Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Read a book lately?

So they say teaching an old dog new tricks is a hard thing to do, I think that in the worlds changing climate, we all better be able to learn new tricks, and learn them well.

With the world turning to larger growth and downsizing at the same time, and also outsourcing our manufacturing to other countries, we all need to take note.
There was a time when you could be with a company your entire working career and retire from there and live on that pension forever into you golden years. Today people are being thrown away like old post-its and then are on their own to start all over again.

The reason I am mentioning this is because we need to be prepared. For instance, when was the last time you took a class or had to study for a test?, you know that thing you take and stress out about because you never studied all term and had to pull an all nighter to cram it in your head? When was the last book or text book you cracked open? We need to realize that if by chance you are suddenly downsized or replace by cheap labor or the business takes a new focus and you are not in it, you need to know what to do.

I see people all the time that are back in school and have forgotten how to think, and how to study and their brains are lazy, lazy, lazy. Most of us get our information from the front sign on page for AOL, or from television or radio. We do not read and we do not study well any more.

When someone comes to me the first thing I do is put them on stress and brain nutrition.If I would have had my choice I would have wanted them on this before, but now is crucial too. First of all a great multiple vitamin that is high potency and timed released, this is very important. If you go somewhere and ask them for this and they look confused politely leave and go somewhere else, because the next questions they could not answer either. Next you want brain nutrition that increases blood to the brain and helps your memory and thought process. Start with Ginkgo Biloba, and then add PS, and DMAE. This will give you a great start. There are also brain formulations at the better stores that combine all of the great stuff together for easy taking, try to ask for Cerebrosmart to start with, your test grades will love it.

Next increase cardiovascular exercise to promote good blood flow, this makes a world of difference, no marathons needed just walk or ride a bike or treadmill. Increase water intake, a hydrated brain is a better one.We want our dry old and brittle bodies to be wet old hydrated ones, they work better that way, I know mine does.

Now there is a good chance you will never be downsized, but we will never know, will we until it happens? So by keeping our brains functioning better, and our blood flowing to the brain and our study skills tuned up, we will always be ready for whatever comes our way. Plus, it will make your daily routine that much better and you much more focused, and that's a good thing!

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