Friday, October 20, 2006

A tiger can change his stripes

Why is out nutritional focus always more clear when we HAVE to do something? I mean really, we know when we are being bad to ourselves, we know when we are eating badly, not exercising, getting overweight, smoking and drinking too much. We see other people doing the right things and we still do not get it?

I have waited on couples and one of them in particular is a prime example. I had waited on the Mrs of the duo for fifteen years. The Mr of the group would always stand outside the door, say hello, grunt a little and have his cigarette. He would yell in the door and hurry the Mrs and she would take her time despite him and his antics.He would say how long can it take you to do this,it was always the same routine year after year. After years and years of this soap opera, one Sunday he came in with her and actually walked up to the counter and said, hi Jeff I have a question. He layed his blood reports on the counter and he had diagnosed with liver cancer. He then proceeded to ask for all the help I could advise him with, and I for the first time ever saw his scared fearful side. I told him I would be glad to work with him. It was closing time so I closed the door, we all sat down and I proceeded to write his diet and supplement program that would work side by side with his treatment. I knew his Oncologist and he was open to nutrition, so I knew we would have no resistance there.

First two things I addressed was the immediate stopping of cigarettes and alcohol.He gave me not one iota of resistance, he was scared and open to any and all suggestions. All through through treatment and I met with him and the Mrs many times. He had a rough time of it but was the best student I have ever worked with. I will say he is leaner, healthier and Cancer free today and has become the most positive life enjoying individual I know. The Oncologist said he does not know what kind of exorcism I performed between the initial visit and the treatment beginning, but he thanked me and said nutrition and the diet is why he is here today.

It still amazed me, and I laugh everytime I see him. He comes to all of my lectures, reads my blog, sends all of his as he calls them "broken down friends and family" to me for help. He has become my number one fan and that would never have happened unless he had been looking death square in the face.

My moral of the story, look in the mirror and assess yourself . This is a time where just you has to be honest with yourself and if you are true to yourself and you are doing everything wrong and nothing right, do something now, make a change, because not every body is as lucky as my number one fan.

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