Saturday, October 21, 2006

Water, it is your friend

Today's blog is easy and to the point, The weather is changing, actually as we speak, and although parts of the country will get snow,and other parts get just cold and windy, one constant is that most if not all people will not drink enough water this time of year.

This is the time of year that visits to the Urologist increases. Everything from bladder and yeast infections, to urinary tract infections to prostate infections.Water is the key simple ingredient that keeps the plumbing, if you will flushed out. Without proper flushing the poisons build up as do bacteria and infection.

So do yourself a favor, drink more water. My Grandmother used to put eight pennies on the kitchen window ledge, and she would move one of the pennies over to the other side every time she had a glass of water. This worked well for many years and then dymensia set in, and she would call me and ask what I had for memory because half way through the day she could not remember which way she was moving the pennies! We all have a little brain fogginess, so my solution, pick up a half gallon container, fill it up and when it is empty you have has your eight glasses.

You will find that after a very short time you will drink even more than this amount, It really does help everything internal, as well as skin externally. So drink up, why, because you need to.

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