Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lets burn fat

I am often asked if there is an actual way to burn fat on the body without having to turn into a professional athlete or start eating only iceberg lettuce and water, I usually say no, just kidding. Of course there are things you can do that are extremely effective, and they can be done without a drastic brainwashing and reprogramming of the brain.

First of all, some things to ponder. If your digestive system is so busy all of the time working on huge amounts of food that you are eating everyday, and your workouts are spending all of their energy on breaking down the food you have eaten all day, how can either of them focus on what is already ON the body that you have stored? I mean think about it, you would have to have two workouts everyday, one to work off the mass quantities of food you have consumed, and the other to work on the butt, the belly and the thighs where you have spent years making deposits.

So how do you get around this, first of all portion control would be a good place to start. I myself have been having my meals prepared by Rose at wonderful great tasting gourmet meals delivered to my door. Not only have I learned what a normal meal should look like, but I was amazed to see how much we consume because we think it is normal. Now after a few monthsof eatinmg great tasting balanced meals, I have retrained myself to learn portion control again. I can put my salad, the vegetables and main course she prepares on a plate, and still see some of the plate, where before, let's face it, there was no light shining on the porcelain.This has been a rude awakening and it really just makes sense.I actually happened to pull out a dinner plate from a set of antique china I have, and to my astionishment we have even upsized the dinner plate from years back. No wonder we are fat, we eat more, exercise less and do it all on bigger plates.

We eat to eat in the country, not because we are hungry, but because it is a pastime that every part of out life settles around. You want to talk to a friend, you have to do it at lunch or dinner. You invite people over, lets have food. We comfort ourselves with food when we are happy, sad, depressed, when we celebrate, even when we mourn we eat.No wonder America is growing by leaps and bounds. Normal size now is large and leaning towards extra large, why because we extra large our meals, so we extra large ourselves.

So lets make it easy. the foods that add the most weight gain are complex carbs, sugars, sweets, and white processed foods. If you just cut those out and drink more water you will lose. Next, a mild amount of exercise is an amazing thing. Just a walking three or more times a week can increase your energy, your mood and burn fat, you do not need to compete in the Ironman! Next, getting more sleep can burn fat, and help your digestive process.

There are many fat burners on the market, the ones that really work are also the ones that can stress you out, make you nervous and can many times affect your blood pressure. There is oneproduct you can add to your nutritional arsenal that will do many things, and its main job believe it or not, is to burn fat. It is called Lipotropics and has been on the market for almost thirty years and it is a concentrated form of lecithin that actually makes your liver produce more natural lecithin. It is great for memory, lowering cholesterol, supporting a damaged or unhealthy or fatty liver, and it loves to burn fat for fuel. So, if you make some minor changes on what you put in your tummy, the Lipotropics can work on what you already have deposited ON your body. Most people use about three tablets per day, for fat loss and cellulite reduction, I recommend up to three with every meal. It is amazing to me, this product has been around forever, no flashy labels or advertising campaign, just a consistent quality product that when people learn about it, they never stop taking it.

The catch to this miracle product, you have to remember to take them, drink a lot of water, and do some kind of activity that makes you break a sweat, I will leave that last one up to you and your vivid imagination.

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