Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Why is it so easy to start BAD habit and so difficult to stop it, yet it is almost impossible to begin a GOOD habit and so easy to quit? I think it has something to do with association, bad habits relate to good feelings no matter the ramifications and good habits relate to change, and we hate that.

When it come to bad habits we Americans have the market on these whether it is smoking, drinking, gambling, eating junk food, eating greasy high fat yummy food, or just being a couch potato or the worlds biggest procrastinator. Although we know the benefits of good changes like introducing a great diet, exercising, getting organized and motivated and embracing the new changes, but when it comes down to it we hate them because it is a constant reminder that we are living in a New Years resolution every day we stick to it.

I am aware that most Diabetics need to quit eating sugar, and so are they, but most and I mean most of them cheat every day. Smokers who have lung problems and breathing problems know they need to quit, but no matter what the cost they may not quit, and really it is up to them and nobody else anyway.

I know individuals that have half of their meals served through the window of their car, and although they are on blood pressure medication and drugs for cholesterol, they continue to do so every da, although the sodium, fat and preservatives will surely and eventually be their demise..

So why is it that we have this inate ability to embrace the bad stuff and push away the good? I think I have the answer, we just hate being told what to do and hate change, hate thinking that we will have to leave our saftey zone, and we do not think outside the box very well. Matter of fact we like the box, we like living there and being able to be masters of our own domain no matter the cost, it is the American way.

So until they invent the pill that helps us stop procrasinating, and the pill that motivates us to go to the gym, we will need to buckle down and kick our own prospective butts and do it ourself, wow what an idea. Then and only them will be able to reap the benefits we already know will come our way, and then we will say what we always do," that wasn't so hard, I should have done it sooner".

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