless he had been looking death square in the face.

My moral of the story, look in the mirror and assess yourself . This is a time where just you has to be honest with yourself and if you are true to yourself and you are doing everything wrong and nothing right, do something now, make a change, because not every body is as lucky as my number one fan.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lets burn fat

I am often asked if there is an actual way to burn fat on the body without having to turn into a professional athlete or start eating only iceberg lettuce and water, I usually say no, just kidding. Of course there are things you can do that are extremely effective, and they can be done without a drastic brainwashing and reprogramming of the brain.

First of all, some things to ponder. If your digestive system is so busy all of the time working on huge amounts of food that you are eating everyday, and your workouts are spending all of their energy on breaking down the food you have eaten all day, how can either of them focus on what is already ON the body that you have stored? I mean think about it, you would have to have two workouts everyday, one to work off the mass quantities of food you have consumed, and the other to work on the butt, the belly and the thighs where you have spent years making deposits.

So how do you get around this, first of all portion control would be a good place to start. I myself have been having my meals prepared by Rose at www.Resolutionsplan.com. wonderful great tasting gourmet meals delivered to my door. Not only have I learned what a normal meal should look like, but I was amazed to see how much we consume because we think it is normal. Now after a few monthsof eatinmg great tasting balanced meals, I have retrained myself to learn portion control again. I can put my salad, the vegetables and main course she prepares on a plate, and still see some of the plate, where before, let's face it, there was no light shining on the porcelain.This has been a rude awakening and it really just makes sense.I actually happened to pull out a dinner plate from a set of antique china I have, and to my astionishment we have even upsized the dinner plate from years back. No wonder we are fat, we eat more, exercise less and do it all on bigger plates.

We eat to eat in the country, not because we are hungry, but because it is a pastime that every part of out life settles around. You want to talk to a friend, you have to do it at lunch or dinner. You invite people over, lets have food. We comfort ourselves with food when we are happy, sad, depressed, when we celebrate, even when we mourn we eat.No wonder America is growing by leaps and bounds. Normal size now is large and leaning towards extra large, why because we extra large our meals, so we extra large ourselves.

So lets make it easy. the foods that add the most weight gain are complex carbs, sugars, sweets, and white processed foods. If you just cut those out and drink more water you will lose. Next, a mild amount of exercise is an amazing thing. Just a walking three or more times a week can increase your energy, your mood and burn fat, you do not need to compete in the Ironman! Next, getting more sleep can burn fat, and help your digestive process.

There are many fat burners on the market, the ones that really work are also the ones that can stress you out, make you nervous and can many times affect your blood pressure. There is oneproduct you can add to your nutritional arsenal that will do many things, and its main job believe it or not, is to burn fat. It is called Lipotropics and has been on the market for almost thirty years and it is a concentrated form of lecithin that actually makes your liver produce more natural lecithin. It is great for memory, lowering cholesterol, supporting a damaged or unhealthy or fatty liver, and it loves to burn fat for fuel. So, if you make some minor changes on what you put in your tummy, the Lipotropics can work on what you already have deposited ON your body. Most people use about three tablets per day, for fat loss and cellulite reduction, I recommend up to three with every meal. It is amazing to me, this product has been around forever, no flashy labels or advertising campaign, just a consistent quality product that when people learn about it, they never stop taking it.

The catch to this miracle product, you have to remember to take them, drink a lot of water, and do some kind of activity that makes you break a sweat, I will leave that last one up to you and your vivid imagination.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Natural cosmetics

Have you heard of using a crystal deodorant over the store bought chemical type that most people use? There is a growing epidemic of sensitivities to normal drugstore personal care items. When it comes to deodorants, many people both men,women and children have a sensitivity to either the aluminum or just the abundance of chemicals used in the products.

Sensitivities come in many forms like itching, rashes, clogged pores and infections, boils and cysts, to actual soreness and tenderness. Most of us are used to using the brands we see in the grocery or drug stores because that is what we know. I know of many people that were not aware of natural deodorant
products that come in roll ons and stick form, as well as the crystal sea salt deodorants that come in liquid roll on, sticks that are wetted before using to activate them, to spray forms.

I think we just need to always have as many choices as possible, and realize that if you are in the growing percentage of people that cannot use or do not want chemicals in your personal care items, you now have many choices.

