Monday, October 16, 2006

Seven nights to softer feet

I had an e- mail from a young lady who said her feet hurt all of the time, but not from the normal muscle, bone or arthritis problems, her problem was dry patches that were so painful on the bottom of her feet that she hated walking on them. Many people have this problem of very severely dry crusty foot skin that not only causes women to have to pay hundreds of dollars extra per month for ripped nylons, but also keeps people from being able to feel comfortable in their own shoes.

interestingly many years ago I came upon a wonderful solution and help aid for this problem. A little time consuming, and the initial treatment takes seven nights, but after that only once per week. This I think is a very small price to pay for solving this painful and annoying problem.

You will need a pumice stone, or two, one that is coarse the other smooth, a bottle of Mayumi squalane oil and a bottle of Squalane lotion, a gallon of cheap store bought apple cider vinegar, a towel and a foot tub and a supply of hot water.

The procedure begins with your rough then lightly pumicing your feet to remove dry skin, you will be amazed how much comes off. The crazy thing is that if you were to just put lotion on every night you know that it never works as it can not penetrate the rough dry skin.So many companies market their foot creams but if the cream cannot get to the skin and is just laying on the dead hard skin, it cannot give you relief. We need to remove the dry skin and get down to the new healthy soft skin underneath.It is like trying to fertilize a patch of grass that had a cement slab laying on top of it, the fertilizer cannot get to the grass so nothing works, but if you remove the cement, the fertilizer can do its job.

So next after the pumicing, you need to have a foot soak tub half full of warm to hot water with two cups of the vinegar. Try soaking for ten minutes then pumice lightly with the pumice stone a little more then soak for ten minutes then lightly pumice with the smooth stone then soak for ten more, you may need to add hot water again. At this point remove your feet from the tub cover your feet with squalane oil and massage in, use a little muscle to get the oil into that newly exposed skin, then add the lotion and massage that in, then cover with white cotton socks and go to bed. You will do this procedure every night for 7 days.

After this, a treatment once per week will make and keep the difference. You might also want to use the Squalane lotion every morning after you shower to keep the feet soft all day long. This procedure, although very easy is effective and your feet will love you for it, I guarantee it.

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