Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Natural cosmetics

Have you heard of using a crystal deodorant over the store bought chemical type that most people use? There is a growing epidemic of sensitivities to normal drugstore personal care items. When it comes to deodorants, many people both men,women and children have a sensitivity to either the aluminum or just the abundance of chemicals used in the products.

Sensitivities come in many forms like itching, rashes, clogged pores and infections, boils and cysts, to actual soreness and tenderness. Most of us are used to using the brands we see in the grocery or drug stores because that is what we know. I know of many people that were not aware of natural deodorant
products that come in roll ons and stick form, as well as the crystal sea salt deodorants that come in liquid roll on, sticks that are wetted before using to activate them, to spray forms.

I think we just need to always have as many choices as possible, and realize that if you are in the growing percentage of people that cannot use or do not want chemicals in your personal care items, you now have many choices.

Now remember you need to go to the health food or natural foods markets where you will see the choices available to you. Why you are there, also look at natural lotions, makeup, creams, all skin care, hair care, oral hygiene, you will be so surprised and pleasantly amazed that these have been around for a while.

So here are some more tidbits of information from me to you as we are all working towards the same goal, good health and a selection of great natural choices.

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