Now remember you need to go to the health food or natural foods markets where you will see the choices available to you. Why you are there, also look at natural lotions, makeup, creams, all skin care, hair care, oral hygiene, you will be so surprised and pleasantly amazed that these have been around for a while.

So here are some more tidbits of information from me to you as we are all working towards the same goal, good health and a selection of great natural choices.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I want to talk briefly about the whole enchilada versus a handful of chips. Basically I want to mention the use of blends over the use of hitting and missing with individual nutrients.

Today the higher quality nutrient companies are making combinations and high dosage almost medicine quality combinations of vitamins and herbs and amino acids. They are making it easy for you to get results faster, actually results at all, and make it a controlled effort for your body to achieve maximum results. When you hit and miss with nutrition, you may just miss the one nutrient that may complete the job, so do not do that.

You do not want to put all your eggs in one basket if you will, when you could have every available proven nutrient blend for that same desired effect you are trying so hard to get accomplished.

Now this philosophy does not apply to pharmaceutical multiple vitamins. My opinion is they have virtually no nutritional support and have a lot of sprinkles of good quality name nutrients, I like to call it vitamin dust. They add to the label all of the new hot nutrients that people are hearing about, but rarely in a dosage that can get the job done.

So, keep in mind blends from high quality supplement nutrition stores that are calculated for you to take the guesswork out, and stop doing the needle in the haystack approach to nutrition. This is a good way to miss out on those very benefits you are looking so dearly to find.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Seven nights to softer feet

I had an e- mail from a young lady who said her feet hurt all of the time, but not from the normal muscle, bone or arthritis problems, her problem was dry patches that were so painful on the bottom of her feet that she hated walking on them. Many people have this problem of very severely dry crusty foot skin that not only causes women to have to pay hundreds of dollars extra per month for ripped nylons, but also keeps people from being able to feel comfortable in their own shoes.

interestingly many years ago I came upon a wonderful solution and help aid for this problem. A little time consuming, and the initial treatment takes seven nights, but after that only once per week. This I think is a very small price to pay for solving this painful and annoying problem.

You will need a pumice stone, or two, one that is coarse the other smooth, a bottle of Mayumi squalane oil and a bottle of Squalane lotion, a gallon of cheap store bought apple cider vinegar, a towel and a foot tub and a supply of hot water.

The procedure begins with your rough then lightly pumicing your feet to remove dry skin, you will be amazed how much comes off. The crazy thing is that if you were to just put lotion on every night you know that it never works as it can not penetrate the rough dry skin.So many companies market their foot creams but if the cream cannot get to the skin and is just laying on the dead hard skin, it cannot give you relief. We need to remove the dry skin and get down to the new healthy soft skin underneath.It is like trying to fertilize a patch of grass that had a cement slab laying on top of it, the fertilizer cannot get to the grass so nothing works, but if you remove the cement, the fertilizer can do its job.

So next after the pumicing, you need to have a foot soak tub half full of warm to hot water with two cups of the vinegar. Try soaking for ten minutes then pumice lightly with the pumice stone a little more then soak for ten minutes then lightly pumice with the smooth stone then soak for ten more, you may need to add hot water again. At this point remove your feet from the tub cover your feet with squalane oil and massage in, use a little muscle to get the oil into that newly exposed skin, then add the lotion and massage that in, then cover with white cotton socks and go to bed. You will do this procedure every night for 7 days.

After this, a treatment once per week will make and keep the difference. You might also want to use the Squalane lotion every morning after you shower to keep the feet soft all day long. This procedure, although very easy is effective and your feet will love you for it, I guarantee it.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Supplement taking takes timing

Today's blog is easy and direct to the point. I am going to address the major confusion that supplement taking makes for most people. It has to do with the best time to take supplements and will work for whatever you decide to take as long as you stick to this rule of thumb, yes rule of thumb.

First of all coffee at a meal means you should not take vitamins at that time.Calcium and minerals are always best when taken at night or in Las Vegas, at whatever time you go to sleep.You do need to make sure there are no counter indications with your prescription medications or at least know the timing for taking supplements with them. Now here is the rule of thumb.

*Vitamins with, around or during food consumption
*Herbs and amino acids are best taken on an empty stomach, which means one hour
prior or two hours after eating
*Minerals and calcium are best taken at bedtime

that's it, easy but actually the number one reason why supplements cause upset stomachs and why people do not get the best results that they could be getting, timing!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Winter dry skin on its way

We are entering the time of year when we spend extra money on lotions and everything available for helping out dry skin. We fail to figure out that dehydration is a major factor as well as not eating a proper amount of good oil all contribute to this dry skin problem.

