Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Time, what we want more of but cannot have

Time, the one thing we cannot put in a tablet, yet it is the one thing we are always trying to get more of. I am amazed sometimes how fast it goes, I mean we have the same twenty four hours our parents and their parents had, but still we never have enough.This little stallion in the picture is almost 2 years old already, and I can remember the day he was born and it seems like yesterday, where does the time go?

We are living in a time of fast everything that is supposed to make our lives easier. Fast banking, online check paying, on line shopping, fast food, fast travel, even speed dating for people that need to meet someone really fast! Yet we are always still moving so fast that we still never get caught up.I have figured out the time involved in on line shopping for those people that can spend an entire day at the mall, the still do that time stretch, but it is in front of the computer. No time saved here, just gas!

Did you ever notice that when you go on vacation you need three days just to chill, and then two more to get you totally relaxed and feeling great, and then it is time to go back home and back to work. Then you are back in the fast pace again and it is like you never left. It is so crazy, and when you finally get to the stage in your life when slowing down is mentally and Economically feasible, you are either too old, too sick, or too crippled to enjoy it.

Moral of this depressing story. Life is short so take care of yourself. Do not keep putting off those things to make yourself healthier because you will never get to them, and I mean never no matter how incredible your intentions.Just remember we are already nearing New Years Eve, so you can once again state the things you were going to do this year, and will most likely not get to next year either. So enjoy life, make it easier for yourself, try to work smarter not harder, get better rest and once again, Smell the roses do not step on them! And of course, take your supplements daily.

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