When warm weather suddenly disappears and we are not as thirsty as we were all summer long, we suddenly find ourselves not drinking enough fluids and chances are if we do they just happen to be dehydrating beverages like coffee, tea or sodas. Did you know that sodas can actually cause us to dehydrate? So here we are in the cooler weather on our way to cold weather and our skin is dry and flaky.

So lets make it easy and put this problem under control.Drink eight glasses of water per day, take 2 Tablespoons of flax oil every day with or on your food, supplement omega three capsules, add more olive oil to salads, eat more fish preferably salmon, tuna and mackerel. Topically use a good quality non preservative based lotion, I recommend a shark oil based lotion called Squalene. It is the most lubricating lotion I have ever worked with before. I recommend it for eczema,psoriasis, dry elbow and knees, stretch marks, under make up lubricant ,actually dry skin everywhere and anywhere on the body. It is non greasy, will not clog the pores and I personally feel there is no lotion on the market as good or as effective.After selling it for almost fifteen years and recording more that fifty radio shows on Squalene, I have never had a return or a bad response,so if you can get this product where you live at your local health food store, your skin will love you for it.If you have trouble finding it,e mail me and I will direct you to a place to order it.

So these are few things that are easy to do that will get rid of your dry itchy insightful and uncomfortable winter skin, and possibly keep you out of the Dermatologist office.

Friday, October 13, 2006

White coat syndrome

I find the number one result of being stressed for most people as well as the number one reason we are dropping like flies is high blood pressure problems. I think a large portion of us stress out so much when wehave to go to the Doctor,that it is the first place we discover we have high blood pressure, or do we?

Many times blood pressure is a silent situation and sometimes if it is truly a high blood pressure problem, finding outtoo late can be fatal.

Some people have a blood pressure rise just thinking about a Doctors visit, many need to take something for their nerves just to walk in the door. I personally know people that have Doctors visits three to four times a month, and it makes me sweat just thinking about it!

It is the same routine every time we go.We arrive for our scheduled Doctors appointment only to find that there are ten other people there with same appointment time, which is the beginning of our blood pressure rise. We then wait for what seems like an eternity and then we finally get called only to step on a scale that lets us know in bold print that yes we have gained weight and thank you for bringing it to our attention. Then we are ushered into a room and told that the Doctor will be right in. Well we know better and after thirty to forty minutes we are still waiting and there is no Doctor in sight.It is like going to Disneyland and being in line for Space mountain. You wait and wait and wait and then you finally get up to the door only to find that you have another forty minutes of lines and turnstyles to go through before you finally get to go on the three minutes ride, sounds like Doctors visit to me.

Every once and a while you hear footsteps walk by your door, you sit up straight waiting to see your smiling physician, but then they go by the room, how frustrating.Of course the room itself is either freezing cold or hot as an oven and we can feel our temper rising and our mood changing almost by the second. Finally the Doctor comes in and flips over his three minute egg timer and we are then to spill all of the information and questions to him as he watches his watch and tries to look interested before he darts out to the next room. This is when we get more frustrated because we are being rushed and end up babbling and things never come out right.

We always forget to ask the questions we had on the tip of our tongues, and on top of it we have white coat Doctors office induced blood pressure. This is when the physician does not even think to ask the correct questions but just proceeds to whip out that white pad like it is a duel in the old west and write a prescription for blood pressure medication all of time not taking into consideration the he or she is the direct cause of the problem in the first place. Then they are gone like a whirlwind and we off to pay for the wonderful experience and be on our way.

Now most people will fill the prescription without doing any research for themselves, because there is still a large portion of the population that still put Doctors on pedestals although they are human, and many jump three steps ahead of themselves just like we do.

If you are diagnosed with blood pressure, ask the Doctor to let you work on diet and exercise and stress management before jumping on the prescription and then having to deal with all the side effects of the drug. Most people that have high blood pressure can control it by taking a few supplements , losing weight, exercising and learning to chill out, you know, relax.

The supplements you might think of using include cayenne pepper capsules,garlic, hawthorn, even valarian root for people that cannot relax. You may also look for blends and combinations, one I like is called appropriately BP Blend. Then look to caffeine and sodium intake, you will most likely find you have way too much in your diet.The most important thing you can do is drink a lot of fresh water, hydrating also washes out sodium salts that cause blood pressure to rise.Make sure you are getting the proper amount of rest and sleep. If you are tired all the time it stresses out the body which can also raise your blood pressure.

So take control and make those changes that you know need to be made anyway, as high blood pressure is something we usually cause ourselves and definitely can be a condition we can change. Any time you can do it on your own and not be pharmaceutically controlled, the better off you will be.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

High speed leg cramps

When you go to the gym to work out do you ever notice people in extreme pain? I just went back to the gym, again, and it was crazy today. I saw at least three people jump off the treadmill in cramping pain. You know what it feels like if you have ever had a night time leg cramp or Charlie horse, they hurt. Well just imagine it happening on a treadmill when you are running or in a fast walking momentum, it was a sight.

Of course I went over and asked all of them what kind of night time calcium they took, and they looked at me like I landed on Earth from another planet. I then explained about calcium and magnesium and the muscles and exercising and elasticity, well at the end of the conversation, five more people had joined in and I sent them all on their merrily little way to the store for some minerals.

It made me wonder after being in a store setting for almost three decades and on the radio for what seems like a million years, how many people have I been able to help by just mentioning things that hit the nail on the head that day. For many years I would have people come to see me and say were you talking about me today on the radio? I would say why would you say that? They would answer with everything you talked about is afflicting me now, and it was all made so much sense and nobody else seemed to understand.

I guess when you do this long enough and on a visible scale sooner or later you are at the right place at the right time and someone somewhere will benefit, and that's what makes me get up and do what I do everyday. This blog is a dream for me, I get to talk everyday, and pass information out, and hopefully someone will listen and benefit from it.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Why is it so easy to start BAD habit and so difficult to stop it, yet it is almost impossible to begin a GOOD habit and so easy to quit? I think it has something to do with association, bad habits relate to good feelings no matter the ramifications and good habits relate to change, and we hate that.

When it come to bad habits we Americans have the market on these whether it is smoking, drinking, gambling, eating junk food, eating greasy high fat yummy food, or just being a couch potato or the worlds biggest procrastinator. Although we know the benefits of good changes like introducing a great diet, exercising, getting organized and motivated and embracing the new changes, but when it comes down to it we hate them because it is a constant reminder that we are living in a New Years resolution every day we stick to it.

I am aware that most Diabetics need to quit eating sugar, and so are they, but most and I mean most of them cheat every day. Smokers who have lung problems and breathing problems know they need to quit, but no matter what the cost they may not quit, and really it is up to them and nobody else anyway.

I know individuals that have half of their meals served through the window of their car, and although they are on blood pressure medication and drugs for cholesterol, they continue to do so every da, although the sodium, fat and preservatives will surely and eventually be their demise..

So why is it that we have this inate ability to embrace the bad stuff and push away the good? I think I have the answer, we just hate being told what to do and hate change, hate thinking that we will have to leave our saftey zone, and we do not think outside the box very well. Matter of fact we like the box, we like living there and being able to be masters of our own domain no matter the cost, it is the American way.

So until they invent the pill that helps us stop procrasinating, and the pill that motivates us to go to the gym, we will need to buckle down and kick our own prospective butts and do it ourself, wow what an idea. Then and only them will be able to reap the benefits we already know will come our way, and then we will say what we always do," that wasn't so hard, I should have done it sooner".

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Read a book lately?

So they say teaching an old dog new tricks is a hard thing to do, I think that in the worlds changing climate, we all better be able to learn new tricks, and learn them well.

With the world turning to larger growth and downsizing at the same time, and also outsourcing our manufacturing to other countries, we all need to take note.
There was a time when you could be with a company your entire working career and retire from there and live on that pension forever into you golden years. Today people are being thrown away like old post-its and then are on their own to start all over again.

The reason I am mentioning this is because we need to be prepared. For instance, when was the last time you took a class or had to study for a test?, you know that thing you take and stress out about because you never studied all term and had to pull an all nighter to cram it in your head? When was the last book or text book you cracked open? We need to realize that if by chance you are suddenly downsized or replace by cheap labor or the business takes a new focus and you are not in it, you need to know what to do.

I see people all the time that are back in school and have forgotten how to think, and how to study and their brains are lazy, lazy, lazy. Most of us get our information from the front sign on page for AOL, or from television or radio. We do not read and we do not study well any more.

When someone comes to me the first thing I do is put them on stress and brain nutrition.If I would have had my choice I would have wanted them on this before, but now is crucial too. First of all a great multiple vitamin that is high potency and timed released, this is very important. If you go somewhere and ask them for this and they look confused politely leave and go somewhere else, because the next questions they could not answer either. Next you want brain nutrition that increases blood to the brain and helps your memory and thought process. Start with Ginkgo Biloba, and then add PS, and DMAE. This will give you a great start. There are also brain formulations at the better stores that combine all of the great stuff together for easy taking, try to ask for Cerebrosmart to start with, your test grades will love it.

Next increase cardiovascular exercise to promote good blood flow, this makes a world of difference, no marathons needed just walk or ride a bike or treadmill. Increase water intake, a hydrated brain is a better one.We want our dry old and brittle bodies to be wet old hydrated ones, they work better that way, I know mine does.

Now there is a good chance you will never be downsized, but we will never know, will we until it happens? So by keeping our brains functioning better, and our blood flowing to the brain and our study skills tuned up, we will always be ready for whatever comes our way. Plus, it will make your daily routine that much better and you much more focused, and that's a good thing!

Monday, October 9, 2006

Flashy labels do not make them work better

Have you noticed that the pharmaceutical companies are all now putting flashy words on their vitamin bottles. The same companies that 15 years ago and long before that never wanted to have anything to do with vitamin industry are now enhancing their so called high strength and wonderfully formulated vitamins with flashy well known vitamins names.

I am amazed that they are doing this because in many instances they are not adding enough of the nutrient to actually make a substantial difference in your health orenough to help those specific situations they say they will enhance, but are in fact adding them to make the labels flashier and to catch the eye of consumers thinking they are getting the best for their health.

When someone says they have been using something their Doctor recommended and it comes from a pharmacy or drug store, I always ask the same question, how do you feel? So many times they will say no better, lousy or the same. This is when I suggest something much stronger and more geared for what the Doctor wanted them to aim for in the first place. I mean why spin your wheels when there are things that do the job better and make you feel better at the same time.Life is short!

I really think that the pharmaceutical companies should stay in the drug, laxative and band aid business, and leave the great nutritional formulating to us. The same group that has always been there on the breaking edge of nutrition all the way back when the Doctors and pharmacies themselves did not believe in vitaminsor what they called health food quackery.

If I personally was just beginning to take supplements I would never go to a drugstore or pharmacy, I would go to a quality health food store where my questions could be answered and the correct feedback given, and I would be sold the highest quality combination of supplements for the job. Case closed.

Sunday, October 8, 2006


Today I was asked about something I have not spoken about in a while, earaches. Earaches can come about because of infection, colds and flu, tooth pain and gum infections, grinding your teeth at night as well as chewingyour food too hard. Many children get re- occurring ear infections and the parents will be the first to tell you that they end up just putting them on a steroid ear drop and a round of antibiotics.

The same child may get these as often as every other month and the cycle continues over and over again. If you as an adult or your child is on the merry go round of revolving antibiotics for irritating and annoying and many times painful ear infections take note, there is help.

Two things I have found to be extremely helpful. First of all basic nutrition to keep the immune system strong.A strong multiple vitamin, and a good dosage of vitamin C, you know, the basics. Next, try putting a few drops of Squalene oil, this is a shark liver oil product in the ears a couple times per week as a preventive. Next, keep on hand a high quality Colloidal silver, I only recommend Graces brand, as many others are too strong, or the technology is not there to produce a quality product. I am saying this because I will not put my confidence in other brands so if you ask me about another brand I will just say no! This confidence comes from years of investigating products to find the best one to trust and pass on to you.

This product can be used on children, as well as adults and of course pets. You can use Colloidal silver as a topical antibiotic anywhere on or inside the body. You can use as a gargle for the gums, and put in the ear when infections start. When I get ear infections my head hurts so badly that I always end up with a migraine, so I hit the silver as fast as I can get it in my ear, and I will say that the normal 6-8 day ear infection is usually gone in 1 maybe 2 days maximum.

These two products should be added to your medicine chest arsenal for year round good health support, but especially with the upcoming flu and cold season around the corner, we all need to have these products on hand.The more we keep ourselves off antibiotics, the better immune response and antibodies we can build up to these infections as well as avoiding side effects that cause too many other problems.

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Fall cleaning

Have you ever had a problem with elimination before? Some people experience it all of the time as it has become a part of their life, and some people have it occasionally, and many othershave it only with certain foods or too much stress.

The first thing most people do is run for the laxative bottle, and as these have their place for that quick fix, they also can be extremely habit forming and you can get hooked on them very easily. When a person who has a sluggish bowel uses a laxative and suddenly is moving the correct way starts to feel better than they have in a long while,they may decide to stay on them and soon after are relying on the laxative and cannot do very much without it. This dependency is very common and is something a lot of people do not talk about freely, but they should as colon cancer is on the rise monthly.

The pharmaceutical companies are sitting back and enjoying great profits as more and more people eat tons of low quality food, are getting more plugged up by the day.Every year the pharmaceutical companies introduce more and more products to the market for just this purpose of satisfying the quick fix.As long as we keep doing this to ourselves and buying the quick fix products they will continue to make them, What we need to do is get to the cause of the problem,our diet.

First of all nothing against laxatives, they have been able to relieve many people of pain and constipation and impactions that may have caused major problems had they not been available. Although they are good for a quick fix ,try to keep them in their correct place, they are a temporary bandaid and should be used for just that purpose.

This is the easiest thing to remember. First, if you have frequent constipation lets first look to your diet, it is always one of a few different things. Lack of water, lack of fiber,over consumption of sugar and carbohydrates,drinking too many dehydrating beverages like coffee and sodas and lack of vegetables in the diet. By just changing a few of these things miracles can begin to happen.Next by adding supplemental fiber like psyllium and or ground flax seeds and flax seed oil, let's say to cereal or oatmeal or a protein shake can make a drastic difference in just a few days. You might also increase vegetable consumption, and start forcing water into the daily routine.

If the problem has been going on for quite a while, a cleanse is needed to clean up weeks, months and years of build up in the intestines, which have made you tired, irritable, bloated, damaged you absorption capabilities and affected your skin, hair, nails. This long term problem could also affectyour sleep, your immune system,your breath,cause body odor and affect your mental focus. This is just a partial list, but enough to scare you to start cleansing as soon as possible.

There are many cleanses on the market, but I choose Nature's Secret Ultimate cleanse, why,because it works and does the job quickly and effectively. You can stay on it for as little as a month or as long as a year for chronic problems. It not only cleanses you but it starts to re-train the intestines and lets your digestive system do its job. So many people out there with gastric disturbances like gas, bloating and chronic heart burn and who are on the prescription purple pill would do well to do this cleanse. You have no idea how many people have stopped having to us the prescription because what they really needed was a good flushing and cleansing, not the purple pill cover up. I also start them on the Ergozymes, a digestive enzyme to help you do what your digestive system used to do but does not anymore. Basically turning back the digestive clock to a time thatwas much better and healthier.

So,to summarize; eat more vegetables, drink more water, cut out the garbage, and add the Nature's Secret Ultimate cleanse and the Ergozymes and feel they way you used to when you could digest and get the nutrients from your food. Think of it this way, if you do not digest your food, you cannot get vitamins and minerals into the body to benefit and build healthy cells, which means you may not digest your supplements either! It would be like putting twenty gallons of gas in your car and only using 5 gallons of every fill up and the rest drains out,not so good. So be in charge of your digestive system, do a cleanse, re- train the system and let yourself eliminate correctly so you can rebuild cells, and get of all of those synthetic quick laxative fixes.

Friday, October 6, 2006

Healthy gums

Did you know that gum disease and bleeding gums can be slowed down and or fixed with the proper nutrition and the correct toothpaste and mouthwash.

When you finally drag yourself to the Dentist, and he or she tells you your gums and your teeth are a disaster, do not jump into the periodontal Doctors chair too quickly. Many times they will choose to cut away gum tissue, that for your information does not grow back, and the you end up going through a painstaking series of scrapings that may or MAY NOT be needed.

At the first tell tale of gum disease, make an appointment for 3 months and then go right to your health food store and pick up a few things. Pick up the highest quality timed released C-complex vitamin C, and start taking about 4000-6000mg per day. Also pick up some Co enzyme Q-10,and use a dosage of 200mg and also 200mg of Pycnogenol per day.

The next and most important is to pick up a toothpaste and mouthwash called Vitamyr. This is an incredible line of products that contain Zinc, Myrr, Folic acid and clove. It contains no sugars, no alcohol,no preservatives and no artificial sweeteners. It was invented to cure and heal the gums of an individual who was told there was no hope. Wonderful things are created out of desperation.

Use this product along with your nutrition to combat gum disease, ease gum swelling and inflammation and bleeding, as well as pain and general soreness.If you wear a plate you can still brush your gums to keep them healthy so you do not lose precious gum tissue, because without the gums the plate would have no where to rest.

Remember, you would not plant a thirty foot tree in the sand, it has nothing to grip and to hold it in place, so if your gums are red and unhealthy and swollen how can they keep your teeth in place firmly, they can't. Loose teeth equals, dentures, infection and expensive Dentist bills. Remember you should also find an incredible Dentist that knows nutrition like mine, Dr, James Wright, Four Season Dental Spa. If you are in the Las Vegas area call them, you will not be disappointed, I guarantee they help you achieve a beautiful as well as a HEALTHY smile.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Rainy days and our moods

Today was actually a rainy day in Las Vegas. We do not get very much rain, but we need it so no matter how much people complain about it, I just tell them to chill out and enjoy the washing away of all of the dirt and to enjoy the fresh air it leaves behind.

The weird thing about rain in this city,if you are not working and you can enjoy it, sit outside under an awning or on a front porch, it is the most beautiful thing. Today we actually had a double rainbow, it was so beautiful, I do not think I have ever saw a rainbow so vibrant and full of color.

But that same relaxed beautiful moment if you are working or commuting or traveling or working in it becomes the ugliest, nastiest thing in the world. Many people have an ugly and mean personality that comes out and they get stressed out, nervous, edgy, and ready to pronounce road rage at the drop of a pin.

I just think it is funny that one event can cause two completely different emotions without itself changing at all.The only thing that has changed is the actual location of the person and what they are doing at the time. I guess we should all be able to plan these wonderful events so we are in places where we can enjoy the beauty, rather than driving in it and having it turn ugly.We should also face the fact that many people cannot and should not drive in the rain , this may be the reason it puts the world on edge.

Well, I want to say, I was able to enjoy it, and if you were not, the picture will give you a rough idea of how beautiful it really was. Everyone was so mellow, it was like rainbow xanax, now that is something we should be able to bottle.

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

I see you clearly

So I just returned from a round trip turn around to Los Angeles from Las Vegas. This is always a good way of testing my energy nutrients, and how sore I am when I arrive on both ends of the trip, also how I feel when I get back home when it is over.So I figured I have this long turn around trip, lets see how this body is holding up.

Over the last few years I have started to do the arm extension label newspaper reading pose as my eyes have adjusted to being 39 years old yet again this year. I use eye nutrients and vary the dosage depending on how things are going. Over the last few months I have been doing triple time on the computer and have increased the dosage. Today was a great test as the oncoming headlights did not bother me, and my eyes were not tired and sore. A wonderful piece of feedback for anyone that is having the 39 year old eye changes, or if you have cataracts or glaucoma or macular degeneration. Also if you have ever had eye surgery you are a candidate for eye nutrients.

I could give you a list of about 10 things to use for your eyes, or I could just recommend Ocular, it has it all and it is complete and nothing for the eyes is missing. It makes eye nutrition easy and perfectly balanced, you just have to kick your memory in gear to remind you to take them every day, but that is another article.

So do a few things for your eyes, take ocular, eat a lot of green vegetables, and read a book, use them and make them stronger, remember if you don't use em, you lose em!!!

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Time, what we want more of but cannot have

Time, the one thing we cannot put in a tablet, yet it is the one thing we are always trying to get more of. I am amazed sometimes how fast it goes, I mean we have the same twenty four hours our parents and their parents had, but still we never have enough.This little stallion in the picture is almost 2 years old already, and I can remember the day he was born and it seems like yesterday, where does the time go?

We are living in a time of fast everything that is supposed to make our lives easier. Fast banking, online check paying, on line shopping, fast food, fast travel, even speed dating for people that need to meet someone really fast! Yet we are always still moving so fast that we still never get caught up.I have figured out the time involved in on line shopping for those people that can spend an entire day at the mall, the still do that time stretch, but it is in front of the computer. No time saved here, just gas!

Did you ever notice that when you go on vacation you need three days just to chill, and then two more to get you totally relaxed and feeling great, and then it is time to go back home and back to work. Then you are back in the fast pace again and it is like you never left. It is so crazy, and when you finally get to the stage in your life when slowing down is mentally and Economically feasible, you are either too old, too sick, or too crippled to enjoy it.

Moral of this depressing story. Life is short so take care of yourself. Do not keep putting off those things to make yourself healthier because you will never get to them, and I mean never no matter how incredible your intentions.Just remember we are already nearing New Years Eve, so you can once again state the things you were going to do this year, and will most likely not get to next year either. So enjoy life, make it easier for yourself, try to work smarter not harder, get better rest and once again, Smell the roses do not step on them! And of course, take your supplements daily.

Monday, October 2, 2006

Do your pets travel well?

These two adorable little girls are going to Canada on Wednesday, and that will be there new home. They will be flying out of Los Angeles, and will be crated, so will soon see how well they will handle traveling.

Although they are only 6 weeks old, many dogs do travel well. I think it really depends on the breed, some are great in the car, but some have plane and train problems. For every hundred dogs that travel maybe five or six do not like it, or get sick. Although this is a small percentage, for the humans whose animals these are, it is a big thing! But never fear, nutrition can help and has a high percentage of success, with no side effects.

A few hints for you as to what to do if you have pets that do not travel well. You will know this because the first time you go anywhere by car your animal can show nervousness. irritablity, crying, and get upset stomachs which is bowel reflective.

I am happy to say that about 75% of animals travel very well and many look forward to being with you and going new places. You will never know if you need to look to nutrition for travel and motion sickness until you go on your first trip. A helpful tip would be to start with small, short trips, maybe to the park ,before exposing your animals to a long trip.

If you decide to work nutritionally and you dog has a tendency to get queasy, you should try ginger capsules or fresh ginger in some yogurt an hour before a trip, it actually works like a natural Dramamine. If your animal gets nervous and cannot settle down try some valarian liquid or capsules, passion flower or chamomile, as they will work like natural relaxants. You can also add liquid calcium or powdered minerals to their diet daily like the pet Mezotrace to help with relaxing the muscles so they can sometimes just fall asleep.These minerals also strengthen their bones and teeth and help older dogs with arthritis.

It is a wonderful thing to be able to travel and go places with our best friends, but it is also a much better feeling to know that they can be helped if for any reason it makes them uncomfortable or sick to travel.

One more thing, the same things we talked about for pets, works for humans too, as many people get travel sickness.

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Had your veggies today?

This is a question that is not only gaining speed with parents and their kids, but the question the parents should be asking themselves. With diets in American being created for the microwave and for quick fixing on the stove and freezer, and all of the ingredients pre made and pre cut, most of us are not even close to the 5-8 servings we need everyday of healthy vegetables.

I have asked so many people over the years about their vegetable intake, and very few will say I have vegetables every day. Some try to see if the lettuce on the fast food burger or the catsup they dip their french fries in count, unbelievable but true.

I thought I would go over some choices for green vegetables to make it easy, and with this huge selection you should be able to find some winners, for you.

Green vegetables contain varying amounts of phytochemicals like vitamin C, flavinoids and carotenoids.The cabbage and broccoli group also contain indoles and sulfer nutrients that are strong antioxidents. Also B vitamins,Vitamin K,and minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

A partial list would be peas, broccoli, cabbage, green leaf and romaine lettuce, the many styles and forms of green beans,cucumbers, celery, all green leafy greens, as well as all of the Asian greens, I also add zucchini and brussel sprouts. There are many more but this should be enough for you to find the ones you like.

If you have a problem with vegetables after trying all of them, for whatever reason, keep in mind the greens do come in capsules, tablets and powder formuls. Although wonderful and concentrated from the best nutrients available, they do not carry the fiber you would be getting if you ate them, but they do contain the nutrients. The best thing would be to eat vegetables as often as you can, and take the greens to fill during times when you do not get enough, I like doing both. Remember if you do decide to ad a green supplement, add only the highest quality and be very very choosey as to where you purchase it.

Remember, eating greens does so much for the body we take for granted like:

1) Helping the immune system work more effectively
2) Hlps to provide for a healthy nervous system
3) Fighting infection
4) Providing absorbable iron for the cells
5) Helping with proper blood clotting
6) Stimulating and maintaining our healthy digestive systems- contolling body odor and
bad breath.
7) Building healthy bones and teeth, and helping to produce healthy red blood cells

So the next time you decide to skimp on your veggies, realize that you are skipping on the basic building blocks for all the cells of your body, and you will eventually pay the ultimate price in the form of ill health, so, eat your greens